Monday, September 8, 2014

What makes a good marriage?

Thanks, JRS, for having me back to the Blog that puts a slice of danger into the romance sandwich. My wife Caroline has been to hell and back since I was last here, just over a year ago. That was for the publication of Shameless Ambition, which revealed my wife’s latent exhibitionism and a plot to ruin the world economy. This time, in Shameless Corruption, Caroline tries her hand at gambling. Normally she hates losing money, but beginner’s luck teaches her the thrill of winning. Then comes the pain of losing, and she risks our marriage and her career when she meets the leader of a betting syndicate who is planning to fix the soccer World Cup in Brazil. Yes, those stories you perhaps read about corrupt referees and fixed games in televised sport are sadly true, and Caroline has the Chinese tattoo which proves it. 

Caroline and I are both busy professionals – she is a finance director, I am a lawyer – and combining a career and married life is not easy. She works for a multi-national equipment company and has to travel extensively. During the time it took to unravel the corruption at the heart of the World Cup, she was in Italy, Singapore, and Brazil. I miss her when she is away on business, but at least I have my evenings free to write about the fascinating people she meets on her travels. 

I sometimes wonder if our marriage will survive the temptations placed in our way. Caroline blames me for not listening to her, and even booked us sessions at a marriage guidance clinic before she had to go to Italy for business. The marriage counsellor said we shouldn’t have sex with each other for three months while we re-established the basis of our relationship. If you read Shameless Exposure, you will understand why we were having problems. We complied with the letter of the counsellor’s instruction, but perhaps not with the spirit. Can you, should you, forgive a partner’s transgressions? How far can acceptance go? Everyone has their limits, but in the end what matters is facing the future together and not dwelling on the past.

Shameless Corruption and the other titles in the Shameless trilogy are available through Amazon and other major ebook retailers and all are published by Steam eReads. 

The story…
Company executive Caroline has until the final whistle of the World Cup to raise a million dollars, or risk a lifetime of servitude in a Macau brothel. Her marriage in trouble, the glamorous Caroline has gambled her way to the heart of suave Mr Nim’s betting syndicate in Singapore. He introduces her to illegal gambling dens, where fortunes are won and lost. When beginner’s luck runs out, she loses much more than just her money. She is left with nothing but sex to trade against Nim’s high-interest loans. He plans to enlarge his fortune in Brazil by fixing the tournament final, but the football authorities are closing in. Nim offers her unlimited wealth if she willingly joins his enterprise. Has she betrayed her husband and her colleagues, or can she expose the conspiracy at the heart of football? While Nim’s men scour Rio to find Caroline, her estranged husband flies to Brazil in a desperate effort to reclaim the woman he loves. Only one of them can win the woman they both desire. 

Extract from Shameless Corruption

    She paced the room, tried the TV, picked up a magazine, but could not settle to anything. She wouldn’t really call for room service; that was just an indulgent fantasy. But if she was ever to get in the mood for sleep, she did need to get the velvet sheath of a dress off. The zip started just at that place in the middle of her back which was hardest to reach. The tab of the zip was tiny, her fingers were moist, and the dress had no give in it, even when she breathed in. Lippi had done it up for her, but she had no intention of asking the slimy prince to take it off, even if he was back in the palace. But she was dying to share the story of her poker game with someone.
    When she had been playing she had controlled her excitement at winning, but walking to the cash-out with her chips in a pot she had allowed her glee to mount. She grinned at the cashier, who did not seem to share her delight.
    “We don’t pay these amounts in cash. I can get you a cheque, or you can open an account if you give me your bank details.”
    “Oh, that’s a pity. I was hoping to scatter notes all over my bed.”
    “The cash limit is two thousand.”
    “Then I’ll have two thousand in cash and the rest in a cheque, thank you.” The two thousand in notes was still stuffed into her handbag, sitting there on the bed. She could share her good fortune around. She would reward Langton well for shifting the stuck zip.
    She picked up the phone beside the bed and dialled nine. It rang five times.
    “How can I be of assistance?” 
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  1. Perhaps you have your own idea on what makes a good marriage. Does writing about it help? If you know, I'd like to hear from you. Thanks again, JRS.


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