Monday, October 6, 2014

How do YOU read?

Congratulations to "Carmen M." and "LS", the winners in C.A.'s giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

I must admit, in the last few years I have become a total technology junkie. 

Well, sorta. I’m not a gamer or anything, but I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t glued to a cell phone (hanging my head here…just a little).

My cell (I have an iPhone) is rarely far from me. I can say the same for my laptop and my tablet—I honestly hardly ever leave the house without all three items. (I have to carry a big heavy bag, too.)

But, I have become dependent on these items (especially the cell phone).

This isn’t wholly bad.

I love to read. Always have. Since I learned how, I suppose. 

In the last few years, I mostly read e-books. It started when I got a Nook for my birthday a few years ago. I loved it right off the bat. I loved buying books without having to leave the house. I loved being able to finish a book if I was out and about (or stuck in the purgatory of my doctor’s office) and not having to wait to go home to get the next book. Having the choice to quit one book and start another. But my favorite thing is that I can have all my embarrassingly high amount of To-Be-Reads in one place and not take up the physical space in my bag, or in my house for that matter.

Then I won a Kindle.

Then I bought a tablet. You’d think that’s too much, but it’s not.

Now, I have all my books on BOTH my devices in ONE place. And the screen is bigger, so I tend to do most of my reading on the tablet these days. (I also downloaded the KOBO app, I am so bad…still working on my collection there).

I have friends who read ONLY real books. They say they have to have it in their hands. They like the scent of the paper, and it feels more real. I do get that. I love to walk into a library or bookstore. I love the smell of the books.

I also have friends who read ONLY ebooks. 

I still do both, but I prefer ebooks. I am a super busy person (I work 60 hours a week plus write) so convenience is key for me, and it’s so darn easy to shop from the device.
It doesn’t help the my impulse-buyer tendencies, but who can have it all? Hehehe.
But the most important fact is READING in and of itself. The how (the media in this case) doesn’t really matter, as long as the books get read, characters and awesome writers continued to be discovered. 

How do YOU read? What media is your fave and which would you never check out even a fave book with?

Two winners will be selected from all the commenters, and I will give away an ebook to each! Winner’s choice of Collision Force (Crossing Forces Book One), Chance 
Collision (Crossing Forces Book Two), Calculated Collision (Crossing Forces Book Three) OR Collision Control (Crossing Forces Book Four)! Please make sure you leave your email with your comment!

COLLISION CONTROL (Crossing Forces Book Four)

Opposites attract when a wild detective and proper kindergarten teacher collide while he’s chasing his own brother and trying balance his heart and his job.

Full blurb:
A one night stand can’t possibly mean forever…
Detective Jared Manning met his match at a bar. After a night of passion, she sneaks out of his bed without so much as a note. Problem is, now he can’t find her.
Kindergarten teacher, Melody Nash doesn’t do one night stands. Embarrassment gets the best of her and she lies about her name.

When they collide at her school, Mel resists his pull. She won’t risk her heart on the obvious playboy, even though she can’t stop thinking about the night in his arms.

Stress engulfs Jared’s personal and professional lives. His brother is at the center of the joint case he and his partner are working in cooperation with FBI. 

He puts his job on the line when he fails to share his blood relation. Complications he doesn’t need, considering the FBI agent on the case is convinced his brother killed her fiancĂ©.

Balance is the name of the game. Can Jared save his brother and convince Mel they’re meant to be together?

Jared cleared his throat. “Can I sit next to you?”

Her head whipped back around. “Why?”

He rocked back on the heels of his shitkickers. 


Charm. Focus on being charming.

“I like to keep the company of a beautiful woman.” Jared smiled.

She frowned.

He stared. He couldn’t help it. 

She frowned at a compliment? 

Jared quirked an eyebrow and slid onto the chair next to hers, because she was never going to invite him to sit. And that made him want to join her even more. Intrigued the hell out of him. “What’s your name?”

Cocking her head to one side, she studied him. “Uh…Ren.”

“Wren like the bird? Cool name.”

“No.” Her cheeks reddened again and she looked away. “Umm…it’s…short for Renee.”

He watched her fidget before she’d meet his gaze again. His stomach churned at the thought of her being uneasy with him. He forced words out. “Can I call you Renee?”

Those eyes met his and he swallowed hard. Crystal blue, like a morning summer sky. Jared had never seen anything so beautiful in his life.

“O-o-o-kay. I mean, sure.” More shifting, so he reached for her hand. 

Touching her resulted in a zing of energy shooting up his arm. Their eyes locked. Her lips parted and his mouth went dry. 

He wanted to kiss her. 

No. Jared needed to kiss her. 

Before he could even lean in, Renee gasped and moved away. 

“Which one of them put you up to this?” she demanded. The suspicion in her voice made him rear back. 

He blinked. 

Wanting to kiss a woman two seconds after meeting her was fast…even for him. 

Get it together, seriously.

“Excuse me?” His voice cracked.

She looked away. “Never mind.”

Jared studied her. She was nervous. No…uncomfortable. Why? “Renee.”

When she met his eyes, his heart skipped. 

“I want to have a nice evening. A drink. A dance. With you.”

She cleared her throat and Jared wanted to kiss it. 

“With. Me.” It wasn’t a question.

He nodded. “With you. Is that a problem?”

Renee’s pale blue gaze raked his face. “No. I guess not. My friends are always telling me I need to loosen up.”

“Are they now?” He flashed his best charming grin. “Just so happens I’m pretty good at helping that along.”

Totally Bound
Amazon US

About the Author:
Bestselling, award winning author of romantic suspense and epic fantasy romance, C.A. loves to dabble in different genres. If it's a good story, she'll write it, no matter where it seems to fit!

She's a hopeless romantic and always will be. Risking it all for Happily Ever After is what she lives by!

She's originally from Ohio, but got to Texas as soon as she could. She's happily married and has a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. She works with kids when she's not writing.

Where to find C.A.:
Twitter: @caszarek

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  1. I read on my NOOK, which I love!!! I never leave home without it...I also have to have my phone, a Blackberry, which I call my Dumb phone. I need it in case an employee calls out sick day or night and other such crap. I would love to win, the book sound amazing!!!Thanks for the chance!

    1. Thank you for the comment, LS! As my nook was my first ereader, I adore it as well! Ebooks ROCK! ;)

  2. I prefer print books. I have a kindle but I rarely use it. I will read a print books first. and I love to read.

    yenastone at aol dot com

    1. That's awesome too, Tammy. I get it, sometimes you need to feel a book in your hands. I'm too mired in technology to go back. LOL. ;) Thanx for the comment!

  3. I like to read on one of my ereaders. Most often I use my Kindle but I also use my Kobo, depending on the book format. I read print books too but that is not my first choice.

    1. YAY! Another techy! Thanx for the comment, Jo-Anne! :)

  4. I read both types of books. Ebooks are easier for me simply because I can control the size of the print. But either way, I ALWAYS have a book with me wherever I am. trishleroy49 at gmail dot com

    1. I agree, Trish! I don't leave the house without something to read. Thanx for the comment!

  5. I'm one item with my Kindle! Eh, I can't stay away from my books ;)

    1. LOL, me either Silvia! I can't imagine NOT reading. Thanx for the comment! :)

  6. I enjoy print books and e-books... I read a lot more on my Kindle and Nook nowadays, but still love the feel of a print book in hand... It is funny, I have never taken my e-readers out of the house... if I go out and I know I have some time to squeeze in some reading, I bring a paperback.

    1. Hmm, interesting strategy. I can't seem to leave without my tablet, so I always have tons to read. ;) Thank you for the comment, Colleen.

  7. I read both print and e-books. I prefer print, but my Nook is great for traveling and space issues.

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

    1. I agree, Taurus! However, I still have tons of books. Like more than 1000 I'm sure. and I do collect SIGNED books from authors, I have a special bookshelf! Thank you for the comment!

  8. Oh, I only read ebooks on my Nook HD+ now. I have RA and is so much easier on my hands to hold the Nook. I saved my Christmas bonuses and my birthday money and bought myself a Nook and have since upgraded. (I actually have 4 Nooks.. don't judge me! Lol) I love to read and love having so many options right at hand no matter where I am! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your books!

    1. HAHA! I would NEVER judge you, Carmen. I have 3 (if you count, nook, kindle and tablet, where I even have a KOBO App). When I get my new iPhone (soon) I will prolly start collecting iBooks, too. HAHA! After all, a girl's gotta have choices! Thank you for the comment.

  9. I read tree-books & e-books, via my Kindle. I still prefer a print copy in hand.


    1. Tree-books! LOL! I love it! Thank you for the comment, Mary!

  10. I totally agree!!! I have an android galaxy which I love b/c I can read my amazon books on and I also never leave the house w/out my kindle ;) I purchase bags and purses that "fit" my kindle. But I still love to read print books, I just don't take them out and about with me like I used to. I say about 90% of my reading is electronic these days. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for the comment, Erin! I loves me the choices of WHERE to read these days!

  11. read print and ebooks

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Hi BN! Thank you for always commenting on my posts when I visit here. :)

  12. I read both ways. I love print books and they look so nice and pretty on a shelf. But when Im out and traveling I read on a tablet with either the kindle app or ibooks.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  13. I read on my Nook and on my phone. Thank you!!


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