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COVERT INTENTS – Exclusive Excerpt

Congratulations to "Tammy Y.", the winner in Janie's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

It’s here! Release week of my first ever indie-published novella COVERT INTENTS.

When my critically acclaimed debut novel PRIMAL INSTINCT released in 2014, I had lots of readers ask if I would be writing the story of Seth Harrington, Conner Perigo’s FBI partner.

At the time I hadn’t planned to write it. Mostly because I hadn’t yet found the right woman for someone as dynamic and funny as Seth.

Ended up the right woman for Seth was Rachel Branson, cousin of the somewhat notorious Bransons (Cameron, Sawyer, Juliet and Dylan) who work for OMEGA SECTOR in the Covert Operations Division. 

But unlike Seth and her four cousins, Rachel is not a spy, not an agent, not someone looking for danger and excitement. She’s a sweet, shy literature professor, a little insecure about her looks, and always has her nose in a book.

Seth can’t get Rachel out of his head. Unfortunately, he’s undercover and can’t tell her who he really is.  But when a terrorist puts Rachel in the middle of the danger, suddenly she’s the only mission of any importance to him.

Just for JRS readers, here’s an exclusive excerpt of COVERT INTENTS:

“No, I believe you’re law enforcement. I can’t believe I didn’t put it together before.” Rachel gave an anxious little cough, her eyes darting around his apartment.

She was nervous. He didn’t blame her. After everything that had happened to her today she’d be foolish not to be a little nervous.

“Oh yeah?” Seth wondered what had given him away.

She shrugged. “You were always too aware of what was going on around you. Too… I’m not sure what the word is. Forceful, maybe?”

“That’s not good in terms of me blending in. I was trying not to draw anyone’s attention. My undercover skills must be rusty.” Which could get him killed if he wasn’t careful.

“I don’t think it was obvious to anyone else. I was just more in tuned with you than most people, I think.” Her face flooded a bright red before she looked down and away, her face covered by her long brown hair.

He reached out and touched her arm. “Rachel…”

She didn’t look at him. “No, it’s fine, Seth. I understand. I was part of some undercover work. A job. Whatever happened last night with that kiss was just part of your cover.”

“It wasn’t.”

Rachel shook her head, and peeked up at him with those gorgeous brown eyes, obviously not believing him. “Seth, I get it. Really I do. I may have my nose in a book most of the time, but I know how the world works. Someone like you would not be interested in someone like me under normal circumstances.”

Seth’s eyes narrowed and he felt his body tense. He slipped off his jacket and hung it over the kitchen chair, trying to give himself time to recover. To back down from what he knew he was on the verge of doing.

Proving to Rachel Branson how wrong she really was.

Damn it, he should walk away. Make a joke. Ease her down gently about how the job really was important. Seth was good with people. Good with words. He should be able to do this.

But he couldn’t. Not this time. He wanted Rachel too badly. Had for two months.

“You know you’re an incredibly smart woman,” he said gently, softly, giving away none of the predatory instincts coursing through him except to take a slight step toward her.

But she could feel the danger instinctively. Not that he would hurt her, but that he was coming for her. She backed up a step.

“It doesn’t take a genius to know that you and I are on two different playing fields, Seth. Look at me.”

“Oh, I am, Rachel.” He took another step toward her. A sexual wariness flashed in her eyes. She couldn’t figure out what was happening. Poor sweetheart. “But you didn’t let me finish. You’re an incredibly smart woman to say something so dumb.”

“What?” She took another step back and ended up against his refrigerator.

“You think you don’t have much to offer a man, but you couldn’t be more wrong.”

“What?” she parroted again.

He took another step closer to her. “I have been keeping away from you, for many reasons. I am on an undercover mission. I didn’t want to bring any danger your way, although it seems to have found you anyway.”

He’d stayed away for other reasons too —like her cousins pummeling him into the ground if they knew what he was about to do her— but he didn’t mention that since she didn’t know they worked in law enforcement. And because it wasn’t enough to keep him away anyway.

Nothing was.


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About the Author

Janie Crouch’s debut novel PRIMAL INSTINCT has been nominated for a 2015 RT (Romantic Times) Reviewer’s Choice Award, National Excellence in Romantic Fiction Award, and “Best Romantic Suspense” in the Carolyn Reader’s Choice Award.  Janie lives with her hubby and four kids in Stuttgart, Germany but ihr Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut zur Zeit. She loves travelling, adventure racing, and movies of all kinds. Find out more about her at

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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing. I'm currently rereading "What She Doesn't Know" by Beverly Barton, and Max Devereaux is definitely my kind of hero. He has an aura of a bad boy from the wrong side of tracks, but he is the one who takes care of his family and puts their needs above his own. Love him to pieces!


    1. I'm going to have to check that one out, Natalija! Sounds so interesting! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thank you for sharing the exceprt, Janie! One of my favorites is Mason Fletcher from River Road by Jayne Ann Krentz.

    1. Great choice, Joan!! Thanks for commenting. :)

  3. I just read I'll Never Let You Go by Mary Burton & the hero's name was Alex & I think that is a pretty strong sexy name. I also like Gabe & Jake. Interesting review. Please enter me mikelizdigman at msn dot com

    1. I like all those names, Liz. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I like Gabriel name :)
    Thanks for the great post! :)

    1. Gabriel is definitely a great name. Shortened to Gabe by his friends... I really like it!

  5. congrats to Jamie on her new release! I love anything Irish... like Roarke :) thanks for sharing!

  6. Happy release week for your novella! Hmmm, the first name that popped into my head was Trenton.

    1. Love that one too, Colleen! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  7. A wonderful excerpt thank you.

    I have to say Oliver. I can't even begin to guess why.


    1. I like the name Oliver! Although I have a cousin-in-law who may not like a character named after him. :) Thanks for commenting, Mary!

  8. No favorite name

    Bn100candg at Hotmail dot com

  9. Hmm, fave name for a rom suspense hero? Kyle, Drake, Morgan, Brent, Adam, Charles, or Henry.

    Congrats on your novella!

  10. Congrats on your new release, I love your books. For a hero's name, I like Archer, Ethan, Hunter, Liam, Thomas and Zane.

    1. Thanks Tammy! Good to see you on here!! Archer is SUCH a great name. And I just used Liam and Zane as character names. Great minds think alike! :)

  11. oops yenastone at aol dot com


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