Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nothing Like A Little Bad In My Good Guy

I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about the hero with the heart of tarnished gold—the Bad Good Guy. Tough enough to throw a punch, strong enough to take one, smart enough to know when it’s worth it. They can be reformed bad guys, good guys in disguise or my favorite—the borderline tough guy, the one who had decide which side of the law he’s going to be on. Sigh… I just love a man who has enough bad in him to keep him interesting. They can be my good guys any time.

*wipes off drool*

So let’s talk about the qualities we like and why they work for us.

1) A Bad Good Guy knows he looks good: He didn’t get those rock hard abs on accident. He knows he smolders or he wouldn’t use it against you. Preferably against a wall…

2) A Bad Good Guy is very clear about his thoughts that YOU look good: Let’s face it, nice guys are prone to polite compliments. A quiet guy you sometimes have to guess what he thinks. A Bad Good Guy tells you with seductive whispers in your ear, clear, frank language often accompanied by illustrative strokes of his hands. Bad Good Guys know how to show their appreciation.

3) Bad Good Guys aren’t afraid of a competent woman: They rather enjoy the challenge of a smart female who doesn’t fall all over herself to get his attention. And if she can pull her own weight, even better.

4) A Bad Good Guy can kick some serious ass: Granted, he’s probably not the most diplomatic of souls, but he fights to win, even if that means getting dirty for the right reason.

Lucky for us, Bad Good Guys are everywhere. From film characters like Wolverine and Riddick to the UK’s gritty police procedural Luther and tv’s favorite sarcasm machine, House, there’s hardly a venue we can’t find one. I mean, really, do we all watch Hell’s Kitchen for the culinary lessons? I think not. We just love ourselves the naughty and that’s awesome.

So share with me a few more. Who are your favorite Bad Good Guys? 


The only thing more dangerous than passion is the truth.

 Former Marine and new Sheriff’s Deputy Cade Evigan is hanging onto his damaged soul—and his personal code—by a thread. His current mission? Weed out a violent motorcycle crew from a small mountain town. The problem? Katrina Killian, a woman standing firmly on the other side of the law, smack in the middle of the gang he’s there to destroy. She may get under his skin, but the sultry biker has criminal written all over her. So why can't he see her like any other convict?

For two years, Katrina has been a DEA agent hiding in plain sight amidst a pack of killers, working to put an end to the gang that has terrorized her hometown. The last thing she needs is to fall in love with a man who could blow her cover—and her heart—to pieces, but Cade’s become an addiction she can’t break. Unable to risk either of their lives with the truth, she plays both ends against the middle to keep him safe. But lies can only last so long, and Katrina’s time has just run out…

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Author Bio: 
Dee Tenorio has a few reality issues. After much therapy for the problem—if one can call being awakened in the night by visions of hot able-bodied men a problem—she has proved incurable. It turns out she enjoys tormenting herself by writing sizzling, steamy romances of various genres spanning paranormal mystery dramas, contemporaries and romantic comedies. Preferably starring the sexy, somewhat grumpy heroes described above and smart-mouthed heroines who have much better hair than she does.
The best part is, no more therapy bills!

Well, not for Dee, anyway. Her husband and kids, on the other hand…

If you would like to learn more about Dee and her work, please visit her site at

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