Sunday, October 27, 2013

A special “interview” with Kasumi’s father

Every week I write a piece that takes the reader back into the past of my main character, Kasumi Yoshida. Here is the past Thursday, a special “interview” with Kasumi’s father.

Throwback Thursday: Haruo Yoshida

MC: Hello everyone! Only three more days until the release of Push for Power, the second book of the Mark of the Yakuza series. Today our guest is here to help us look back into Kas’ past. Our guest tonight is Haruo Yoshida, Kasumi’s father. Hello Haruo.

Haruo: Hi.

MC: We’re here today to talk a little about Kas’ past. What was Kasumi like as a child?

Haruo: (Smiles.) She was beautiful, healthy and bright. She loved to dance with her mother out by the coy pond. (Pauses.) She’s still beautiful now, but she’s changed.

MC: You both have changed.

Haruo: Yeah.

MC: What’s your best memory from when you and Kas lived in Tokyo?

Haruo: Haha. I remember one night I came home late from…work. Kasumi and her mother had been cooking all day. She couldn’t have been more than eight.

MC: What happened?

Haruo: I was late and they had been baking. My wife had taken Kasumi upstairs for a bath. The food burned, and I held Kasumi until she fell asleep because she cried and cried.

MC: And this is your favorite memory?

Haruo: Well, yes. I put her to bed and I finished up some work, so I was up really late. I woke up a couple hours before dawn. I thought someone had broken in. I grabbed my–my gun and went downstairs. She was in the kitchen in her nightgown covered in flour baking for me. We stayed up the rest of the night cooking and ate desserts for breakfast.

MC: It sounds like she loves you.

Haruo: Yes. (Pauses.) She loved me.

MC: What took away that connection?

Haruo: The day her mother died.

MC: What happened that day? Tell us more.

Haruo: No, no I can’t. I–I am– it’s something I have to fix. (Rises.) I’ll change it. I’ll get my little girl back. (Exits.)

MC: There you have it ladies and gentlemen. A lok into the past, the childhood, of Kasumi Yoshida. Learn more by purchasing your copy of Hunting Heartbreak, and remember to pre-order Push for Power which will be released October 20th!

Now available!
by Marie Hampton
Series: Mark of the Yakuza, Book 2

In the second book of the Mark of the Yakuza, Kasumi Yoshida is fresh from the fight and training for the opportunity at revenge. The appearance of an Oyabun from Tokyo scatters small sense of normality Kas had gained.

With Oyabun Shinto in Las Vegas, Kas and Akira have no choice but to play nice with Jiro since Shinto insists the two lines forget their differences and work together to strengthen the Yakuza. He offers a new position of power to combine the lines. Everyone turns to the problems Shinto’s ideas create, but Kas can’t push aside her intuition that Jiro is involved in something more sinister.

Kas reaches out for someone to understand but even her friend Hak refuses to turn from the problems with Shinto. Ryan is the only worker that makes Shinto happy, but Kas knows he plays both sides. Akira trusts Ryan, but Kas cannot decide if he is worth her trust, or her heart.


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