Monday, August 11, 2014

Take the Key and Lock Her Up

With: Lena Diaz

On August 5th, the newest installment in my Deadly Games thrillers series was released. Below is an excerpt from Take the Key and Lock Her Up. Devlin and Emily aren’t exactly friends in this scene. They’ve basically been forced to drive somewhere together in Devlin’s truck, and neither of them trusts each other.
The silence in the cab stretched out. She risked a quick peek at him.

He was staring at her, his eyes narrowed, searching. Eyes that she’d thought were a dark brown earlier but that she now realized were actually dark gray. Not that it mattered. It was her job to notice details like that. In case she had to describe him later.

His gaze flicked to the road, then back to her several more times. His jaw tightened, as if he’d just come to some kind of decision. He slammed on the brakes, bringing the truck to a skidding halt, sending another cloud of dust flying up from the road.

Emily gasped as the seat belt locked against her chest. It took several seconds for her to forcibly uncurl her fingers from the armrest. The leather would probably bear permanent marks from her nails, but she didn’t feel a bit guilty over that. She wasn’t the one who drove like a freaking maniac.

The maniac in question flung off his seat belt and swiveled to face her. “You know something,” he snapped. “What did the coroner tell you?”

She unclicked her belt too, so she could face him, and subtly look over her shoulder.

“We’re miles ahead of him.” His words were clipped, impatient. “Tuck isn’t going to save you from answering my questions. Spill. Now.”

He crowded her against the passenger door. Suddenly his hand clamped around her right wrist and he leaned down, his face inches from hers, his eyes as dark as a thundercloud. “Were you seriously going to try to shoot me again?”

“What?” Her breath left her in a surprised rush when she saw the gun in her hand. She didn’t even remember reaching for it.

He snatched the gun, popped out the clip, and handed the gun back, all so quickly, so smoothly, she’d barely had time to blink, let alone try to stop him. He tossed the clip on the floorboard and wrapped his hands around her upper arms, giving her a gentle shake. “Do you honestly think I’m going to hurt you?”

She glanced longingly at the magazine of bullets.

Devlin cursed and let her go. He studied her for a moment, then grabbed the clip off the floor and tossed it in her lap. He’d surprised her again, but this time she didn’t hesitate. She shoved the clip into her gun and pointed it at him.


I hope you enjoyed the excerpt from Take the Key and Lock Her Up! It’s available now as an ebook at all major online bookstores.  -- Lena

Lena Diaz returns with another sexy, thrilling Deadly Games novel and the darkest question of all: What do you do when your freedom could cost you your life?

Detective Emily O'Malley just stumbled upon a killer's lair—and the remains of a woman he kept locked away for years. But this killer isn't done yet. More women are missing, and all clues point to Devlin Buchanan—the man who seems to know just a little too much. Emily's instincts are rarely wrong, and now they're telling her this sexy, mysterious man is hiding something big …

As a trained assassin for EXIT Inc—a top-secret mercenary group posing as an international tour company—Devlin "Devil" Buchanan isn't afraid to take justice into his own hands. But when the hot new detective on his trail gets too close to the organization and a contract is placed on her life, Devlin does the only thing he can: he turns rogue agent and kidnaps her to save her life.

With EXIT Inc closing in and passions running hot between them, Emily and Devlin must work together to find the missing women and clear both their names before time runs out … and the key to freedom is thrown away.


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