Thursday, July 4, 2013

One Night In Reno

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Looking around Just Suspense, my cover for One Night in Reno seems out of place among all these dark, sexy romantic suspense covers.  That’s because I reserved this spot with the intention of promoting a bigger action packed adventure coming…soon.  I’m just running a little behind on my self-pub deadlines in order to fulfill my contracted deadlines.  

So I thought I’d talk about my sweet novella.

You can’t tell by the cover, but this story about a down on her luck single mom, rescued by a Navy SEAL One Night in Reno has a suspenseful climax.  There’s even a bad guy with a significant roll in my upcoming Harlequin Superromance, A Stranger in the Family (working title), coming 2014.

One Night in Reno makes a nice bridge between The SEAL’s Baby, which came out in 2004 and A Stranger in the Family, coming in 2014.  While all three stories stand alone, upcoming Supers are circling back to the Navy SEAL world I love.  To connect the dots for readers, I’ve started an ongoing series of self-published stories for a few of the secondary characters.  

Some of these stories will be short and sweet like One Night in Reno.  Others will be longer, sexier, and there may even be full-length novels in the future.  It will depend on the characters and their situation and of course readers.

The other reason for bringing One Night in Reno to your attention…It’s FREE today!

Excerpt for One Night in Reno by Rogenna Brewer:

“Come on, come on,...”  Jenny Albright coaxed the old Ford Fairlane off the road and coasted to the nearest pump at the Fernley 76 off US Alternate 50.  It seemed inevitable both her gas tank and her luck would run dry in the Nevada desert.

More precisely, her luck had run out seven years ago along with Josh’s father.  Which was nothing compared to losing her job, home and sense of security all in one day.  

Six dollars and twenty-one cents.

The total sum of everything she had left in this world.  

Except for Josh.  Jenny set the car in park and stole a glance at her sleeping six-year-old son and his beagle curled up on the backseat among what was left of their material possessions.
Dark lashes fluttered against flushed cheeks.  She leaned over the seat and brushed the hair from his forehead.  Buster shifted against her boy with a protective puppy sigh Jenny felt all the way to her soul.

They’d never had much, but as she inventoried what was left; a garbage bag full of dirty clothes, a laundry basket filled with toys, and an overnight bag packed with a few essentials, she felt beyond despair.

Get your FREE copy of One Night in Reno July 1st – 5th.  


  1. Thanks for the fun post and congrats on the release! Got my copy :)

  2. Morning all; I'll be popping in and out. Please feel free to leave comments and don't forget to grad your free copy of One Night in Reno :)

  3. Sounds like a great story - off to grab a copy! Good luck with your upcoming books too :)


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