Friday, April 22, 2016

Romance In The Sun

With: Kathleen Mix

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Yesterday, I shared my reasons for feeling that the Caribbean should be synonymous with romance. But I write romantic suspense. Isn’t romance in a suspenseful setting a dichotomy?

Not at all. In fact, the dangers of a Caribbean island make it the perfect place for suspense.
Tropical islands provide the unexpected. We think of sun and colorful cocktails but rarely consider that the things around us, our supposed allies, can be life threatening. We don’t expect thirst or the effects of sunstroke. No one prepares for dangerous insects. When we book a flight to the tropics, water and the animals that live in or near the coast are usually the farthest things from our minds. We relax and forget to remember that people are the same the world over. They are driven by hate and greed and can be evil at any place and at any time, even on our vacation.

Tropical islands invite romance, and romance is dangerous everywhere. When we allow ourselves to become vulnerable to another person, there is always the danger of rejection and heartbreak. Whether in our workplace or a supposed paradise, emotions can be mistaken. A new friend we trust can be poised for betrayal. A man who seems perfect can be after our money. A daytime excursion to a sparkling reef can become a week-long nightmare.

Human beings are fragile creatures, both emotionally and physically. Anytime our hearts become involved in a decision the results can be a disaster. An unfriendly environment might test us to the limit of our endurance. 

Tropical islands can be friendly or foreign, relaxing or terrifying. But a place we trust and expect to be pleasant can be most frightening and the perfect setting for suspense. Romantic suspense can be set anywhere, because danger exists all around us. When I can contrast that danger with the expected pleasure of time spent in a tropical paradise, the result is a better story. 

So, do you enjoy the islands? Share your thoughts on romance in the sun.
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Author Bio:  
Kathleen Mix is a multi-published author of romance and romantic suspense.
Years ago, she escaped the structured life of a computer nerd and database administrator and moved aboard her sailboat with her husband and a reluctant Sheltie. They headed south to the Caribbean, and she wrote non-fiction travel and sailing articles. But since she was sailing under starlit skies and walking on the world’s most beautiful white-sand beaches, her thoughts soon turned to romance. She started writing fiction while anchored in the Virgin Islands, and the rest, as they say, is now history.
Currently, Kathleen lives in Virginia. For book excerpts and pictures of her boat visit

To connect with Kathleen please visit:

Impossible Ransom

The one man she hates is the only one who can save her…

Working as part of a yacht crew sounded like the perfect escape for senator’s daughter Val Ferrell. Glorious Caribbean beaches, turquoise seas, and freedom from her overbearing father? Heaven. But when the ship is hijacked by violent men—who want to use Val to get to her father—Val’s fantasy turns into a nightmare. Now her only hope is the ship’s captain, who happens to be her ex-lover.

After disobeying an order, covert operative Nick O’Shea’s been assigned yacht captain duty. Working side-by-side with the tiny blonde who makes him crazy—and keeping his hands off her—was definitely punishment. But when Val’s life is endangered, Nick must choose between staying aboard and fighting to retake the boat or risking their lives by attempting an escape to an isolated Caribbean island. With the ransom deadline rapidly approaching, he’s running out of time...

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  1. The only island that I have ever visited was Coronado Island, but I hope to some day visit the Caribbean.

  2. I do love the idea of romance in the sun. I love the beach myself.


  3. i love the beach!! My dream would be to be able to live on a beach full time :) thanks for sharing!

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