Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Case of Who Dun ‘It

One of my favorite writers is Agatha Christie. There is something to be said about a good mystery, a novel that makes you think. While I don't quite write in the same genre as Agatha, I want my book to keep you guessing, to make you think, not only about the who dun 'it but the characters, and in my case, the setting itself. Let's face it, where your book takes place doesn't only set the mood, but can drive the story.

I, unlike my husband, enjoyed visiting Vegas, the city where Sin on the Strip is set. But I'm a people watcher, while he is not. Besides the larger than life everything, what amazed me the most was the collectible stripper cards that are freely given to the passersby on the street, anytime, anywhere. Best to hang on to your child lest he reach out and take one, thinking to add it to his Pokémon collection. It would give trading a whole new twist…and the grandparents cardiac arrest. And I have to add there is something oddly soothing about all the lights. Maggie, my heroine, agrees. Nothing bad can happen to you when the lights are on.

Of course, Maggie knows better, but she'll take reassurance anywhere she can get it.

Glitz and glamour aside, there is a fine edge to the city, and an invisible line that many feel quite comfortable crossing when they're in Vegas. They do and say things they wouldn't dare try anywhere else—like the Internet live, no longer intangible but alive and breathing. The many wedding chapels are only one example of the let's go for it virus that infects visitors and the city itself.

But as Maggie knows only to well, there is a dark side. 

Keeping the women who worked for her at the club away from trouble, and trouble away from them, wasn’t easy. The street was an eager villain, only too happy to end the lives of anyone simply trying to survive. 

And what happens when the lights go out?


What happens in Las Vegas always burns bright, especially after hours. In this sizzling new series, the city's 24/7 glitz hides one woman's darkest nightmares—and one investigator's seductive secrets...

Control is everything to gorgeous Maggie Anderson. Her exclusive club gives abused and troubled women a refuge from Vegas's merciless streets—and helps her reclaim her shattered sense of freedom. But now someone is brutally murdering those she fights so hard to save. And baring her deepest fears to the one man who insists on protecting her could be the one move she won't survive…

Elite private investigator Christian Beck knows this particular serial killer's MO—and his own wrenching failure to find him—all too well. But staying two steps ahead of Maggie's determination to uncover the truth pushes his well-honed skills past the limit—and ignites his most naked instincts. Now every clue is a lie, each irresistible desire a lethal trap. And the closer he and Maggie get, their shattering secrets will either save them—or torch their lives to glittering ash…

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Lucy Farago knows there is nothing like a happy sigh at the end of a good book. With the encouragement of her loving husband, she wrote her first manuscript. An unpublished historical, it sits in a file on her computer, there to remind her how much fun she had learning the craft and becoming part of an industry whose books make you believe anything is possible. A big fan of Agatha Christie, she set out to write her first romantic suspense novel. Thrilled to be a published author, Lucy also teaches yoga, enjoys cooking, and saying what other people are thinking. In her fantasy world, her beautiful Siberian husky, Loki, doesn’t shed and her three kids clean up after themselves. Alas, that fantasy will never see fruition.  http://www.lucyfarago.com/ 
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