Friday, March 25, 2016

Impossible Ransom

With: Kathleen Mix

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If you stopped by yesterday, you met the heroine of ImpossibleRansom, Val, and learned why Nick O’Shea was the perfect man to bring into her life. A romance needs two main characters, however, meaning that Nick also had to meet the perfect woman.

Since I always fall in love with my story’s hero, I pay particular attention to the women who line up hoping to meet Mr. Right. I’m very careful, because I can’t let the wrong woman fool me and wiggle her way into the book. To my mind, Nick deserved a happy-ever-after, and I was the one person with the power to see that he got his due.
In Impossible Ransom, Nick’s polar opposite, Valeria, qualified for the job. She grew up rich and privileged, he grew up poor and street-smart. She is soft and trusting, he is hard as nails and cynical. She hates him in the beginning of the story, which in the end, only makes their love stronger. But most important, she can see the good in him even when he refuses to acknowledge it exists.

Nick needed a heroine who could take away the blinders he’d been wearing for years and make him see the truth about himself. To do this, she had to work a kind of miracle, breaking through the barriers he’d built between himself and the world. What better place to force the intimacy needed to demolish those barriers than a desert island where killers were nipping at their heels and they could die at any moment?

Before Nick met Val, he didn’t care if he died on a mission, because he believed he was a despicable human being. In his eyes, his life was worthless.

But over the course of their adventure, Val saw the good in Nick and forced him to become a better man. The love of a sweet, kind woman motivated him to change.

He’d never thought love would find him, always believed he was unworthy. But by the end of the story, he sees life in a new way and has regained his self-respect.

Please pick up a copy of Impossible Ransom and follow Nick’s quest to become whole and find true love.

Happy reading!

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Author Bio:    

Kathleen Mix is a multi-published author of romance and romantic suspense.
Years ago, she escaped the structured life of a computer nerd and database administrator and moved aboard her sailboat with her husband and a reluctant Sheltie. They headed south to the Caribbean, and she wrote non-fiction travel and sailing articles. But since she was sailing under starlit skies and walking on the world’s most beautiful white-sand beaches, her thoughts soon turned to romance. She started writing fiction while anchored in the Virgin Islands, and the rest, as they say, is now history.
Currently, Kathleen lives in Virginia. For book excerpts and pictures of her boat visit

To connect with Kathleen please visit:

Impossible Ransom

The one man she hates is the only one who can save her…

Working as part of a yacht crew sounded like the perfect escape for senator’s daughter Val Ferrell. Glorious Caribbean beaches, turquoise seas, and freedom from her overbearing father? Heaven. But when the ship is hijacked by violent men—who want to use Val to get to her father—Val’s fantasy turns into a nightmare. Now her only hope is the ship’s captain, who happens to be her ex-lover.

After disobeying an order, covert operative Nick O’Shea’s been assigned yacht captain duty. Working side-by-side with the tiny blonde who makes him crazy—and keeping his hands off her—was definitely punishment. But when Val’s life is endangered, Nick must choose between staying aboard and fighting to retake the boat or risking their lives by attempting an escape to an isolated Caribbean island. With the ransom deadline rapidly approaching, he’s running out of time...

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  1. The more I know about this story the more I want to read. Thanks for sharing the information about Nick and Val.

  2. Well, "Opposites Attract" is definitely a good trope for a romance because of the discoveries the hero and heroine can make about each other. Trust would be an important issue in that kind of relationship, however. Can they believe what they discover about each other? I am intrigued by the blurb about this book and would like to read it to find out if Nick and Val have what it takes to make their love "stick." :-) Thanks for the post.

  3. this looks and sounds awesome!!! Congrats on the new release and thanks for sharing ;)

  4. I look forward to finding out more about Nick & Val.


  5. sounds suspenseful

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