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Getting to Know My Characters

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One of the many things I enjoy about being an author is the prep work that goes into a book. Recently, a reader asked me about my writing process and I explained how I “interview” all my main characters.

This interview process has become a vital part of my writing ritual and I’ve never shared a character’s interview. Before today, I imagined sharing an interview would be the equivalent of opening the character’s soul to the world. During the interviews, some characters chatter away while others are brief and to the point, but they always tell me their biggest fears and their ugliest secrets. That’s the good stuff that helps me figure out what motivates them.

Typically these interviews are pages and pages long, but I thought I’d share (with her permission!) a small section of an interview with Emma Sinclair, the heroine of The Prosecutor.

Adrienne: Emma, would you please tell me about yourself?

Emma: My birthday is May 24, so I’m a Gemini. My father died when I was sixteen. My mother is still alive. I have one younger brother, Brian. He’s 24 and currently in prison, but I know he’s innocent. I moved in with my mother after my brother went to jail because I couldn’t stand the idea of her being alone. 

Adrienne: What do you look like?

Emma: I’m 26 years old. I’m 5’5” and weigh about 125. Not skinny, but not heavy. Just average. I’m average all around. I have brown hair and brown eyes. If I try, I can be downright pretty. Sometimes, I’m just a jeans and T-shirt girl.

Adrienne: What is your personality like? 

Emma: I change my mind quickly. I’m fickle and get bored easily. I can jump from assignment to assignment with no problem, and I probably shouldn’t admit this but I get really frustrated with indecisive people. I can also get an enormous amount of work done in an hour. Oh, and I’m a speed reader. I’m also good at persuading people to do things. People tell me it’s hard to say no to me and that I could sell a dog off a meat truck. I need a ton of sleep because my active brain exhausts me. I’m always looking for ways to improve things and that takes a lot of energy. After all we’ve been through as a family, I can pretty much adjust to any environment.

Adrienne: You sound really smart.

Emma: I am smart. My brain moves really fast. I went to U of Illinois for undergrad as a Liberal Arts major. After college, I got a job at a PR and lobbying firm as an administrative assistant. I learned how to deal with politicians there. I’d been working there for two years when my brother was convicted of murder. While trying to prove his innocence, I decided since I was spending so much time studying his case, I might as well go to law school so I could better understand the system. I'm now a law student at Northwestern Law.    

Adrienne: Okay, what are some of your failings?

Emma: Sometimes I feel like there are so many. Right now, I’m failing at getting my innocent brother out of prison.

Adrienne: How do you feel about men? 

Emma: Yes, please. Kidding! I like having men around, but between work and school, I don’t have time. It’s been months since I went on a date. I definitely haven’t found the right guy yet. I always think I have and then it falls apart. I guess I find something perfect in every guy I meet but then another one comes along and he has something else perfect. If I could add up all the perfects I find, I’d have the guy for me. Until then, I’ll just wait.

Adrienne: What are some of your goals? 

Emma: My only goal right now is to make my family whole again. As whole as it can be without my dad. That means bringing my brother home. When I achieve that goal, I’ll focus on my own life.

Adrienne: What’s at stake for you in this book?

Emma: If Brian stays in jail, my family will be torn apart for the next 25 years. I don’t know if my mother could survive that. 

Adrienne: What is your biggest fear? 

Emma: That my brother will die in prison. 

Adrienne: What do you like about Zac? 

Emma: He’s so steady and sure. Unemotional. He puts his head down and pushes through problems. I also love his sense of focus. He sees a target and goes straight for it. I meander on the way to the target.

Adrienne: Why do you think you’ll be good together?

Emma: We balance each other. Maybe he can teach me to slow down and not be in such a hurry to move on to the next thing or phase or whatever. That’s what I would enjoy. 

Adrienne: When you die, what do you want people to say about you? 

Emma: That’s a good one. I guess I want people to say I figured it out. That I got my brother exonerated and put my family back together. That would make me proud. 

Adrienne: Thank you, Emma. 

Emma: Sure. I’m going back to studying now. Bye.

Readers, now that we’ve picked Emma’s brain, who are some characters you would like to interview? Leave a comment for a chance to win a digital copy of Risking Trust, the first book in my Private Protectors series. 

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  1. Hmmm . . . since you've shared Emma's interview, I'd love to see Zac Hennings' interview as well! :) Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us as well as this awesome giveaway opportunity.

    I was introduced to your writing through Misty Evans and STEALING JUSTICE and am now hooked! :)

    Hope you're staying warm . . . -24F here this morning!

    Happy Monday ~

    Kimberly Perry

  2. Hi, Kimberly. Zac was actually interviewed on Get Lost in a Story blog last week, but the questions were different. But since I asked him the same questions as Emma, I can put his interview up on my website. Great idea, Kimberly! Check my website at the end of the week. :)

    I'm so glad you're enjoying my stories. Those Private Protectors boys are a handful.

    Brrr...on the temperature. It's 7 degrees in Chicago so I'll take that over your -24 any day.

    Have a wonderful day and stay warm!

  3. It's hard to decide but I think I would like to read an interview with Zac. But I would like to know more about Emma's brother too. Nope, my final answer is Zac.


    1. Hi, Jo-Anne. Several people have mentioned Emma's brother to me. He may need a book! I'll have to think on that one.

      Zac is a fun character for me to write because he's different than my other heroes. He's an alpha for sure, but he came to me as more of a quiet alpha (if there is such a thing!). I had a blast with him.

      Thanks for popping by!

  4. I'm going to go read the interview with Zac bc I was going to choose him. I think Penny would be a fun interview to read!

    1. My email Msrh0ndaelaine (at) gmail (dot) com

    2. Hi, Rhonda. I'll definitely post Zac's interview on my website. Penny! I'm so thrilled over the response to her. She's a little nuts, but she's also brilliant. That girl knows how to make things happen. Her book will be out in June (The Defender) and let's just say she's met her match in FBI agent Russ Voight. :)

      Thanks for saying hi!

  5. I love this post. I love when authors share like this. Since you are a new to me author, not sure of other characters I would like to see interviewed. I can say I am intrigued and would love to hear more about Emma's brother.

    1. Hi, Katrina. Thank you! I'm glad you liked the post.

      As a reader, I always love knowing what makes a character tick. As a writer, I'm not sure I could write a book without doing one of these interviews. I have to know what the character's biggest fear is. How else could I use it against them? :)

      Thank you for stopping in.

  6. Hi Adrienne! Great interview! Oh my gosh, I would love to see your character Vic Andrews from the Private Protectors series would answer your interview like this. I bet he gave you all sorts of fits. LOL.

    1. Oh, dear. That one was interesting. I can tell you it involved a lot of swearing from him. But it also involved him letting out some frustrations and internal pain that surprised me. I always love when that happens during an interview. I think of all my books, Man Law emotionally exhausted me the most. Vic just wouldn't go down and I had to take him to a place that was painful for him. And for me. :)

      He's another great character to write. He keeps worming his way into other books. LOL.

  7. I would have to say Zac's sister, Penny. She seemed like an interesting character.

  8. Hi, Tammy. The Dangerous Darlings are out in force! You guys are the best.

    When I was working on The Prosecutor, I felt the same way about Penny. She's another one who surprised me during her interview. She has an extremely complicated relationship with her other brother and that was fun to explore.

    Thanks for popping by!

  9. Loved the Interview with Emma but I sure would like to see Penny's view on this. In reading the other comments and know Penny is coming up soon in another book. I'd also like to see an interview with her take on the case and Emma being with Zac

    1. Hi, Delene. You all are giving me an interesting idea. Maybe I'll post my hero and heroine's interviews on my website for readers to see. I never really considered you all would find it interesting. :)

      I will get on that little project!

      Thanks for popping by.

  10. Great interview! I loved all the characters from this book. I think I'd love to see Emma and Brian's mom interviewed. I felt a surge of pride as she slowly came to life again during the story and would love to know what she was thinking and what prompted all the progress in her :) (I'm a mom - can't help it LOL)

    Totally enjoyed this read and have shared it with just about everyone I can think of LOL

    Thanks Adrienne - looking forward to hearing you read tomorrow night!

    1. Thank you, Nicole! That makes me smile. As a mom myself, I really tried to think about what kind of heartbreak that situation would bring. Makes you really stop and think about the families.

      I'm excited for Lady Jane's tomorrow too. I might be reading from Stealing Justice also. :)

  11. I loved Penny and would like to see her interviewed, but Zac was gorgeous so also him, also their parents to see what it was like in their house when they were growing up.

    1. Hi. I'll get Penny's interview cleaned up and post them. Since I'm the only one that usually sees these early interviews, I tend to not worry about grammar or whether something makes sense. I like to just roll with it and see what happens. Some of the most interesting things pop out when I'm winging it. :)

      Thank you for coming by.

  12. Nice interview; not sure

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  13. I'm going to have to say Penny I think.


    1. Hi, Mary. Penny always makes me smile. She's a little bit of a devil. :)

      Thanks for stopping!

  14. Thanks for the fun "interview"! As Adrienne is a new to me author, I don't have any other characters to interview so I'm going to go with a history fav... Sherlock Holmes :0 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi, Erin. Sherlock Holmes would be an awesome character to interview. We could find out all his secrets!

      Thanks for coming by!

  15. I love character interviews... always great to see how they answer the questions and give you a little more insight into their personalities... you know, I do not think I have read any character interviews from the bad guys before... now that might be very interesting to see.

  16. I simply don't understand why I've not "met" you before!? Regardless, I am glad for this blog post today so that I could be introduced to your romantic suspense stories--my fave genre for feeding my reading habit! I think the action or intrigue adds spice to the romance and I find I'm addicted to it. Ha! In any event, I appreciate the unique interview where the heroine was the one responding to questions. :-) And yeah, I'd like to know more about Zac and how he thinks, but I can wait to read the full story too. Anticipation makes the reading more exciting I think.

  17. Thank you for posting your interview. It is interesting to see how an author works.


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