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Based on a book

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It’s everywhere you look, on the little screen, as well as the silver screen. It’s getting to the point where you can’t go to the movies or turn on the TV and avoid “based on the novel(s) by…” rolling in those credits. 

Not that I’m trying to avoid it. It’s just noticeable. It’s good and bad, really, and there are many series that I’ve watched and either been content enough with the show/movie to not dig for the books, or ones I had to run out and buy the whole series to read immediately! (Or more likely, I turned on my Kindle Fire and shopped from the comfort of my recliner.) 

Then there’re the books I wish with all my heart they would put on either screen for the visual devouring. And others, where I roll my eyes that they got movie/show rights and I refuse to watch. I have a few I could name that fit into that category, but I’ll be polite and keep them to myself. *wink* 

Admittedly, as an author, I’m super jealous, and wish the TV/Movie people would call ME and get the ball rolling on a show based on one of MY series. 

I’m on book five of my Crossing Forces, steamy romantic suspense series and in my dreams, I’d love to see it on a screen (any screen…LOL) but if I had a real pick, and the world was mine for the taking, I’d love to have a cable series so it could maintain its level of smexy, and of course, I already have ideas of my dream cast. 

But, alas, I’m still holding my phone anxiously awaiting the TV people to call, and being the control freak I am, I’d have to be seriously involved in the process, this is my baby, after all, so I’d have to become independently wealthy and learn how to be a TV producer first. LOL. But it would be so much fun, and a girl can dream, right? 

Who knows, I have 3 more books before this series is wrapped up, then I have several more romantic suspense books in my head, a standalone, and another series. Maybe they’ll call me before I’m old and gray, and when I’ve written that million dollar book! 

It’s fun to fantasize anyway. *grin* If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be a writer, right?  

What series on either screen do you love? Have you read the books? What series/book would you like to see on either screen and why? 

Two winners will be selected from all the commenters, and I will give away an ebook to each! Winner’s choice of Collision Force (Crossing Forces Book One), Chance Collision (Crossing Forces Book Two), Calculated Collision (Crossing Forces Book Three), Collision Control (Crossing Forces Book Four) OR Superior Collision (Crossing Forces Book 5)! Please make sure you leave your email with your comment!  

SUPERIOR COLLISION (Crossing Forces Book Five)  
Special Agent Taylor Carrigan takes “control freak” to the extreme. Her need for structured rigidity rules her life—and her job at the FBI. She doesn’t do emotion, so when her fiancĂ© is murdered, she doesn’t know how to deal with the internal fallout.  

Antioch Police Sergeant Shannon Crowley has been intrigued with the uptight FBI agent for months. When he looks at Taylor, he sees more than the mask she hides behind. 

She doesn’t have time for the cop who won’t quit chasing her—she’s got chasing to do of her own. Taylor admits he calms her, but he’s a distraction she can’t afford. She’s playing a dangerous game, riding the line between revenge and justice.  

Keeping Shannon close could give Taylor the balance she desperately needs, but it would put something more than her case in jeopardy: her heart.  With so much on the line, is she capable of handling it? 

Her cellphone rang, vibrating and screaming her ringtone. It danced down the coffee table until she made a grab and swiped her thumb across the touch screen. She hadn’t recognized the number, but it had the local area code. 



Even with one word, the familiar male voice washed over Taylor and she shifted on the edge of her brown microfiber couch. “Sergeant Crowley?” She’d written his number down last night, but hadn’t put it in her phone just yet. 


Why is Shannon Crowley calling me? Taylor didn’t know what to say. 

“Are you there?” 

She cleared her throat and adjusted the phone against her ear. “Yes. How can I help you?” 

He laughed. 

It caught her off guard. She stood rocking on the balls of her feet, and fighting for balance. “What’s funny?” Taylor winced at the snap in her tone. 

“You. After last night, you’re so formal with me.”  

The knock on her apartment’s door made her jump. 

She glanced at her phone then at the door. The sergeant’s voice had echoed, as if he was in a hallway. He couldn’t be— 

“Gonna let me in?” 

Taylor swallowed. Twice. She glanced down at her clothes. Blue yoga pants and a gray FBI tee from her Quantico days—it was faded, oversized and comfy. Bare feet and her hair down. She wasn’t fit for public consumption.  

Ending the call and tossing her cell to the couch, she jogged to the door and wrenched it open, fully intending to tell her uninvited guest to go the hell away.  

Words dissolved when they made eye contact. 

Sergeant Crowley smiled and held up a brown paper bag. “Thought if I bribed you with sweets, you might invite me in.” 

Taylor’s gaze trailed his tall muscular frame and she had to swallow again. He wore a brown leather jacket. He’d had it on last night, too, at Hakka Wu. The jacket was open, and a black, pec-hugging T-shirt peeked out, tucked into tight dark jeans. He sported an etched oval belt buckle and cowboy boots. He was only missing a Stetson, but it didn’t dim his appeal.  

He was…gorgeous. Even with his messy, needs-a-trim dark hair. 

She scowled. “How did you find out where I live?” 

“Lucky guess?” Crowley shrugged. He flashed a mischievous grin that did funny things to her insides. 

Taylor tilted her head to one side and ignored the zing of awareness when his eyes raked her body. She fidgeted and wanted to run. Resisted the urge to tug her shirt down. Felt naked. “Tell me who helped you invade my privacy, so I can plan their death.” 

He laughed and shook his head. “I have no intention of invading your privacy. I thought—” 

“You thought what?” she snapped.  

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About the Author:
Bestselling, award winning author of romantic suspense and epic fantasy romance, C.A. loves to dabble in different genres. If it's a good story, she'll write it, no matter where it seems to fit! 
She's a hopeless romantic and always will be. Risking it all for Happily Ever After is what she lives by! 
She's originally from Ohio, but got to Texas as soon as she could. She's happily married and has a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. She works with kids when she's not writing. 

Where to find C.A.: 
Twitter: @caszarek 

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  1. My favorite book to TV screen adaptation would be Rizzoli & Isles. I am still trying to pick up all of the books, especially since the show is now over.

  2. I would love to are a new author to me and I love Romantic Suspense...I am not a big Movie Buff no matter what screen it is on. I have attempted to watch movies after I have read a good book and I can' doesn't cut it. Give me good books any day!

  3. no fav

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  4. I'm binge watching VIKINGS, but loosely based on history and not a series of books.


  5. I've enjoyed the tv adaptation of Outlander (although I've only seen the first season). I was nervous that they would take a book I love and not do a good job bringing it to life but so far it's been good. Knowing you can't do all the things on tv that you can do with a book means the viewer needs to accept that it won't be a perfect match (in most cases).

    Goldgirl149 at hotmail dot com


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