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7 Killer Tropes in Romantic Suspense

With: Lena Hart

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What do you write?

I get that question a lot, especially from people who find the idea of meeting a writer fascinating. And why wouldn’t they? Writers are the true superstars of entertainment, LOL.

But my answer to this question always depends on the audience. To “outsiders” (those who don’t read or write romance), my default answer is always: “I write romance.” It’s only at romance conferences that my response becomes a bit more comprehensive: “I write contemporary, historicals, and romantic suspense.”

For me, writing romantic suspense isn’t just about detectives or FBI investigators taking down the bad guys. At least, not in my romantic suspenses. In my stories, sometimes the good guys turn bad and the bad guys are created. In my upcoming release, THE DEVIL’S BEDPOST, that’s exactly what happens and revenge is at the heart of their fall. It’s the need for revenge that drives the “heroes” in the story down a destructive path until they ultimately lose themselves—all for the women they loved and lost.  

Though revenge is one of my favorite themes to write, it is only one of many you’ll find in romantic suspense. Here are the seven popular tropes leading in romantic suspense today:

1. Amnesia: the character doesn’t know how they got where they are but needs to fit into a new identity for their protection.

2. Disguise: character pretends to be someone they aren’t, falls in love yet forced to continue the ruse to either finish a job or protect themselves or their lover.

3. Enemies-to-lovers: what starts off as rivalry, i.e. business competitors, family feuds, law enforcement/criminals, eventually leads to lust and/or love.

4. Kidnapped: character is abducted by villain and later rescued—or realizes they have romantic feelings towards their kidnapper.

5. Mistaken identity: character is assumed to be someone else and perpetuates the misunderstanding for their or someone else’s safety.

6. Protector/Bodyguard: one character is determined, or hired, to protect the other from physical harm from stalker, sociopath, or the public.

7. Revenge: character is determined to get revenge from the lover or an acquaintance for a real or imagined past wrong.

Who wouldn’t love a good revenge story?

Revenge is a powerful instrument that can make good men dangerous and I loved playing with this story device in THE DEVIL’S BEDPOST. Not only does it make for great storytelling in romantic suspense, it reminds me that we’re capable of doing anything for the ones we love.

But the above list is nowhere near exhaustive. Within the subgenre, romantic suspense has a variety of tropes that will continue to keep readers on the edge of their seat and turning the page ‘til 2 AM.

So…which romantic suspense trope would you kill to read?

(August 30, 2016)

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About the author:
Lena Hart is a multi-published author of contemporary, historicals, and romantic suspense. She is known for weaving tales of incredible love with unforgettable passion. When she’s not busy writing, you can find her reading, researching, or conferring with her muse. To learn more about Lena and her work, visit

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  1. I like enemies to lovers and revenge.
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  2. Enemies to lovers and the bodyguard/protector are two of my fav tropes.

  3. Bodyguard/Protector is my favorite because it's the best one where they truly get to know each other well.

    Love your post!

    Jonettaallen77 at yahoo dot com

  4. I love romantic suspense and comtemporary novels. I would say my favourite trope is the protector/bodyguard. My e-mail is

  5. Love romantic suspense. It's best of both worlds with the strong protector who is charming and loveable.

  6. Love finding new me to authors and their books! This one looks awesome, romantic suspense is my favorite.

    mlawson17 at Hotmail dot com

  7. All exciting themes. Make for great reading.


  8. any

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  9. Love your work. Thanks.

    1. Love your work. Thanks


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