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What makes a hero?

With: Anne Bikov

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What makes a hero?

What makes a hero, in my opinion, is a man whose main focus has become the one he loves. It doesn’t mean his old life ceases to exist and is replaced by everything to do with his love. His business and family life continues as it has, but his lover, his companion, has become his number one treasure; she has become the most important thing to him, even putting her life above his. To carry on, he needs to breathe…and to breathe, he needs her.

What makes a heroine?

She is strong, but she is fragile. A good heroine, unless she’s got that knight in shining armor to save her, has the inner strength, and ability, to get away from the bad man in her life. I like a woman who is, not weak, but fragile enough to let the hero in her life save her. A heroine has the emotional and loving strength to fill that need in the hero, his need to have that one woman who is his, who loves him only, and who lets him be her protector.

I am a true romantic. I love my heroes to swoop in and save the heroine, cradling her in his arms...making her feel safe and loved, forever.

-Anne Bikov

Excerpt from ‘What Goes Around’

“Let’s get up, make food and snuggle all day on your couch. We can watch stupid movies all day.” Joe rolled over and pinned Randie beneath him.

“I thought you promised I was safe with you.”

“You are safe with me. I just want to kiss you.” Joe started to lower his lips to hers, and then stopped. “May I kiss you, Randie?” Randie started breathing hard with anticipation.

“I’m afraid I won’t have the strength to say no,” she said breathlessly.

“I’ll say no, Randie. It’s just a kiss.” He lowered his head and kissed her softly. He started to pull back and she pulled him closer, kissing him deeper. She put her arms around him and pulled him tighter, her entire body responding to his kiss. His hands started wandering and she couldn’t help but want more. She broke free from his kiss, and started kissing his neck, Joe doing the same. She writhed under him as he kissed her down her neck, his hands begging to make their way under her shirt, but then he stopped and pulled himself away.

“What’s wrong?” They were both catching their breath.

“Bad idea, sorry.”

“It didn’t feel like a bad idea.”

“I told you I would stop, Randie. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have kissed you in a horizontal position.” He was sitting up rubbing his hands over his face. Randie was leaning back on her elbows, and then she dropped back on her back running her hands over her face and through her hair.

“I’m sorry, too. My stomach does somersaults around you and when you touch me, I don’t feel it as much because my whole body is alive, and then I have no control. I don’t seem to want to stop with you.”

Joe leaned over and grabbed Randie’s hands, pulling her off the bed and hugging her tightly.
“Let’s go have breakfast.”

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Anne lives in the wilds of Northwest Ohio splitting her time between writing and her evil night job (no, it's not what you think). When she's not writing, she's finding new TV shows to add to her already time-consuming line-up, exploring her newly discovered love of blended coffee drinks, and trying to coax her substantially less that vicious dog out from under the bed.

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