Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It’s Raining Men!

Congratulations to Joyce M, Julie, Jonetta, Kimberly P, and Kim H, the winners in Tina's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

The Justiss Alliance, my new series with Random House/Loveswept, is my first where I’ve 
showcased a group of men who share a common bond. In this case, it’s five Navy SEALs who are doubly bonded because they went on a covert mission that ultimately devastated their careers. Right after the mock hearing that ended their SEAL careers, they’re approached by the mysterious owner of a private agency that seeks justice outside the boundaries of the law. Most of them sign on right away, eager to get back to work—and to find purpose again.

What is it about series that feature groups or teams of men? As both reader and writer, I love the anticipation of eventually getting to intimately know each of the men I’m meeting as minor characters. In my Jaime Rush Offspring series, one of those characters surprised me by becoming a hero. I’d had no intention of giving Eric Aruda his own story. He was brusque, reckless, and, at first, not appealing to me. But as he grew through the first three books, I, along with my readers, became fascinated with what would happen to this bad boy (BURNING DARKNESS).

Like several of the readers I spoke with, Sara Grenier loves that she gets to keep up with the characters even after their story is told. “You don’t just read a book and never hear from them again. You still get to see how their life is playing out.” Nicole Smith expanded on that. “The thing I love most is you get to see how the relationships from the previous books are doing throughout the rest of the series.”

Carrie Marie loves the sense of the group being family, whether they’re blood related or not. I think she hits the nail on the head. We all love feeling a connection to others, and if we don’t have those strong real-life connections, we look for them in our fiction. Who has fantasized about marrying into a big, loving family if we don’t have that ourselves? At the core, it’s why young people get sucked into gangs or others get lost in cults. We all want to be loved and accepted, in a positive way, of course! Even if it comes with a good amount of ribbing and rivalry. Heck, especially if it does. 

Suzanne Brockmann does a great job with this in her Troubleshooters series. Yes, they’re tough on each other, sometimes brutal, but you know that at the core of it, they care deeply about one another. 

The popularity of that group or team dynamic is becoming evident in the many new series featuring them. It especially works well with romantic and paranormal romantic suspense. Nothing like some juicy danger to bring folks together, right? 

READER QUESTION: What do you love about reading a series of connected characters? Or what don’t you like?

Win one of 5 copies of WILD HEARTS, the intro to my Justiss Alliance series.

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  1. Like getting to knw the new chacrters and plot ,thanks

  2. I like following them and feeling part of the story. Keeping up with other characters when you didn't want their stories to end. Don't like waiting for the next book in the series...would love to win, thanks

  3. I love the connection that flows thru these books. We become so invested in their lives, like old friends from our hometown.

  4. I'm really an advocate of the team concept and love the dynamics and spirit fostered by it. When I look at my shelf, I see so many series that are connected by characters sharing a common bond...brothers, Navy SEALs, FBI agents, etc. I've not spent a lot of time exploring why I love these type series but just know I do:)

    I read Wild Hearts and you hooked me pretty strongly. Now I'm ready to sit back and enjoy each team member's story.

  5. I love seeing characters I have met before and also enjoy seeing them have a chance to share their own story... the one thing I do not like about connected book is the wait in between... sometime I move on to others and let a series go.

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  7. Very cool, Jonetta!

    So an additional question would be, how long is too long between books?

  8. I like connected books to get to know he characters better and feel more connected to them

    yenastone at aol dot com

  9. I love reading a series of connected characters because sometimes I'm not ready for the story to end. I like when past characters are mentioned during the next book.

  10. Thanks for sharing your stories with us AND for this awesome giveaway! You are a new author for me and I am excited to read your books.

    For me, the joy of reading connected books is the sense of familiarity you experience; and with each new story that familiarity is heightened to another layer so that eventually you feel like you are part of the family! Love that!

    Have a great day and stay warm!



  11. only like them if they're standalone

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  12. You're welcome, Kimberly! Yes, that's a great summation--like being part of their family!

    bn100, just wanted to let you know that these books stand alone as far as plot goes. You can pick up any and not be lost :)

  13. My reason for loving books connected with a group dynamic like this is pretty personal, though maybe more universal than some might expect. Growing up, I was never part of the group. Picked nearly last in gym class, not invited to parties, asked to sit at a different lunch table, that kind of thing. When the Lord of the Rings movies came out, I got pretty obsessed with all the behind-the-scenes stuff, and what struck me most was the relationships the cast and crew forged with each other. Forced proximity, working and playing together, they became lifelong friends. That's incredibly appealing!

    Put that kind of dynamic on a group of guys who do everything with intensity? Hoo, yeah, I'm totally there. LOL

    I just bought the novella. Look forward to reading it!

  14. How long is too long between books? I'm pretty flexible but more than a year starts stretching things (memory).

  15. I enjoy getting updates on characters featured in earlier books.

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

  16. I like the fact that if I enjoyed the one book I know I will enjoy the others.


  17. I'm a glutton for mentions of characters that I fall in love with. I like knowing that their HEA and lives go on and seeing "glimpses" of them in future books/interacting with other characters makes it more "real". Thanks for sharing and congrats on the new release/series! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I love that the story goes on, but it feels totally new and exciting as we get to explore the different characters. I really enjoy getting the opportunity to know minor characters.

    brookeb811 at gmail dot com

  19. I love to see what is happening in the lives of characters. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. I love series. It's a pleasure to see the characters develop.
    jasm1809 at gmail dot com


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