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The villain in Shotgun Justice was fan inspired. Is it a 
coincidence that it received 4 ½ stars and a Top Pick from Romantic Times Magazine? Maybe, but maybe not. 
To me it was a fun, refreshing book to write because of the 
creepy assassin my fans came up with.

Yes, my creepy serial assassin was the result of a Facebook question about serial killers’ signatures. A couple of hours later my fans had helped create SNAKE EYES. I have to admit that villains aren’t my forte. And this particular assassin had to have a back story. I’d rather all the characters have normal lives…not exceptionally horrible ones that turn them into serial assassins.

SERIAL ASSASINS. If you look it up, the term doesn’t really exist. But for the purposes of my story, this creep is and would have been a serial killer…he just decided to get paid for his work.

The research for this guy included a lot of snake pictures. More than I ever want to look at again. His signature is to replace the eyes of his victim with polished rocks that have been painted to resemble a snake’s. Did you know that snake eyes aren’t all the same? So he makes special sets for each victim using the variety of snake eyes available.

Here’s an excerpt from chapter one from Snake Eyes.

Now the fun really began.

He flipped Rosco to his back, not bothering to wait for the body to grow cold. He methodically removed the lifeless eyes in Rosco’s face. He wouldn’t keep them. He wasn’t sentimental and didn’t need a souvenir, just a way to identify himself as the killer.

He’d studied serial killers, read up on them. If it had been possible, he could have shared his checklists of how to get away without a trace. But then…if everyone knew his methods, he wouldn’t be in such high demand.

Laughing, he withdrew the artificial snakelike eyes, using a cleaning solution and a polishing cloth to make them shine. Then he meticulously placed the stones in Rosco’s face, leaving him staring at the heavens.

The eyes would be anonymously shipped to his employer. Proof of the completion of his task. He popped them into the jewelry case he carried in his bag.

Many of his victims had never been found. Some never would. But those who were…the eyes were an eerie sight when his handiwork was discovered. As a calling card, they were unique and rarely reported to the press.

But they knew. He was precise and unique. He methodically went through his mental list. Then he opened the notebook and verified he’d performed everything on the list again. He would not get sloppy and make a mistake.

Or bored.

Admitting that he was bored was why he took on the next challenge. Keeping a captive alive long enough to extract information. A definite challenge that needed a new notebook of lists. He flipped the pocket spiral closed, satisfied that he’d covered everything.

Now it was time to discover the details of his next victim. How she lived her mundane life. What drove her to make a mistake. He had a short time to get to know Avery Travis. His new commission would be a test case. Careful planning would be the key to a successful kill.

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What about the villains? Do you like guessing who the bad guy is or knowing and getting into his head?

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  1. I used to prefer knowing and getting into his head but I have developed severe anxiety, so now it is difficult for me to spend much time with a real villian. You books and those of Adrienne Giordano and Misty Evans are among the few tense books I still read and love. Jeanie Whitmire Jackson

    1. Sorry about the anxiety. Hugs!!!
      I'm glad you can still take mine on.

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  2. either

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  3. As I read books I am always guessing who the bad guy is and why he did/does what he is doing. That's why I love reading mysteries and suspense books because I want to solve the mystery along with they hero and heroine.

  4. I love to guess who the bad guy is

  5. I love to guess who the bad guy is

  6. I like to be held in suspense trying to unravel the clues. I also like knowing.


  7. I LOVE snakes, but that scene made me shudder. Nicely done, Angi, and I love that your fans came up with it! :)

  8. I've been wanting to read Shotgun Justice but I want to even more now that I know how the villain was created. He sounds creepy but that's just part of why this book sounds so good.

    As for your question, I don't like knowing who the bad guy is but rather guess throughout the story. I'm usually wrong but that's even better and means the story isn't predictable.

  9. I like knowing who the Villain is and having them interact.

    Janet_Kerr at MSN dot com

  10. I really like both ways. I like the mystery of guessing who the villain is, but i always like getting into their head and learning more about them too. yenstone at aol dot com

  11. I love the guessing, it keeps it interesting.

  12. Just read Bulletproof Badge and loved it.

  13. Shotgun Justice looks really good but all of your books do Thanks for sharing with us

  14. I kind of like having to guess who the villain is.


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