Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kidnapped Hearts Anniversary Jubilee

By: Cait Jarrod

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Kidnapped Hearts Anniversary Jubilee
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To celebrate the release of my debut book, I’m having a scavenger hunt. I will be on several blogs and sites from February 14th-23rd. will have the list and links to direct you to the next site.

If you miss a day, go back the raffle will be open until the 24th.
·         At each site, I will have an excerpt for Kidnapped Hearts or an unedited excerpt from one of the sequels, Deceptive Heart’s and Mystic Hearts.
·         In each excerpt, one word will be missing.
·         Write each missing word down in order by how they're listed on The words will form a question and the answer.
·         On the 23rd or after, go to to enter the grand prize raffle by entering the question and answer.  A winner will be picked on the 26th.

The winner will receive an autograph print copy of Kidnapped Hearts, a Kidnapped Hearts Coffee Mug, and bookmarks.
Each site has a raffle!

Upcoming releases in 2014: Entangled Love

Unedited version of Mystic Hearts, Band of Friends series novelette excerpt:

Her heart pounded and a hand flew to her chest. She stumbled backwards and fell to the ground. A solid black cat ran across the yard and disappeared down the cellar steps. Relief washed over her, yet a pain impaled her head. She sat up and touched the wound. Everything seemed foggy.
Full moon…black cat. If a ghost flew through the air or a witch rode a broom in front of the moon, the night would be a perfect scary movie.
“____ you okay?” A raspy male voice came from in front of the schoolhouse.
The air left her lungs and her heart stopped beating. She waited to observe the owner of the voice.
“I didn’t mean to scare you.”
Her throat constricted. A breeze chilled her face. The need to wipe her mouth grew strong, but her hands wouldn’t move from the ground. She swung her eyes to the right…to the left…up. No one.
“Can you speak?”

Jot down the missing word. And don’t forget to check for the next site.
Raffle for Cait Jarrod’s ebook copy of Kidnapped Hearts will run from the 24th.

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  1. This is a great read. Whether you win it or not, it needs to be on your TBR list.

  2. The word might be 'Are' Sounds like a fun raffle and great reading!

  3. Thanks Aubrey and Rolynn! Thank you Just Romantic Suspense!


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