Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Adventures in Suspense…

Congratulations to "Library Pat" the winner in Jeanne's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

I recently had the best adventure!  It started with a very scary conversation though *cue spooky spy music*…about terrorists.  You see, my friend Suzanne Ferrell writes outstanding suspense novels about a hunky group of men and very smart women in her Edgars series.  I write about soldiers and spies and smugglers so it was natural that we'd be talking about that kind of thing.  I’d just finished putting out Dead Run, about a woman in witness protection and an undercover agent.  I was starting book two in my Faithful Defenders series, Dead Reckoning, which features a hitman and some international terrorists.  Suz was finishing her latest Edgars novel. 

Talking about our projects this time however, got Suz and I talking about homegrown terrorists.  The kind of people who should be faithful to the USA, but just aren't.  And, being writers, we were talking about how to use them best in a story, what lines to cross, what things you really didn’t want to do.

Then we got an idea.  As the Grinch would say, we got a wonderful, awful, idea.  This frequently happens when Suz and I talk.  But there are ideas and then there are ideas.  Grins.  We had also been talking about elections.  Terrorists.  Elections.  What if terrorists wanted to stop or disrupt and election? Ooooooh.  How cool.  How could we do it?  Did we have time with our other commitments?  Did we want to write something together?  How would we do that?  Novellas?  Two stories…wait, what if we got pals?  FOUR stories!  

Yeah, that was the way to go, we decided.

So, who?  That was pretty easy.  I knew that our pal from the Romance Bandits blog, Nancy Northcott, was working on a series that I’m totally jonesing for her to publish.  It’s about the Arachnid Agency —very super-secret-spy stuff.   And Suz thought her friend J.D. Tyler might want to play as well, since she’s branching out from her Alpha Pack paranormals into some serious suspense. 

We asked, and we were right, and they wanted to blow some stuff up right along with us.  Thus, CAPITOL DANGER was born. 

The four of us batted ideas around, but what came out was the story of an incredibly misogynistic, home-grown terrorist organization that doesn’t want to see a woman in power.  Especially in the highest seat in the land.  So, when a woman is elected president, it’s on. 

Capitol Danger

A romantic suspense anthology like no other! Four stories, one event and four dangerous missions on the same night.

It’s Inauguration Night. Glamorous balls throughout the nation’s capital celebrate a landmark event. The town and nation are in the mood to celebrate. But not everyone is so pleased.

A home-grown sect known as the Red Mantle plan to make it an event to remember for their reasons. As their assault succeeds it will be up to those attending the ball to step up and face the fanatics, or die trying.

UNMASKED: An Edgars Family Novella by Suzanne Ferrell

Abigail Whitson and Luke Edgars are working an undercover operation during the inaugural ball in an attempt to discover who has stolen land to air missiles before they can be sold to a broker—their target for the night. When the playboy arms dealer arrives at the ball, his bodyguard turns out to be someone from Luke’s past.

That isn’t the only surprise of the night. When the ball is invaded by terrorists, Abby and Luke find themselves trying to extract the arms dealer from the fray to protect their mission, while they also risk their lives to protect innocents from the carnage.

DEATH UNDER GLASS: a Deadly Charms Novella by JeanneAdams

Edward Millner and his girlfriend Retta Geminous, are celebrating a glittering inaugural. When Red Mantle terrorists take the ballroom, both bullets and glass start flying. Edward and Retta help the agents still standing retake the ballroom, but casualties are high. Can Edward face his demons and use his former Special Forces medical skills to save the night? Can Retta and Edward overcome their troubled hearts in the face of certain death?

DANGER’S EDGE: An Arachnid Files Novella by NancyNorthcott

When terrorists disrupt the inaugural ball, new Arachnid Agency operative Kelsey Mitchell tables her planned undercover operation and works to bring help into the hotel. Her only ally is Greg Reed, an FBI agent on medical leave after being shot during a robbery. Kelsey dreads making a novice mistake, and Greg is afraid he’s lost his edge.

Attraction flares between them though Kelsey knows the Feds disapprove of people who work for her freewheeling agency. Together, she and Greg must fight their demons and the terrorists to gather intel for the FBI and create a safe landing zone for a rescue force. Can they succeed against overwhelming odds, or will the battle cost one or both their lives—or their hearts?

LETHAL TARGET: An Armed and Deadly Novella by J.D.Tyler

FBI Special Agent Dalton McCoy is playing a deadly game, working undercover for Methan, leader of the extremist terrorist group, the Red Mantle. He’ll stop at nothing to keep Methan and his men from achieving their goal of bringing down key members of the government. When Dalton’s plans come to an unexpected head at the glittering inaugural ball, he doesn’t count on tenacious reporter Jolie Montfort placing herself in Methan’s line of fire as well. Now the agent must take out the terrorist leader and get them both to safety before its too late…
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So, I wrote the prologue, set up the terrorists and laid out our event space.  Since I live in DC, I picked what was, when we started, an empty lot in DC and “built” our hotel, The Fierenze.  It’s a new, boutique hotel.  The event is a gala celebrating woman’s advancements, and some very high-powered muckety-mucks from the government are going to attend…possibly even the president.  The terrorists have a plan in place to make sure she attends so they can get to her, so as the festivities get rolling, things start to heat up.

Suz got the fun job of kicking things off and starting the BOOM!, then I got the baton, then Nancy, then J.D. wrapped everything up for us.  The stories are so interconnected that we each had to be sure we weren’t stepping on each other’s “lines” so to speak.  If an elevator crashed in Suz’s story (it didn’t, but…) Then I needed to be sure to mention that in mine.  When I locked my crew in the main ballroom, it meant that Nancy and J.D. couldn’t run through that ballroom in their stories. 

Logistics…gotta love them…not.

Whew!  Lots of emails.  Several drawings of the lobby and ballroom floors of the (virtual) hotel, not to mention those ever-popular sub-basements and tunnels, and stairwells.  Lots of shooting.  Lots of action, a LOT of sexual tension and heat, eh, Voila! You have a heck of a story that reviewers are already calling “brilliant,” “intense,” and “riveting.”  We’re blushing here!!

Taking the book from concept to delivery was such an amazing, wonderful learning experience. And working with these wonderful, creative women was incredibly fun, rich, and rewarding.  They have the best ideas, I tell you!!  So now, from you, we all want to know....

Jeanne will be giving away a copy of Dead Run and Capitol Danger (in paper) to one winner.

Have you ever been to an inaugural or a big gala?

Would you want to go undercover at this kind of event, or something like it?

Would you ever want to be a spy, or an agent, or would you do better as a reporter or a terrorist?  Grins.

If you could take a date (real, imaginary, book boyfriend, real boyfriend) and go to an Inaugural, would you?  What would you wear and would you people watch or just jump on in and dance?

Giveaway ends 11:59pm EST Aug 19th. Please supply your email in the post. You may use spaces or full text for security. (ex. jsmith at gmail dot com) If you do not wish to supply your email, or have trouble posting, please email with a subject title of JRS GIVEAWAY to be entered in the current giveaway. US residents only.


  1. This book sounds like fun!! I love all the collaboration and intertwining of the stories. This book just went to the top of my wish list. OK, never been to any fancy ball, too chicken to go undercover, more suited to be a reporter, and I would go with James Bond. 😊. Thanks for the giveaway!! Trishleroy49 at gmail dot com

    1. Hey Trish! I'm LOL because how fun would it be to go with Mr. Bond? You'd be safe though. Grins. And thanks for your kind words!

  2. I've never been to an inaugural even but my hubby was on the advance security team for the 2008 elections.... pretty cool stuff. I get to go to Navy balls each year & I like them for one night but I'm much more at home in jeans & tees :)

    1. Heehee! I'm with you Liz. One night is total fun, but a steady diet of that sort of thing would wear me out. I'm with you on the jeans and tees too. :> Thanks for popping in!

  3. Have you ever been to an inaugural or a big gala? no and wouldn't want too :)

    Would you want to go undercover at this kind of event, or something like it? nope. I'd give myself away!

    Would you ever want to be a spy, or an agent, or would you do better as a reporter or a terrorist? Grins. none cuz I'd do terrible as any of those!

    If you could take a date (real, imaginary, book boyfriend, real boyfriend) and go to an Inaugural, would you? What would you wear and would you people watch or just jump on in and dance? I'd only go if I absolutely had too. I'd want to take someone who would people watch and be snarky with me :)

    thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hey Erin! Laughing about not being any good at it. Grins. And I'm all over the "people watch and be snarky", come sit by me! Heehee. Thanks for popping in!

  4. That's such an interesting way to write a book!

    I've never been to a gala, and I'm not sure I'd want to. Dressing up isn't my thing.
    While I do think it would be pretty cool to go undercover or be a spy, I wouldn't be very good at.
    My dream date would be Hugh Jackman!
    amyp115 AT yahoo DOT com

    1. Ohhhh, yeah, baby! Hugh Jackman looks totally awesome in a tux...or out of one for that matter. Grins. It WAS a very interesting way to write a book. It was an adventure and really made us all be creative in ways we hadn't had to do before. Really fun!

  5. Dang, Jeanne! You mean I could've crashed an elevator? Wish I'd of thought about doing that when I was writing UNMASKED. :D :D

    You know, it's kind of scary the kinds of conversations you and I have! Very, very scary!

    1. Yep. We are the scary ones 'cause we look so innocent.... And sure, you could have crashed the elevator. Grins. We'd'a worked it out!

  6. No I have not been to a gala... but being a spy would be interesting... I can see the action and danger in my imagination, but would be too chicken in real life, LOL.

    1. Yeahm but this is for the fun, Colleen, so happily be the super-secret-spy-gal!

  7. I have never been to a gala but I would consider it if I could go with Sean Connery. That way I know I would be safe to people watch. LOL! No, I couldn't be a spy or work undercover because I am a terrible liar. CAPITOL DANGER sounds like it is going to be a fun and exciting read so I will be adding it to my wish list. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Joan, it's so fun to imagine the fun, right? And who wouldn't go with Sean Connery? Grins.

  8. no; maybe; maybe

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  9. In D.C. they use (or used to) the older Girl Scouts and I assume Boy Scouts to help with all the Inaugural events. They usher in the boxes for the paraded (both our daughters did and we watched the parade). The assisted at the various events and balls. The girls in our troop had a wonderful time.
    I haven't attended a large gala, but would like to go undercover at one. I was an undercover bodyguard for the former Ambassador from South Vietnam when he spoke at our university. Unfortunately, they never told me about it. He asked if security had been arranged and they pointed across the room to myself and a young man saying we were specially trained and working undercover. I am so glad nothing happened, especially since I knew nothing about it. The odd thing was, we were acting like bodyguards the entire time.
    I think I would like to be a reporter, although in some situations, that isn't so safe.
    I would love to go to an inaugural ball with my husband. He looks so good in his Air Force Mess Dress. I like to dance, but he doesn't, so I guess I would be doing lots of people watching. What to wear? I have nothing, so a shopping trip would be in order. A simple, elegant gown in a rich burgundy, purple, or dark turquoise. I would wear my pearls.

    library pat AT com cast DOT net

    1. Oooh! Library Pat, Air Force Mess Dress is so formal and proper and it goes well with a rich, elegant gown, doesn't it? Grins. I'm LOL about being bodyguards without knowing it. Go you! And yes, the girl and boy scouts still do that, I think. It would be a blast to be a reporter, but you're right, it too can be a very dangerous profession!

  10. Maureen, thanks for having Jeanne on and hosting this giveaway!

    Jeanne, thanks for promo-ing the anthology and for the shout-out to the forthcoming spies. I would rather go to an inaugural as a guest, not undercover, and take my dh. It's a rare chance to get him into a tux! *g*

  11. Thank you so much. I can't wait to read the books.


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