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If you’ve been reading my First Force Series (and I sooo hope you have) you’ve most likely noticed team member, Stewart Little. Who??? Yep, he shares a name with that ornery little mouse Stuart Little, and he does not appreciate it at all! In fact Little (as his teammates call him) doesn’t seem to appreciate much of anything. He’s a brooding character who has very little dialogue in the books. He’s been described as a huge man, muscled, wide chest, not particularly attractive, and his default expression—a scowl. And even though Little is indeed a surly character, he is beloved by his team—they know in a crisis situation that he will have their backs—he would put his life on the line in a New York minute for any one of them. 

The interesting thing about Little is that Jack Haliday’s daughter, Lil, isn’t intimidated by the big man one bit. In fact she’s given him a nickname: Little Big Man. Lil finds it most fascinating that his name is Little and yet he is so big. As hard-bitten as this character is towards almost everyone, he has a soft spot for Lil—his face lights up when she is around, and why not? Jack’s daughter has endeared herself to all of the First Force Series readers. They love the curly-haired pixie and all her antics.

“I absolutely love Jack’s daughter, Lil. She is so cute and adorable and brought some real life to everyone’s life she touched.” Says Girl with a Pen blogger/reviewer, Victoria Zumbrum.

“Lil was just a doll!” Kathy, an Amazon customer wrote of Lil on her five-star review.

So I supposed the question is: why is Stewart Little so unhappy? What is it that haunts him down to his very soul? And will he ever find a way to get past whatever it is that tortures him? Hmmm … guess you’ll have to continue reading the series to discover the answers to those question. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy this little snippet I’ve included from the next book, slated to release in September, To the Brink.  

This is a short exchange between Lil Haliday (5 years old) and Stewart Little as a small group of team First Force leaves for a vacation to Disney World …

“We’d better get moving,” Jack suggested. “We’ve got a lot of people to get through security.”

“Hold up a minute,” Stewart Little called. He opened the back door of the SUV to hand each of the girls several gift cards. “Here ya go ... some Disney dollars to spend. Have a good time, and for God’s sake don’t get lost. I don’t want the team to have to fly down to Orlando to find your sorry butts.” He sounded more like a Grizzly Bear roaring than a man bearing gifts.

“Thank you, Little Big Man,” Lil squealed in delight. Little Big Man was the name Lil had given the big team member, whose name was Little. He was as cantankerous as thunder snow in January, yet somehow those little girls were able to look beyond the harshness that inhabited his core to find the love that lie within the scoured layers beneath.

“Gracious,” Pat added with a smile on her lips and in her voice.

Each girl gave him a kiss on his cheek. He scolded, “Now quit fussin’, it’s just some lousy gift cards. Put your seatbelts on, Haliday’s drivin’,” he told them as he closed the door to walk away.

Rolling his eyes, Jack put in, “Is it just me, or is he getting harder to love?” 

 “This was very kind, Senor Little,” Bebe told him as he passed her on his way to his pickup.
“It was nothin’. Have a good time,” the man of few words replied, while holding the vehicle door open and helping her inside, and then with his head bowed and his eyes focused on the pavement beneath his feet, he hurried away. Rayne and Silja exchanged knowing grins before slipping into their assigned vehicles. They were amused by the flush washing over Little’s cheeks.

So there you have it—Stewart Little is a surly character, but what lies beneath that solid exterior that he carefully guards? I hope you continue or your decide to begin reading the First Force Series to find out!

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It had been four years since ex-Navy SEAL, Jack Haliday, had an explosive run-in with a biker gang wounding their leader, Gunner. During those years Jack had acquired everything he ever wanted: a beautiful wife, an adorable daughter, and a lovely home in the suburbs—everything was as perfect as it could get, until Gunner returned to twist Jack’s world inside-out with a vengeance that he could never have prepared for. Critically injured, he found himself surrounded in the security of First Force International and in the care of their head medic, Dr. Rayne Lee, a beautiful and compassionate woman who knows firsthand the sharp slice of loss and grief.

Now Jack has a score to settle and he’s got some new friends to help him, but in the end, can Rayne help to ease his grief and encourage him to start a new life with team First Force? 


Five years ago First Force operative, Grant Ketchum, let the ballerina of his dreams dance right of his life. Silja Ramsay returned to her birthplace, Russia, to take the position of the principal dancer for the Novikov Ballet Company. She was living her dreams, and although they had very little contact, Grant was proud of her.

The owner and director of the ballet company, Natalia Novikov, has a dark secret: her beloved ballet company is almost broke. Natalia has become so desperate for funds to keep the company afloat that she's forced her dancers to prostitute themselves to financial contributors at exclusive after-show parties.

As the Prima Ballerina of the troupe, Silja has been exempt and kept in the dark about the parties, until a big-time American financier, who is obsessed with Silja, offers to bail the failing ballet company out and provide Natalia with everything she will ever need. His prerequisite: Silja must become his personal companion, live in his home, and fulfill his every desire.

 Against her will, Silja is taken to the American's mansion, but before she goes she manages to send a text to the only man who can save her, Grant: HELP!

   Now Grant Ketchum is on a mission to find his lost ballerina and rescue her from this powerful man's subjugation. He will do anything to get her out alive. If they survive, will he let her chasse out of his life again?


Four years ago, Dr. Rayne Lee lost her husband and her four-year-old daughter, Sierra, to a group of hostile guerrillas in the Amazonian Valley of Peru. It had taken every bit of her constitution to rebuild her life and to join her uncle’s international security firm, First Force, as the team’s head medic. She still desperately missed her husband and her daughter, but all-in-all everything was back on track—until the phone calls started.

A young girl was calling claiming to be Sierra. The tiny trembling voice claimed that the guerrillas were holding her captive, and there was only way for them to be reunited: Rayne must travel to Peru and give them something that she has. Moreover, the guerrillas have another stipulation: Rayne must come alone.

Suddenly the ghosts from Rayne’s past are chasing her down a dark road.

What could they possibly want from her?

Could she return to the place where her family was murdered and she was brutalized for seven horrid months?

Was it really Sierra calling?

Rayne knew that she had to take the risk—she had to find out!

About the Author:
For twenty-six years Cindy’s life whirled around a song and a dance. She was a professional dancer/choreographer for most of her adult life and never gave much thought to a writing career until 2005. She often notes: Don’t ask me what happened, but suddenly I felt drawn to my computer to write about things that I have experienced with my husband’s Thoroughbreds and happenings at the racetrack—she muses: they are greatly exaggerated upon of course—I’ve never been murdered. Viola! Cindy’s first book series, Unbridled, was born. Currently there are five books in the series.
Cindy is a huge fan of romantic suspense series’, especially with a military ops theme. Although she isn’t one to make New Year’s resolutions, on New Year’s Day 2013 she made a commitment to write one. At this time, there are three books in her black ops series, First Force: Into the Crossfire, To the Breaking Pointe and Into the Dark. Book #4, To the Brink, is scheduled to release in September of 2016.
People are always asking Cindy: Do you miss dance? With a bitter sweet smile on her lips she tells them: Sometimes I do. I miss my students. I miss choreographing musicals, but I love writing my books, and I love sharing them with my readers.
Cindy resides on her forty-five acre Thoroughbred farm with her husband, Bill, and her Cocker Spaniel, Allister, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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  1. I like the sound of Stewart. Brooding can be very interesting to read.


  2. I love romantic suspense and dark brooding heroes. Stewart definitely sounds like someone to get to know better.

  3. I love romantic suspense and dark brooding heroes. Stewart definitely sounds like someone to get to know better.

  4. thanks for the fun story!!! Congrats on the series :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh I enjoyed that snippet! Thanks for sharing about your book!

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  8. I haven't read any of the First Force Series yet but I sure will after reading this. I particularly love the talk between little Lil and Stewart Little as they are going to Disney World.


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