Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year…New Beginnings

With the start of the New Year, we  suddenly become obsessed with trying to fix our lives.  We want  to go on the perfect diet, find the right exercise regime, make our marriage better or find the dream man who will sweep us off our feet.  The list of goals and resolutions  are exhaustive and almost always destined for failure. 

For the past few years,  I’ve tried a different  and less stressful approach to usher in the New Year.   Instead of  obsessing about  a laundry list of resolutions (which I do still have),  I like to start the New Year by reflecting on all the wonderful things that happened the year before.  The  friends I’ve  gained or reconnected with.  The beautiful sunset I saw.  The  trips I took.  The laughter.  The goals I did achieve.  The things I decided to let go of, even though I was terrified to.  Reflecting on the good stuff can give us the strength we need to achieve those new goals and the courage to get through the rough patches that we will face in the new year.   It’s all about celebrating what is and living in the present moment, while stepping into the future with hope and expectation.

In my romantic suspense novel,   No One to Trust, published by Liquid Silver Books, my main character struggles with letting go of a past relationship and embracing new beginnings, closing her heart to an opportunity to love again.  But fate forces her to open her eyes and her heart.   

I wish all of us a healthy and happy new year, full of health, happiness and hearts open to love!

Book Blurb
Thirty-two year old Jenna Havilland doesn’t have time for romantic relationships. Driven and career focused, she is the personal assistant to eccentric contemporary artist, Pedro Rodriguez. When Jenna inadvertently becomes the target of a dangerous international art crime ring, she reluctantly captures the romantic interest of notorious playboy and fine art management firm executive, Alex Quinlan. They are both forced into the crosshairs of this deadly storm, and Alex is determined to protect her.

Still dealing with emotional baggage from her break up three years ago, Jenna is skittish when it comes to love. She can’t deny the off the charts chemistry between her and Alex, but she questions whether she can trust the gorgeous, heartbreaking playboy with her heart and her life as they dodge danger and try to stay alive. Can they find love knowing there is no one to trust?

Before she had a minute to think, to process what was happening, she heard Alex’s voice from some distance place saying, “Get down, Jenna. Get down now!” With his arms around her, he pushed her to the ground, ducking them behind the shelter of his car.

The sound of bullets slicing through metal lasted for what seemed like years. When she heard the pulsating sound of a plane engine roaring to life, they ventured rising a bit to peer over the car. The gunmen disappeared in a Cessna headed over the Atlantic.

Jenna panted now, after holding her breath for too long.

“Are you okay, Jenna?” Alex held her face between his palms and then tucked a strand of wayward hair behind Jenna’s ear.

“I think so,” she croaked out, still in a daze. “What just happened?”

“I have no idea.” He reached for his cell phone and began dialing nine-one-one.

Jenna tried to get up and gasped.  “What’s wrong?” Alex glanced at her, while still talking to the operator. “Oh my God, Jenna, you’re bleeding.” He knelt down beside her. “Operator we need an ambulance. The woman with me has been shot.”

“I didn’t even feel it.” Jenna clasped her left hand over the skin below her collar bone. She began to feel sharp pain course through the flesh of her upper body, throbbing deep inside her skin. The world started to spin too fast, making her dizzy. Jenna closed her eyes from the throbbing pain and to hide the tears threatening to fall.

“Hey, hey, don’t cry,” Alex told her gently. “You’re fine. The ambulance will be here any minute.” Jenna detected the fear in Alex’s eyes and wondered if she was going to die. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight. She pressed her face against his chest as he stroked her hair. Her body began to tremble. Blood drained from her face.

“You’re going to be okay,” he whispered in her ear. “Help is coming.” She hung on to him for dear life, feeling helpless as she slipped away from the world. “Stay with me, Jenna, hold on.” Jenna’s eyes fluttered closed, when all she wanted to do was stay awake.

Native New Yorker and romance author Sharon Callender is a card carrying member of the hopeless romantic club.  She starting reading romance novels way too young and has been addicted ever since.  Sharon enjoys crafting characters that are unraveled by love. Their predictable lives are thrown into beautiful, passionate chaos when love unexpectedly arrives.

Sharon has a MFA in Creative Writing and loves writing romance with a delicious blend of spicy and sweet, a sprinkling of suspense and adventure, and of course, a happy ending.  When she’s not writing Sharon can be found daydreaming, knitting, or watching one of the home shopping channels. 

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  1. Happy New Year to you also!! :) I am not a resolution maker myself, just happily living my life! :)

  2. Thanks, Sue! We should all take your advice and live with gratitude and happiness for the blessings we already have! Take care, Sharon :)

  3. Hello, glad to meet you! Romantic suspense is my game and I will check out your book (s) on Amazon. I believe I would really enjoy reading all about Jenna's and Alex's adventure and relationship. Thanks so much for your post on JRS today.

  4. Thanks, Janice! It was a pleasure to be here. Please email me and share your thoughts on Jenna & Alex. I love to hear from my readers.


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