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Romantic suspense authors don’t just write it, we read it.

Romantic suspense authors don’t just write it, we read it. And we look for it (or at least action) in our movies, too. There’s something about a storyline that pits a couple against a villain and falling in love, both at the same time.

I got to thinking about the best romantic suspense movies I’ve ever seen – and there have been a lot! 

The Thomas Crowne Affair – Pierce Brosnan .. need I say more?

Mr. & Mrs. Smith – this was really more an action flick than suspense, but either way, I was thoroughly entertained. The  chemistry between Brad and Angie was hot! Hot! HOT!(and we all know what happened later)

Murder by Numbers – I love Sandra Bullock movies, and this one didn’t disappoint.

The Bourne Identity - I enjoyed the other Bourne movies, too, but the first one was my favorite.                               
After the Sunset – a relatively unknown and yes, another Pierce Brosnan film. Not really a suspense as such, but I loved it.

Then there are the classics. In my opinion, the master of suspense is still Alfred Hitchcock. So many of his films were black & white and we really never saw any violence (ie. blood, guts and gore) – he created such nail-biting suspense he kept us on the edge of our seats while creating romances that could make your toes curl. My favorites – Rear Window and To Catch a Thief.

My #1 pick, though, has to be Casablanca. A love triangle against the danger and suspense of a war-torn country! 

What about you? What’s your #1 romantic suspense movie of all time? Or even a romantic adventure (me, I love Romancing the Stone and a lesser known film called High Road to China.).


An unforgivable disappearance… 

Four years ago, Jennie Brooks and Sheriff Brae Colton were engaged to be married—then Jennie disappeared without a word. 

Leads to a mysterious reunion… 

Brae has always hated Jennie for deserting him just as they were set to begin their life together. But when he finds her badly injured in a hit and run accident on a snowy mountain road, he can’t deny the love he’s never forgotten. He hopes for a second chance at love—until she regains consciousness with no memory of her identity, or what they once shared. 

Where love holds the key to everything… 

Despite their past, Jennie’s still the woman Brae fell in love with in high school—the woman he’s falling for again. The mysteries surrounding her disappearance, and her injuries, make him wonder if he can trust her, but when the bullets start flying, his first priority is to protect her and catch her would-be killer. If they can’t find a way to restore her memory soon, they may both end up dead, any chance at love gone forever.

Jennie gazed out the passenger window as Brae steered the SUV through downtown Eagle Ridge. Ever since they'd left the hospital, he'd been tense, his eyes constantly shifting and taking in the vehicles around them.

"Do you think we're being followed?" she asked finally.

"Probably not, but I don't want any surprises."

She stayed silent then, letting him concentrate. A lock of hair hung over his forehead, and she had an almost irresistible urge to brush it back. The muscles in his face were tense, his lips pressed into a thin line.  

Those lips… Her thoughts strayed back to the kiss they'd shared in her hospital room. 

Obviously they'd kissed before, and more than likely they'd done a lot more than kiss. She didn't remember those kisses, though. His kiss from a half hour earlier, she'd never forget. Something about the way he held her, the way his mouth slanted over hers, the heat pooling in her belly when his tongue had touched hers…it felt so familiar, so right. 

"You look like you're thinking hard," he said, his baritone voice filling the interior of the car.

She felt her cheeks heat. If he only knew where her thoughts had taken her.

"Remembering something?"

Oh, yes. She remembered every detail of the kiss they'd just shared. Although she would like to know whether the memories of his kisses back then were as exciting and breath-stealing as the reality of the one they'd just shared. She doubted that was what he was asking, though.

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Originally from Scotland, Margery Scott now lives with her husband on a lake in Canada.
She is the author of more than a dozen romance novels in several sub-genres. When she’s not writing, you can usually find her wielding a pool cue or a pair of knitting  needles, unless she’s off travelling, searching for the perfect setting for her next novel.

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  1. Good morning. Thanks so much for inviting me to visit today.

  2. Good morning! I cant really think of a favorite movie....I loved Romancing the Stone tho. That was awesome!
    I just have to say that I loved Here Rocky Mountain Guardian! I received an ARC and I gobbled it right up! ;)

    1. Karen, Romancing the Stone was a great movie. I didn't like the sequel as much but it was still entertaining. I'm so glad you enjoyed Her Rocky Mountain Guardian. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Like you, my favorite of the Bourne movies was the first. I'd forgotten about Pierce Brosnan's The Thomas Crowne Affair. So good! I'll have to look up the other one of his you mention. I missed it. Your book's in my TBR pile.

    1. Virginia, thanks for visiting. Why is it that the first movies in a series are usually always the best? I can't think of a Pierce Brosnan movie I don't like :) Thanks for picking up HRMG. I hope you like it.

  4. How about Witness? Great romance and suspense.
    For me, Brosnan's Thomas Crown can't hold a candle to the original with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. Whoee.

  5. Katewyland, I can't believe I forgot Witness. Love that movie!!! I never saw the original Thomas Crowne, but you're probably right. I find the originals are usually much better than remakes.


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