Wednesday, December 31, 2014

As The Ball Drops…

Congratulations to "Debbie O." and "Jonetta A.", the winners in Jeanne's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

 Hello Suspense Junkies!!!  Welcome to the last day of 2014!!  Thanks to JRS for letting me hang out with all of you wonderful reading fans today.

So…as the ball is being polished up and prepared for its drop, are YOU ready for 2015?  I have to confess, I can’t believe it’s upon us!  I’m usually very organized and very determined by this point of the year.  I have my lists of “To-Do’s” for the new year, and the list of stuff that I needed to have gotten done (But didn’t) in the previous quarter that are Priority #1 for the first week of January.  Ha! 

Even writers have calendars, schedules, goals and deadlines, you know!  More stories for YOU!  Grins.

I always look at this last day of the year as kind of a time-out-of-time.  It’s a day when anything can happen, right on the cusp of a new year.  Pretty cool.

In my Thanksgiving themed novella, DEADLY DELIVERY, my heroine, Deirdre Shercroft, has had some hard knocks, but she’s pulled herself up by her bootstraps and made a new life back in Boston working in commercial real estate.  Some youthful escapades got her into trouble and nearly got her killed, but she’s been on the straight line to success ever since. 

One way she’s been paying her parents back for their support in her misspent youth, is to help them with deliveries of their famous Shercroft’s gift baskets during the Thanksgiving Holiday.  It’s a chance to kick off the high heels and just bring a little uncomplicated joy into someone’s day.  Unfortunately, she’s about to run into an old flame.  And a lot of trouble.

There are plenty of things Deirdre wishes she could “take back” in terms of the choices she’s made in her life.  One of them is having a one-night-stand with a fellow commercial real estate broker a few months earlier.  She doesn’t have great luck with men, unfortunately.  When she finds out he owns the building she’s delivering in?  Ugh. 

But when she finds out he – and the son she didn’t even know he had – have been kidnapped, she has to make some life-altering choices once again.

It’s funny, isn’t it, how one choice leads to another?  Sometimes what seems like a bad choice at the time – Deirdre’s one night stand – leads to a serious Happily Ever After.  And sometimes, in life and love, what seems like a great choice – that dreamy guy who appears to adore you – turns out to be the biggest mistake you ever made.

So, New Year’s Eve is a night for choices, right?  Go out or stay in?  Party or be the designated driver? Dress up or dress down?  Beer or champagne?

I’ve added in an abbreviated excerpt below, and I hope you enjoy it!  And, I’ll be doing a giveaway to two commenters.  Just answer me this…What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?  IF YOU had one wish just for you, for 2015 – one dream just for you that could come true – What Would it BE?  And, Do YOU make resolutions?

I’m giving away two copies of the Anthology, a copy of my Thanksgiving themed novella Deadly Delivery, and if the winner/commenter reads Paranomal Suspense/Urban Fantasy, I’ll also add in a copy of The Tentacle Affaire, A Slip Traveler Novel, my first Urban Fantasy, along with some other goodies!

Here’s an abbreviated excerpt from DEADLY DELIVERY:

Deirdre picked up the last basket.  Helping her parents with deliveries for their business over Thanksgiving meant she got to do something different from the everyday.  She got to make people happy.  Delivering good cheer was a lot different than the deals she did as a commercial real estate broker.

Unfortunately, the elevator repairman had said the new owner of the building - Michael Pennington - was on premises.  She hoped Pennington wasn’t upstairs evicting the problem tenants on the ninth floor.

Wouldn’t that just be her rotten luck?  What a way to run into him.  Walking into a dispute wouldn’t be fun, but interrupting one where Michael was involved?  Hideous.

She’d decided that when she next ran into Michael she would present herself as a 100 percent smokin’ hot, but completely unavailable. However, she wasn’t currently dressed to impress.  Her Shercroft’s shirt and dark jeans were for deliveries, not confrontations. 

Oh, that little interlude in September?  I never gave it another thought.  And there’s that little matter of your son, Mr. Pennington.  The one you never mentioned?  And I don’t date men who run off to help their EX-wives.  No, I come first, or I don’t come at all.

Deirdre snorted out a laugh.  “Oh, you could take that so many, many ways, Shercroft,” she chided herself. 

She checked the note attached to the gift card.  It said Happy Thanksgiving in her mother’s elegant script and, To Tante Beryl, #906 neatly printed underneath.

“Getting all worked up over nothing,” she said, her voice echoing in the stairwell.  “Pennington’s probably long gone.”  Irritated, Deirdre made her way down the hall, skirting buckets of drywall mud.  Three doors down from the last open apartment, she found nine-oh-six. 

“Here goes,” she said, hoping Tante Beryl, as the card said, was both home and nicer to people bearing gifts than she was to her landlord.  With a deep breath, she knocked. 

She heard heavy footsteps and the door whipped open.

For the first time since her ill-fated, youthful problems in Europe, Deirdre stood face to face with a man holding a gun.

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  1. My husband just arranged an impromptu dinner party for tonight so that's what I'm doing. I don't make resolutions so I don't have any. My dream for 2015 is to finally launch my business:)

    1. Hey Jonetta! Great to see you here today! Congrats on your new business. WOOT!!! WOOT!!! Grins.

  2. We will be staying in tonight. Have snacks, watch movies. For 2015 I wish for health, happiness and plenty of money for friends and family.

    1. Hey Debbie! So great to see you over here on JRS!! I'm all about that wish for 2015. Grins.

  3. Hi Jeanne! Hi Just Romantic Suspense mavens! Happy New Year - it's already 1st January down here in Australia where I am. Let's hope 2015 is great! Jeanne, just swinging by to say how much I loved DEADLY DELIVERY. Wow, talk about a punch in a small space. Great story and I loved your characters - yay, you!

    1. Grins. Thanks Anna!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So excited for 2015, and hoping I'll get to see you. But even if I don't, I'll get to read MORE Anna Campbell, so it's all good! Thanks for your kind words aobut Deadly Delivery!

  4. Hi, Jeanne and Maureen, and Happy New Year! No need to enter me in the giveaway as I already have this novella. It's a great holiday tale.

    We're staying in tonight, having a quiet evening. A couple of the boy's friends are coming for supper and will probably be here to welcome 2015. As for the new year, I don't make resolutions. I do set targets, one of which is to reduce the TBR pile--at least, the physical one that inflicts stacks of books on our house!

    1. I know what you mean, Nancy! My TBR moutain is getting unmanageable!!

  5. I will probably be enjoying a book tonight! Wishing everyone Happy New Year!!!

    1. Hi Colleen!! What a great thing to do with a cold winter night. Grins. Happy New Year!!!

  6. Maybe celebrate with friends; don't really make resolutions

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  7. On New Year's Eve I am staying home to watch a chick flick and eating an ENTIRE bag of potato chips by myself! I don't make resolutions.

  8. Hi Jeanne & Happy New Year! We blew noisemakers and pulled confetti poppers at midnight with our daughters. :) My resolution for the year is to do at least one 5k race with my 12 year old daughter. If I could have one New Year's wish, it would be that we could find somewhere warm to move. :)

    brookeb811 at gmail dot com

  9. It's so very nice to "meet" you, Jeanne, on this blog tonight! I'm always happy to be introduced to author in my gave genre, romantic suspense. What were doing tonight to celebrate is...nothing. Not a bad idea when you're as tired as we are after the busy day we've had. We've been in touch with all our six kids and their children... and they're happy and we'll so we're happy. Pleasant dreams for us! And yes I make resolutions. This year I evolve to more patient with my hubby who started this last year to move and think and remember a lot more slowly and or erroneously, which has sadly frustrated me. I need patience and to relax, stop to smell roses, and just enjoy the simple pleasures in life with my hubby. And my wish is to do some fun things with my hubby in the coming year... fun things that he is still able to do... and laugh while we have fun... a lot. I want to make some good memories in 2015. Thanks for the interesting questions!

  10. I tend to just take it quiet on New Years. I hope this new year brings me calm & peace. I do not need any more excitement in my life.


  11. Congrats to Jeanne on her newest release! I went out for sushi with some good friends and then hung out until the ball dropped :) I don't make new year resolutions but if I could wish for more money and time, It'll be awesome! Thanks for sharing!


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