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Have you ever participated in (if you are a writer) or seen (if you are a reader) an interview on a blog, radio, TV or some other platform where this question came up—'Why should we buy your book?'

If it's a non-fiction book, the answer is simple. If your book is called 'How to Prevent Bullying, or 'How to Grow Roses', it's a no-brainer.

But what about fiction? What is it that compels us to buy one writer's works and not another? Why do we like certain books while we can't even finish others? Even if we like most romantic suspense stories, there are some that just don't have any appeal.


Most of us probably don't really know the answer, but if we take the time to do some research about the kind of books we enjoy the most, we would probably find it.
Having recently read a blog post about this subject, I pulled out a pad and pencil and started going through my books and I created a list of the primary characters' likes, dislikes, motivations and character traits. 

While some writers write consistently similar stories, mine are quite diverse, and the characters all come from totally different backgrounds. 

Twila Taunton in the Redneck P.I. Series is a self-professed redneck from a small town in Alabama and had a happy, although poor, upbringing. She's afraid of commitment, which causes her to vacillate between the O'Connor twins in Redneck P.I. and Harland O'Connor and Tanner Ferrano in Kick Assitude. She has a good reason—her fiancĂ©e dumped her on her wedding day. In every other facet of her life, she is self-confident, bucks against authority, doesn't suffer fools gladly, and hates injustice. She shows great compassion toward the needy, be they people or animals, and is quick to champion an underdog.
Capricorn Cravings is the first in my Zodiac Series, in which each primary character belongs to a different star sign and demonstrates the typical traits linked to her sign.

Veterinarian Riley Shaughnessy, in Capricorn Cravings, comes from a middle class family with a moderate income, and had a happy childhood, but she married an abusive man. This plays an important part in her inability to commit to any kind of relationship. Being a Capricorn, she is practical, cautious and stubborn. She struggles to come to terms with the grief of the owners when animals in her care die, but shows great compassion to people and animals in need.

 FBI psychic Arlette Xylander, in Aquarius Addiction had a happy family life despite her mother's alcoholism. When her father remarried and abandoned her, things changed. As an adult, she avoids relationships because of her father's betrayal. Being an Aquarius, she is rebellious, a risk-taker, and a loyal and compassionate friend. She is determined to do three things—beat the odds of her terminal disease; find Andre Rossouw's missing sister, and have wild and passionate sex with him. (This book is not yet released).

Trent McNaughton, in Way Out of Line, is a spoiled, recalcitrant teenager who has been given everything material by her wealthy parents. Hal St Cloud is actually the primary character in this novel. He is kind and gentle, fiercely loyal and has a good sense of humor. His parents and only brother died in a car wreck, and he carries around the guilt of not being able to save his brother's life after the accident.

So why did I write about them? What is the one thing that makes them similar? It took a lot of soul searching and deep thought, and I came up with one answer—compassion. You would enjoy my books because my primary characters are all compassionate despite their own emotional and physical problems. 

Or could it be because you will become emotionally involved with the characters, and anxiously cling to their hope for a happy outcome to their stirring struggles; celebrate their highs; share their erotic passions; laugh with them and feel their joy, and be inspired by their compassion?

I would love some feedback. See if you can find my why. Join my mailing list and get a totally FREE download of my novelette, Riley's Story. 

Bio: Trish Jackson writes emotive romantic suspense focusing on astrology, small towns, country folk and their animals.

2 Free Kindle downloads of Capricorn Cravings.

Capricorn Cravings
The only thing missing from Riley Shaughnessy’s life is a man. She has a thriving veterinary practice, a home she loves, and has managed to put her dark past behind her. 

Everything is turned upside down when hunky Powell Stewart arrives and overhears her saying she needs to get laid. But could he be the one who abducted her young assistant, Jamie? She can’t help being attracted to him despite the warnings in her daily horoscope. 

She crouched down beside him again. A musky man-smell radiated from his sweating body. She wrapped her fingers around his upper arm to shake him. It was warm and solid with muscle. “Men always feel so hard,” she said aloud. “I wonder how the rest of him feels . . .” She smiled at the pure audacity of her thoughts as she slid her hand across his chest and down his stomach to feel for wounds. Two shots had been fired. “Big muscles, hard abs. Pity his belt is done up so tight.” She paused, shocked at her words. “I can’t believe I’m having such wicked thoughts. Tara would be proud of me. She’s always telling me I need to get laid.” Heat and a tingling feeling rushed through her with such intensity she gasped. “Maybe she’s right. It’s been a long time since I felt any part of a man’s body, but I didn’t expect . . .” 
She caught the gleam of his eyes in the grayness and jerked her hand away hastily. “Shit, I suppose you heard that?”

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  1. It is difficult to pinpoint what makes a book so appealing to me but it all depends on how I feel about the characters.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  2. I love books that make me feel... make the characters real to me while I go along on their journey with them... If I find a book that grabs my attention and has me laugh, cry, cringe, smile, etc.... I tend to read more from that author.

  3. Emotional engagement does seem to be important for women. Not so sure about men.

  4. Any book you write just has to be good--looking forward to these books!!

  5. like a book based on the characters and writing

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  6. The story has to be engaging right from the beginning & I have to have a vested interest in the characters.


  7. The book needs to hook me in the first few chapters, otherwise I struggle to finish it.

  8. There are so many factors to enjoy a book. The storyline has to flow, the characters need to be likeable or enough to hate (especially if they are the villains in the story), the plot and conflict need to be thought out. When all of these are put together, there is a great story to be read.


  9. You all make good points, and thank you so much for taking the time to comment. As a writer it's always good to get feedback. I strive to make my characters engaging and bring out their emotions, and to make the story move forward at a good pace. As an avid reader myself, I can't read books that drag.

  10. Thanks also to those who have clicked on the link and filled out the form on my website to get a free download of Riley's Story. This is a novelette, and I wrote it while Capricorn Cravings was in the editing phase, when I wanted to delve deeper into Riley's background. The more one knows about one's characters, the easier it is to write about their emotions, because you know what pushes their buttons, and why.

  11. Well, Trish, I find myself attracted to three of the themes of your books: small towns, country folk and their animals. Astrology I'm not too sure of, but I'm willing to try that trope as well. I'm from a small town, I like country living and the simple life, and I am definitely an animal lover, although I only do one at a time. Right now I have a spoiled rotten Yorkie named Maggie living with hubby and I. :-) One of my fave genres for feeding my reading habit is romantic suspense, so we would be a fit there as well. I'm so glad I was introduced to you and your writing on this blog post!

    1. I guess I forgot to say my "why." Well, I like happy endings because I read for enjoyment, entertainment and relaxation. I sleep better at night for having read something positive. So I gravitate to romance. Historical or contemporary, social issue or not, doesn't matter, as long as it's got a romance in it. I truly believe love is what makes the world go 'round, it's what makes people compassionate, it's what makes a kinder, gentler world. Thanks for asking!

  12. Janice,
    Thank you for commenting! We also have a spoiled rotten Yorkie. They are the best! I so hope you'll enjoy my stories. My next upcoming book to be released is the 3rd in the Redneck Series, in which Twila and her quirky crew rescue a whole lot of dogs from an illegal puppy mill, and a vigilante biker gang hunt for a dog fighting ring.


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