Monday, July 4, 2016


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 Announcing the new novel in The Samantha Rose Romantic Suspense Series, UNCRUSHABLE.

“But if there was one law of the west, bastards have brothers, who seem to ride forever.”
Romancing the Stone

In the Samantha Rose Romantic Suspense Series Sam has been brutally attacked by a psychopath, Robert Walsh.

Although he is convicted he escapes two years later. Sam has no family, she is all on her own, so she runs, moving cross country to Los Angeles. She hopes to simply disappear in the huge metropolis and start a new life. She has no idea that Walsh and his two brothers follow and find her.

She is in constant terror but her parents watch out for her from above, sprinkling heavenly dust over three powerful men, hoping that they will love and protect her.

 Her once simple and routine life transforms as she is loved and loves three irresistible men, Jack, a star who is a classic bad boy, famous and infamous. Fritz, Jack’s business manager, and David, a producer. In the end she chooses Jack.

In Uncrushable, the Second book in The Samantha Rose Romantic Suspense Series, Sam has dealt with the man who hunted her, Walsh, and has decided to stay with Jack.

But, her feelings for David and Fritz remain strong.


 And Fritz:

Her new life with Jack is fun, sexy, and never boring. She feels safe, and for the first time since she was seventeen when her parents’ died she feels that she has a home.

But one thing was certain, monsters have families. Arnie Webb, Walsh’s cousin, wants the ransom his cousin was after, that Sam could bring, the multi-million dollar ransom.

She never knows, never guesses that the terror is, again… just outside the door.

 The Samantha Rose Romantic Suspense Series is filled with
…terror, and
…laugh out loud moments.

Don’t miss out. Your free copy is waiting for you.

Funny, Sexy, Scary.

The first 20 Just Romantic Suspense readers will win a free copy of Unforgettable, First in the Samantha Rose Romantic Suspense Series.


The first 15
Just Romantic Suspense readers
a free copy of
Unforgettable and

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Just Romantic Suspense readers will win a free copy of
Uncrushable and
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As a free bonus you will be the first to know when the next book of the series, Unpredictable arrives, (and how you might receive a free copy.)

Coming soon you will be able to gift a friend a copy of the book of your choice.
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  1. Congratulations on your new book, Isabella. Your covers are beautiful!

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