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Beautiful Addictions by Season Vining

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Romantic suspense is a genre that combines the very best things about fiction. First there’s the romance–the undeniable force pulling two people together like magnets. Secondly, the suspense is introduced through some sort of conflict or mystery. When these two elements combine, we’re left with riveting tales that hold our hearts and make us hold our breaths. Beautiful Addictions is no different.

“Beautiful Addictions is a dark and lyrical masterpiece!” –Sara Fawkes, New York Times bestselling author

"Well written and hard to put down." -- Publishers Weekly

McKenzi Delaune was declared dead by the state of New York eight years ago. Most days she wishes it were true. 

Amnesiac and orphaned at the age of fourteen, the girl was found near death in a subway terminal. After identifying the teenager, authorities assigned her a new name and shipped her cross country to ensure protection from those who wished to finish the job.

Now twenty-two, Josie Banks lives a solitary existence in San Diego, surrounded only by the pencil-sketched faces of her nightmares. She’s a damaged girl who medicates with graffiti, nameless sexual partners and numbing drugs.

Until she meets Tristan Fallbrook. He is a beautiful stranger who recognizes her from childhood and explains that he once mourned her. She finds herself drawn to his photographic memory and tempting inked skin. As the relationship evolves they struggle through Josie’s emotional scars and Tristan’s desire to heal her.

Mob boss and Tristan’s former employer, Dean Moloney, wants Josie dead. He sends his best man to do the job. The assassin’s torturous methods pay off and he is closing in fast on this ghost of a girl. The couple must sift through Josie’s lost memories and Tristan’s unsavory associates to piece together their past before their future is extinguished.

So, whatever recipe you enjoy for your romantic suspense novels, this one is sure to get your pulse racing. The raw energy between these two, mixed with deadly assassins, organized crime and supporting characters that make us laugh, combine to give the reader one hell of a ride. I hope you’ll come along.

Silently, Josie made her way over, grabbing Tristan’s hand to tow him along. She didn’t shy away from his shocked expression. They ducked into the alley and she pushed him against the wall. Her small, frenzied hands ran from his belt buckle, up the hard planes of his chest, and around his neck. His eyes flicked back and forth between her mouth and her cleavage, while he denied the temptation to return her touch.

Her slight pucker hovered just below his, her heels giving her the perfect height to reach him. Their ragged breaths washed over each other while the heat radiating between their bodies created an almost visual aura of need. She had always taken her conquests with no apologies, but with Tristan it was different. More than she wanted him, she wanted him to want her too. Josie hung there, just out of reach, waiting to make sure he would not reject her. She wasn’t sure if he gave in or gave up, but she moved forward when his eyes fluttered closed.

Josie crushed her mouth to his, finding purchase on his delicious bottom lip. He moaned against her mouth, only fueling the hunger that grew inside.

Unable to resist any longer, Tristan pulled her flush against his body. The way she molded to him, a perfect puzzle piece, told him this was right. They were a mess of roaming hands and lips, a dance of lust and claim-staking kisses. They were reunited after what seemed like a lifetime of purgatory, though the moment would be short-lived.

Beautiful Addictions is available for pre-order. Coming in e-Book first on January 28, 2014 / Print edition June 10, 2014

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