Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No way!

Congratulations to "Jane" and "Colleen C", the winners in C.A.'s giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

We’ve all read that book where we are following the story, like the story—maybe love it—and then the hero, or even the heroine throws us for a loop, and we say out loud, “No way.”

That declaration could be anything—they did something that doesn’t fit the personality they previously presented in the book, was against their motivations, or just something so plain stupid we roll our eyes.

Depending on what we’re reading, the suspension of disbelief might be necessary, but sometimes authors take it too far. As a reader, we’re all pretty discerning, right?

We know what’s “real” and what’s not. What makes sense, and what doesn’t.

We all like that story we get into it so much it’s like we’re walking beside the hero or heroine. Talking with them, maybe even doing naughty things with them, to them? LOL.

The better the characters, the better the read. The more we crave from that author.

My characters are real to me. They are people who live in my head. No, really. And no, I don’t have multiple personalities, nor do I need meds. (I’d like to think anyway).

So how do I make them as real to you, the reader as I do to me?

Honestly, I’m not sure it a conscious thing for me. I write them, and the further I go, the further they unfold for me, develop before my eyes. They tell me what they love and hate, what they are good at. Every hero and heroine has a “super” power. Something they excel at. Something to make us admire them.

I think a good character is like a good friend. 

We love them, but on the other hand, we get mad at them sometimes, too. And THAT’S OKAY!

They have flaws, and quirks. 

Just like we do in real life. A perfect character is in essence, far from perfect, and that right there is why we love them.

A good, believable character presents us with consistent actions, reactions, choices. If they go left-field at any time, for me as a reader, the author dang-well better give me a credible reason. If not, the book loses interest for me, and as an author, that’s my biggest fear!

If someone doesn’t finish one book, they won’t pick up another from that particular author! Books are generally not expensive, right, but they still cost money!

The deeper we go with characters, the more we understand them, the more we love them. The more we root for them, we WANT them to succeed. WANT them to get the girl, the job, hell, even the dog—if that’s what they want. 

I think every writer is different. Some do detailed character sheets, with everything documented from eye color to middle name. They jot everything that makes up WHO they’re telling the story about. This is great, whatever works for you.

Personally, I don’t really know a character until I start writing them. Getting to know them as the story unfold is what makes my characters real—for me and the story.

No way is wrong, as long as the characters are real.


So what makes a character real to you? What is a pet peeve about heroes and heroines?

Two winners will be selected from all the commenters, and I will give away a book to each! Winner’s choice of Collision Force (Crossing Forces Book One) OR Chance Collision (Crossing Forces Book Two)! Please make sure you leave your email with your comment!

I’m excited to see what makes characters believable to you guys!

Chance Collision

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Detective Pete Crane catches a new shooting case and considers it business-as-usual. But when the lead witness is the Chief of Police’s fiery assistant, he never anticipated she’d challenge him—personally and professionally. Especially while under his protection. 

Little do they know, the shooting she and her grandmother witnessed was anything but random. 

Thrown together, their attraction sizzles, even though she’s squarely in the no-fly zone. She makes him break every rule in his little black book.

Nikki Harper has been attracted to Pete since they met two years ago. Witnessing a brutal shooting throws her into a stigma that’s always been her greatest fear: a victim. She has no choice but to accept his protective custody and let him help save her and her beloved grandmother. 

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  1. I guess I get tired of the ho/hum romances that the guy screws up and is then forgiven, blah blah blah...I like twists and turns, highs and keeps you reading. I would love to win Collision Force, you are new to me and this sounds really good!

    1. LOL! I don't like that much either, LS! Thank you!

  2. I really appreciate when an author pays attention, feels the character and stays away from the exciting path that isn't true to the heroine or hero.

    Thanks for the post! I'm looking forward to reading your books.

    1. I do as well, Jonetta. I don't like when I'm reading and I can feel that the author doesn't know the character. Thank you for the comment! :D

  3. Congratulations on the new release, Chrissy !

  4. Congrats on the new release! I guess what makes me mad is when the author rushes the romance between the characters - they are both denying that they even want to be in a romance, and sometimes have really good reasons to take things slowly and then bam..because the author is 10 pages or so into the book suddenly the characters have to get intimate and then spend the rest of the book going back and forth at each other and it gets old fast....that's my biggest pet peeve. Thanks for the giveaway!

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  5. I know what got mean Maria! That's when the foundation for the conflict doesn't match character choice! I don't like that either!! Thanx for the comment!!

  6. Congrats on the new release, C.A. Flawed characters make them more real/human. My pet peeve is when the characters constantly act irresponsibly or recklessly.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

    1. Thank you, Jane! I guess I don't mind reckless if the motivations naturally build it, but on the other hand, if it's over and over, I feel your pain! Thanx for the comment!

  7. I like when the characters are not perfect and are more real life. If they are more like real life, they are easier to connect with. Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. I totally agree Jaclyn! We all have flaws, and no one (Well, almost no one) likes Mr. Perfect. Hehe

  8. the way they talk; how they're written
    don't like cheating or heroines who get together with every guy in a town/sports team

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. I TOTALLY agree, BN! I don't care what the reason it, I personally don't like it when either the hero OR the heroine is with another person sexually in the book. A person OTHER than their HEA, even if it there is a reason for it. Just not my cuppa.

  9. Oh I have definitely read some books that had me say "What?" or "No Way". I love a character's quirks, flaws and personality coming to life between the pages of a book... see them make mistakes and work things out... all to come to a positive outcome, their HEA! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

    1. Right, Colleen! They can't go if they don't make mistakes. That's how I see it! Thank YOU for checking out my post!

  10. I like a character who has strengths and flaw. I especially like subtext in their dialogue.

    1. Hi Janet! I am a BIG BIG fan is subtext and subtle stuff. I love books that make you think, surmise and speculate to what will happen next! So much fun!

  11. A pet peeve is a hero or heroine doing something so obviously stupid.


    1. Ah, I agree Mary! I majorly dislike "Too stupid to live" heroines!

  12. Congrats on your new release. I enjoyed reading this post! Characters who are definitely not perfect are more real to me.

    brookeb811 at gmail dot com

    1. Thank you Brooke! I enjoyed writing it! I agree, perfection is tired.

  13. Congrats on your new release Doll !!


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