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Q & A with USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Carole Mortimer

Carole Mortimer is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author, an Entertainment Weekly Top 10 of Romance Authors, was Recipient of a Pioneer of Romance award from Romantic Times in 2014. In 2012 she was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II for her ‘outstanding service to literature’.

Carole has been writing romance novels since 1978, and has now written 200 books in contemporary and Regency romance. She has sold over 90 million books worldwide. She continues to write for Harlequin Mills and Boon, but also began publishing her own series, Alpha, in November 2014, a series described as being Hot, Dark and Dangerous. Shadow Alpha, the 3rd book in the Alpha series was published March 15th 2015, and is Carole’s 200th book.

1)  200 books, Carole? How did you ever write so many?

It just snuck up on me. One minute it seemed I had written 175 books, and then suddenly there it was, my 200th book. I am so glad that book turned out to be Shadow Alpha, because Dair Grayson, the hero of Shadow, is one of my all all-time favourite heroes. But be warned, the Alpha series really is hot, and Dair Grayson is very hot indeed! 

2)  Where do you get your ideas for stories from?

I have no idea! I really don’t. I just have all these ideas for plots and storylines running around inside my head. That’s where the Alpha series came from. At the moment I have 10 books planned in the series, but if the heroes just keep asking to have their story told, there may be more. The storylines are completely different from my Presents and Regencies for HMB, with crime bosses, kidnappings, and murder. The language is stronger, and more earthy too. And did I mention lots of really, really hot sex?

3)  How and where did the ALPHA series originate?

I dreamt it one night – no, I really did, it was amazing. The series was fully formed, the first couple of storylines, and also the covers. All there in my dream. But I knew from the onset that it didn’t fit into the two series I already write for HMB, so I decided to publish it myself. And I’m having so much fun doing it. It’s amazing to take a book from the concept of the idea, through writing it, having it edited, formatted, the covers designed, and choosing my own publishing date too.

4)  What writing projects do you have in 2015

I’m writing a Presents trilogy for HMB. I also have an Alpha book being published every 2 months, plus a contemporary novella I’m writing for another publisher coming out in August, and I also intend to start a Regency novella series of my own, first one to be published in November 2015. But again, be warned, this Regency novella series will be hotter than hot too.


Shadow Alpha is the third, and full-length novel, in USA Today Bestselling author Carole Mortimer’s HOT new ALPHA series. Sizzling contemporary romance with an added dash of danger. 

Stories of dark and compelling ALPHA men, who are used to taking what they want when they want it, and the strong and determined women who have no intention of being taken. Unless it’s on their own terms... 

Dair Grayson runs a worldwide security company, and with his military background he’s the perfect choice when Gregori Markovic, a boss of London’s criminal underworld, needs someone to go and find, and if necessary rescue his sister. Straightforward enough, it’s what Dair does, after all. Only trouble is, Dair hasn’t seen Kat for 15 years, and his affectionate memories of her as a coltish fifteen-year-old in no way prepare him for the beautiful woman Kat has become. 

Kat has given up hope of being rescued from the hell in which she’s been incarcerated for weeks. The arrival of Dair Grayson changes all that. But Dair is no longer that devil-may-care teenager she remembers from so long ago, but has become a hardened and scarred warrior. A warrior who is determined to rescue her, from herself, if necessary. 

On the run from Kat’s ex-husband, the two of them are thrown together constantly, and Dair finds it harder and harder to resist this hot and sexy grown-up Kat. Except he doesn’t do forever, and he learned his lesson long ago when it came to dark-eyed beauties like Katya Markovic, and has the scars to prove it. 

Kat doesn’t want forever either, she’s only interested in the here and now. And what she wants now is Dair, and for the two of them to satisfy the hot and explosive sexual tension between them until it’s time for her to start running again. 

The only problem is, Kat’s ex-husband is now looking for both of them... 

All links to the ebooks in the Alpha series are on my Website.   

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  1. Wow, Carole, the blurb about this book really has me antsy to hie myself over to Amazon and check it out. I love romantic suspense and alpha heroes and feisty keeps my attention from beginning to end with the danger and excitement. I'm so glad I was introduced to you on this blog today. Thanks for the post!


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