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Samantha Rose Romantic Suspense Series

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What would you sacrifice to save a four year old boy?

UNFORGETTABLE, First in the Samantha Rose Romantic Suspense Series:

What if the darkness lies?

Darkness lies, smothering the sound we refuse to hear. 

Sam is awakened with the sound of a nylon coat rubbing against the wall outside her bedroom. There couldn’t be anyone there, there is never anything in the dark.

Darkness lies, hiding shadows we refuse to see.  

The noise was a monster of a man, Robert Walsh, who had been stalking her for months and this night was the night he had imagined for so long.

Darkness lies, cloaking the evil we refuse to believe … as it waits outside the door. 

She is tied with copper wire, brutally assaulted and left to die, but is saved by her elderly neighbor, her Sunday afternoon gin partner.

Walsh is imprisoned but escapes two years later, hunting Sam as she flees across the country, trying to become invisible in the huge expanse of Los Angeles.

Sam’s parents intervene from above, dropping heavenly dust on the three men they have chosen to protect and love her. They never expect that the dust will drift over her as well.

Wanting love and stability she is wrenched from what could be a love-filled life to a life that now gives her only one deadly option—to save a four year old boy from the monster.

What if you are seduced by a passion that you never knew was possible?

He leaned over only inches from my face, “Well, well, well. Look what I found. How did Santa know I’d been wanting this in my bed?”

He kissed me. Warmth spread up and down like lightning. I wanted to hold onto that kiss and never let it slip away. The world disappeared around us, and I had never wanted any man as much in my entire hungry life.

What if you are loved by, and love, three powerful, irresistible men?

“Boiler maker.” I thought that’s what wild women drank, just to get warmed up.

“Pardon me,” the man in overalls stood and I thought he might bump his head on the ceiling.

“Perhaps you’d allow me to buy you a drink.”

Why not? That’s what wild women did. Probably.

“Unusual to see a pretty woman in here this early. I’m just getting off'a work. Work at the studio, once in a while I get a part for a tall guy. I was a Wookie.”

I took another drink, feeling relaxed then told him why I was drunk at ten in the morning, reasoning that a Wookie would know about life. Larry the bartender brought another round. I had lost count of how many.

“… You see, I love three men, they all love me—which is really nice to be loved—just like I love you guys,” I hugged them both, “but Jack, Jack is so volcanic hot, and Fritz wants to buy me a castle and make babies, and David’s just so sweet and caring and I don’t know what to do…”

And what if you are finally believing that the life you’ve always wanted is within your grasp… but you must accept the only decision that you can make, to do anything to save a four year old boy?

The first step was the hardest.

I stepped up two, nine more to go.

Thirty seconds and I could be dead.

I thought of the boy, the boy who named his frog Curtis and his snake Vinny. I thought of the boy.

Twenty seconds and I could be dead.

Two more steps. I listened, wondering if I could hear Robert, if I could perceive his breaths or heart beats.

Ten seconds and I could be dead.

I closed my eyes just before I touched the doorknob and pictured Jack again, of the memories we had yet to create.


Unforgettable, First in the Samantha Rose Romantic Suspense Series by Isabella Willow

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  1. I would give my life if that is what it took to save the child.
    Your excerpt is gripping.

    janet_kerr at msn dot com

  2. I'd do anything in my power to save anyone's life.

    natalija dot shkomare at gmail dot com

  3. I'm not sure what I'd do but it would likely be everything in my power!

    Goldgirl149 at hotmail dot com

  4. Who wouldn't want to save a four-year-old boy from a horror like in your excerpt? I don't know what I could do, but I do know that when I'm really, really angry about an injustice I usually grab whatever I can find to beat the heck out of the abuser. So far, it's only been an animal abuser. And I turn in license plates and whatever description I can remember to the police. As to a person being abused, that is a lot more tricky. Holy cow. I would hope I didn't chicken out, but I don't usually carry any kind of weapon with me. I probably would pick something up to clock the guy or gal and hopefully surprise them enough it would do the trick. I would also call someone on my cell phone about where I was and what was going on. I'm glad I "met" you on this blog post, Isabella! Romantic suspense is my kind of reading.

  5. Everything in my power,to safe life.

  6. no idea

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  7. I'd have to weigh everything up & make an informed decision.


  8. If I was in the position to save any child I wouldn't quit until I had saved them or died trying.
    blameitonabook at gmail dot com

  9. It's hard to say what I would do. I would hope I would do anything necessary to save a 4 year old boy, but one truly never knows until they are in that situation.

    1. Amy, thanks for commenting . If you would like a free copy of Unforgettable please send me your email address. Thanks!


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