Monday, November 17, 2014

Justice isn’t always black or white

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Justice isn’t always black or white
Sometimes it’s cold and dark

This is the premise that started the Cold Justice Series. But what does it really mean? 

In the Cold Justice Series things aren’t always what they seem on the surface. The books feature characters struggling with moral dilemmas. What happens when following the strict letter of the law will make a situation worse and innocents will suffer? Naturally the books have fabulously sexy heroes and feisty heroines who are falling in love (ready or not!). Unfortunately (some might say) some of those same heroes and heroines are also capable of cold-blooded murder. 

What can I say? I like shaking things up.

The third book, COLD LIGHT OF DAY, pairs a nerdy heroine with a Navy SEAL-turned-FBI agent hero. They are probably my least morally derelict couple and yet the story opens with Scarlett Stone committing a crime. It’s all about the motivation, right? I’m hoping readers enjoy the third book. It takes place over 36 hours and ends on Christmas morning with a guaranteed feel good moment—the way all Christmas stories should end. 


Physicist Scarlett Stone is the daughter of the man considered to be the most notorious Russian agent in FBI history. With her father dying in prison she’s determined to prove he’s innocent, but time is running out. Using a false identity, she gains access to the Russian ambassador’s Christmas party, searching for evidence of a set-up.

Former Navy SEAL, now FBI Special Agent, Matt Lazlo, is instantly attracted to Scarlett but life is too complicated to pursue a politician’s daughter. When he discovers she lied to him about her identity, he hunts her down with the ruthless efficiency he usually reserves for serial killers. 

Not only does Scarlett’s scheme fail, it puts her in the sights of powerful people who reward unwanted curiosity with brutality. The FBI—and Matt—aren’t thrilled with her, either. But as agents involved in her father’s investigation start dying, and the attempts to stop Scarlett intensify, Matt and his colleagues begin to wonder. Could they have a traitor in their midst?

As Scarlett and Matt dig for the truth they begin to fall passionately for one another. But the real spy isn’t about to let anyone uncover their secrets, and resolves to remain firmly in the shadows—and for that to happen, Matt and Scarlett have to die.

Come join me on Facebook to celebrate the release of the third book in my Cold Justice Series, COLD LIGHT OF DAY. A few hours of fun and some excellent prizes! Guest authors include (so far) Catherine Bybee, Leah Braemel, Allison Brennan, Lori Ryan, Maureen A Miller, Julie Moffett, Kendra Elliott, Rachel Grant, Melinda Leigh, Dana Marton, Kathy Altman and more!

COLD LIGHT OF DAY is available at:
Amazon | iBooks | Kobo
Coming soon on Nook and Google Play!

I’m giving away a digital copy of A COLD DARK PLACE to one lucky commenter. Thanks for joining me today!

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  1. I just recently started following Toni Anderson on Facebook and I am looking forward to her Release Party for Cold Light of Day. I originally had trouble joining and she was very helpful. I really appreciate her time and patience with me.

  2. This sounds like my catnip. Definately checking this series out!! Trishleroy 49 at gmail dot com

  3. I LOVED A Cold Dark Place and am anxious to continue the series. Already have all the books. Great job, Toni.

  4. Thanks, guys! I love the JRS blog :) Thanks for having me :)

  5. Have not gotten into this series yet, but it does sound good! Thanks for sharing a bit about book 3 with us!

  6. Wow, Toni. Can't imagine writing a book in such a short time frame. Can't wait to read this one.

  7. wow, this sounds exciting ;) Definitely going on my wantlist. Thanks for sharing and congrats to Toni on the new release!

  8. This sounds great Toni, Congrats on the new release and have fun at your party :)


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