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Congratulations to "Bn100", the winner in Janie's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

Omega Sector (Covert Operations Section): A top secret inter-agency task force made up of the country’s most elite agents. Be sure to check out the series critics called: “FANTASTIC,” “INSANELY INTENSE” and having “PASSION THAT LEAPS OFF THE PAGES”.

All four books are now available!


Omega Sector agent Cameron Branson is on the most important case of his career – recovery of highly-classified code-breaking software that has fallen into the worst possible hands.  After months of undercover work, he’s on the verge of recovering the software and finally putting to rest the demons that haunt him.

Until graphic artist Sophia Reardon – a familiar face from his past – happens to show up in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Knowing that with a word she could expose him, Cameron is forced to hurl this innocent beauty into his world of deception and terror.

And as it all begins to unravel, Cameron must choose – finish the mission that could protect so many or save the one woman he’s never been able to forget.

Read Infiltration excerpt here.
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The clock was ticking, the enemy was watching… 

At first it looked like a glorified babysitting job: safeguard a scientist while she created a countermeasure to neutralize a dangerous weapon that had fallen into the wrong hands. But when Dr. Megan Fuller's life was threatened, undercover agent Sawyer Branson knew the enemy was closing in. Sticking by Megan 24/7 wasn't something he took lightly, even if Megan didn't seem to appreciate his constant presence.

For a man used to getting any woman he wanted, Megan was a challenge he was coming to enjoy. Because beneath her boxy lab coat and pinned-back hair lay a brilliant and beautiful warrior. And before long, Sawyer's determination to save the world was matched only by the sudden need to make Megan his.

Read Countermeasures excerpt here.
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Posing as a married couple to save the world was easy compared to the very real feelings between them… 

As Bob and Lisa Sinclair, Omega Sector agents Evan Karcz and Juliet Branson were a formidable couple—until a brutal attack left Juliet traumatized. But with a powerful crime boss selling military secrets, the safety of millions depends on the undercover operatives. It's up to Evan to rehabilitate Juliet…and not fail her as he did on the mission that still haunts him. 

Evan's strategy is to be near Juliet night and day to practice posing as a loving couple. But soon he realizes there's a sizzling passion between them. And it's being threatened by forces stronger than they ever realized. With a killer stalking Lisa Sinclair, her "husband" knows he'd risk his cover—and his life—to protect her.

Read Untraceable excerpt here.
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He'd been hired to transport precious cargo--and it put a beautiful twist in his solitary life 

Computer game developer Shelby Keelan has a gift: a photographic memory of anything concerning numbers. When she inadvertently discovers a code linked to terrorist attacks within a popular Internet game, she’s called in by the government to help piece together what she knows.

Pilot Dylan Branson finally has his life the way he wants it: simple, quiet and alone – as far from his covert operation past as he can get. He knows when he’s asked by his previous boss to deliver one tiny package to Omega Sector headquarters that his answer should be no. Especially when that tiny package ends up being a cute and quirky redhead he’s instantly drawn to.

But what should’ve been a routine trip turns into a desperate fight for their lives when someone is determined to see that Shelby and Dylan don’t make it anywhere alive and that the codes in her head are destroyed along with her.

Read Leverage excerpt here.
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And don’t miss the six-book OMEGA SECTOR: CRITICAL RESPONSE DIVISION series coming in 2016. Book 1, SPECIAL FORCES SAVIOR (December), and book 2, FULLY COMMITTED (January), are available for preorder now!

Janie is giving away the reader’s pick of any one item (mug/bookmark/bracelet, totaling up to $15) from the Charm’s Away online shop. (Etsy store of fabulous romance reader Elizabeth Neal)

To enter, check out Janie’s “Europe Pic of the Day” blog supporting her #OmegaSectorBooks: . Tell us your favorite picture from the blog in the comments below!

About the Author
Janie Crouch’s debut novel PRIMAL INSTINCT has been nominated for a 2015 RT (Romantic Times) Reviewer’s Choice Award, National Excellence in Romantic Fiction Award, and “Best Romantic Suspense” in the Carolyn Reader’s Choice Award.  Janie lives with her hubby and four kids in Stuttgart, Germany but ihr Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut zur Zeit. She loves travelling, adventure racing, and movies of all kinds. Find out more about her at


  1. Enjoyed looking at your pics! My fav is the castle in Germany!

    1. Thanks Colleen! I also have a giveaway going on at:!contests/c8a0

  2. Centuries of History Down One Small Street

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Thanks! That's a favorite one of mine too. It's in a town in Switerzland. I also have another giveaway going on if you want to check it out:!contests/c8a0

  3. Lake Garda looks like my kind of place.


    1. Definitely a beautiful place! I also have another giveaway going on if you want to check it out:!contests/c8a0

  4. The Eiffel Tower. yebastone at aol dot com

    1. Can't ever go wrong with Paris. :) I also have another giveaway going on if you want to check it out:!contests/c8a0

  5. What great pictures. It looks like you had a great time. The castle and town pictures were nice. My favorite, however is Lake Garda, Italy... Stunning. I like peace and quiet.


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