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I love great banter.

With: HelenKay Dimon

I love great banter. That’s not a euphemism for anything. I mean I love when the hero and heroine have a connection and the dialogue is smart and sharp. When the hero has a bit of a sense of humor and the heroine is not the type to back down when a tough alpha guy gets a little controlling…swoon! 

Some older movies – think Philadelphia Story or something similar – really depend on banter. The sexual situations weren’t as descriptive. The sexual tension came from a slow build, a back and forth between the hero and heroine.  I tend to write sexy stories filled with suspense and lots of banter. For me, the attraction comes through in how the hero and heroine talk to each other. The tone may change over the course of the book as the intimacy grows and they get to know each other better, but there is that underlying piece of the relationship – the way they talk to each other – that hooks me in.

Weston Brown and Lexi Palmer have a certain heat in FALLING HARD. He is a big, quiet retired Marine. He’s in Pakistan to do a job, which includes grabbing her and getting her out. She is a chatty med tech who has no intention of leaving her clinic in Pakistan. From the start they’re goals are at odds. They want different things, argue and, of course, slowly fall for each other. Here’s a taste from early in the book:

She eyed him up, letting her gaze wander over his body, over, around and down. “I’m starting to think you like to argue.”

Between the talking and the touching she had him spinning. “Not really.”

“Was that supposed to be funny?”

This woman was going to be the death of him. Rather than yell or order or knock her out and throw her over his shoulder – which was pretty damn tempting – he reached for the last bit of patience he could muster.  “We need to get you to-”

“I have a place we can hide.”  She smiled at him. “Yeah, see? The interrupting thing is annoying, isn’t it?”

No way was he answering that. “We have a set rendezvous site.”

“You find it on a map, big guy?”

He planted both hands against the wall and stared down at her. Maybe intimidation would work. God knew nothing else had with her. “Excuse me?”

“Have you ever even been here? To Pakistan let alone Skardu?” Instead of backing down she poked him in the chest. “Do you know anything about the people, the area? I happen to live here.”

This is the kind of thing that happened when he got dragged into a conversation. But, big news, this not a topic he planned to have with her now or ever. “Yes.”

Her head snapped back and she swore when it smacked against the building. “What question are you answering?”

Much more of this and she’d injure herself. He slid a hand under her head to keep that from happening. Soft hair fell over his fingers and he massaged the spot where she hit. “I’ve been here before.”

“Don’t sigh at me.” Most of the heat had left her voice but the color in her cheeks brightened. “Wait, do you mean in Pakistan?”

“Yes, but also right here.”

“Skardu?” She whispered the word. 

Yeah, that was enough of that. He slipped his hand out from behind her. “Can you move?”

Anger flashed across her face again. “What kind of question is that?”

She was so damned prickly. Talkative and sensitive and hot…Jesus. He exhaled, long and loud enough for her to know he was done with this. “A simple one.”


After a grueling assignment with the black ops force known as the Alliance, Weston Brown is craving downtime. Instead, he’s pulled into his deadliest operation, in the one place he never wanted to see again. No-nonsense and so damn hot, Lexi Turner lied to get him to her mountain clinic in Pakistan. But the threat is terrifyingly real.

Lexi has been asking too many questions, drawing the wrong kind of attention. As soon as she lays eyes on West, she can tell he’s quiet—yet tough—and has a rescue complex which will come in handy for going up against the world’s most ruthless gunrunners.

Cut off from the rest of the Alliance, Lexi and West navigate the brutal terrain and a primal sexual attraction. Sticking around has never been West’s way, but now he’ll use every resource to keep Lexi by his side, safe from a killer who leaves no loose ends behind.

About HelenKay:
HelenKay Dimon is a former divorce attorney turned full-time romance author. Odd transition, right? She has sold over thirty novels, novellas and shorts to numerous publishers, including Kensington, Harlequin and Penguin, Samhain, Carina Press, and HarperCollins. Her nationally bestselling and award-winning books have been showcased in numerous venues and her books have twice been named "Red-Hot Reads" and excerpted in Cosmopolitan magazine. But the best part of the job is never having to wear pantyhose.

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  1. HelenKay never disappoints me. Her books always go on my wish list because she writes books that are filled with action, adventure and hot romance.


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