Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Many Forms of Inspiration

It’s amazing how many people ask me, where does the inspiration for your books come from? For me, inspiration comes in many forms. Let me explain…

When I returned to writing in 2005, I decided to write a TV series about the happenings that I’ve experienced at the Thoroughbred racetrack where my husband races his horses. Trust me, the backside (stable area) of a racetrack is a treasure trove of characters—some good, some bad. I spent five years writing teleplays and when I was done I had nineteen scripts—an entire television season. The Hollywood readers and script runners loved the show! There was nothing on TV quite like it—and there still isn’t because we simply couldn’t get the scripts sold to the networks. I was encouraged to turn my TV series, Unbridled, into a book series—and I did. Currently, there are five books in the murder/suspense series.

I love those military ops romantic suspense books! I just love them, and in 2011 I decided to veer from the Thoroughbred track to write the First Force Series. I love this series and so do the readers, but the inspiration to write Book #2 of that series, To the Breaking Pointe, came from my twenty-six years as a professional dancer/choreographer. I used my expertise to write the book mixed with a lot of imagination—the book surrounds the ballet, Coppelia. I choreographed the ballet and dedicated the book to the cast of that show.

In 2014, I wanted to write children books for my grandchildren. We had an ornery pony at the farm named George who bossed the Thoroughbreds in the paddock around terribly. Yep, I was inspired to write about old George, and so George the Boss and George Goes to Camp were created.

Now in 2015, I’m adding another series to my writing portfolio—a cozy mystery series titled, The Fiona Quinn Mysteries. Wow, from a murder suspense series to a covert black ops romantic suspense series to a…cozy mystery series?

Where did the inspiration for that come from?

Well, inspiration comes from different places and times in our lives. Not long ago, my ten year old granddaughter, Kiersten, said to me, “When am I going to be able to read some of your books?” And she didn’t mean the children’s books.


Well Kiersten is getting a bit old for the pony books, but the content in the Unbridled Series and the First Force Series is not suitable for a her age group—I don’t think I would recommend those books for anyone under eighteen.

So inspiration has struck again! Along with my other series’, I’m busy working on the first book of the Fiona Quinn Mysteries. I want this series to be one that anyone can read—an enjoyable pace for an adult who prefers “no flinch reads,” and when finished reading the books the reader feels comfortable handing it to her thirteen year old daughter or even a tween, such as Kiersten. Once again I am using my ballet to write. The first book is titled, Murder on Pointe. In fact, I’ve even brought a character from the First Force series into the story line. Silja Ramsay, the prima ballerina from To the Breaking Pointe will be a “guest character”, if you will, in the first Fiona Quinn Mystery.

Where does my inspiration for writing my books come from? As you can see, many places. It depends on where I’m at in my life and what happens before my eyes—a pony in the paddock, a ballet that I’ve choreographed over the years, sometimes even a news story will bring my creative juices to a boil.

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Coming soon from Cindy McDonald:
January: Into the Dark, Book #3 First Force Series
March: Murder on Pointe Book #1 Fiona Quinn Series
May: George Turns Green, children’s book by C.S. McDonald (pen name)
September: To the Brink, Book #4 First Force Series
Whew! That’s a lot of inspiration—and hard work!

The mattress dipped when he sat down to give her a cup of hot tea. “Here, drink this,” Jack urged quietly.

Rayne glanced at the cup with steam swirling above the rim, and then she lifted her eyes to meet his. Her left eyebrow arched, she muttered, “I don’t need tended to.”

Half smiling, he shrugged. “It wasn’t too long ago that you tended to me, or don’t you remember the gaping gunshot wound in my side?”

“I remember.”

“Well, consider this payback.”

“Payback? You don’t owe me anything, Jack.”

“I owe you everything.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she said.

“Don’t be stubborn,” he said.

“It seems we’re at an impasse,” she pointed out.

 “Okay...let’s compromise. I won’t be ridiculous if you stop being stubborn. Now drink this.” He lifted the cup closer toward her. An ornery curve formed on his lips, rendering her defenseless. He was too damned adorable, handsome, and yes, she had to admit: he was freakin’ sexy as sin. He was making it almost easy to forget the night terror that she’d just experienced. For that she was most thankful.

Her mouth betrayed her with a slight amused curl. Taking the cup from his hand, she took a whiff of the tea. “ favorite.”

“I’m ridiculously observant,” Jack put in.

Pressing her eyes closed, Rayne took a sip, allowing the comforting warmth to slide down her throat. Jack Haliday was ridiculously alluring. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“I’ll stay as long as you need me to,” Jack said, and then he took her face into his hands and pressed his lips to her forehead. His lips were warm and even when he pulled away, she could still feel the warmth lingering on her skin. She wanted him to crawl into her bed, take her into his arms and hold her through the night. 

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