Saturday, May 18, 2013

Our Love Of Chaos

We humans love chaos. Whether it’s on TV or in a book, we can’t seem to get enough of it and within the past five years or so it seems bikers fit into that category perfectly. With the craze of Sons of Anarchy, along with JC Burton’s The Wild Riders Series, the romantic suspense genre has taken a dangerously sexy turn.

The thrill and freedom of speeding down the highway, the possibility of crashing and the brotherhood between members of motorcycle clubs all contributed to my newest release, Sour Cherry. Even further, however, I found the high-octane rivalries between clubs even more inspiring.What better way to exploit that conflict by placing my hero and heroine on opposites sides of the rivalry?

So why do we love chaos?

Imagine yourself caught up in the middle of your favorite suspenseful show, such as Sons of Anarchy. You’re in the season finale, arguably the most frightening episodes of the series. You’re gripping the couch with both hands until your fingers hurt. Your jaw is tense. You’re leaning forward, eyes glued to the television to avoid missing a single moment. The buildup is unimaginable. You don’t know how your body can take another moment as your heartbeat increases, your breathing becomes rapid and your mouth goes dry.

And then it happens; the twist.

You jump off the couch, flinch at unfairness of it all, scream at the screen. We’ve all been there. One of our favorite characters might have died, another war between clubs might have started or another element to the series’ romance may have just fallen apart.

Seconds pass. The show ends and you have your breathing under control. Your body’s systems return to normal. How do you feel?

Simple. You feel relaxed, as if you’ve just completed a workout or had a huge amount of stress taken off your shoulders. Did you know this warm feeling of rested mental alertness can be addictive?

Enter our love of chaos.

In all actuality, it’s not the chaos that makes us crave those high-octane situations. It’s the release, like an orgasm, and with one woman’s desire to get out of the biker life,a hero’s need to stay in for his own safety, and the fact mere sightings together could get them both killed, romantic suspense readers will be drooling for that release in Sour Cherry.

About Sour Cherry
Cherish "Cherry" Williams has been betrayed by her own motorcycle club. After a late night package delivery goes bad, the club president wants her head. With every member of the club out looking for her, she seeks help from the last place they'd suspect--behind enemy lines.

Cooper Nolan was supposed to be a one-night stand. Now he's her only hope of survival. But the Vice President of Satan's Army has secrets of his own, and war between their clubs is inevitable if he doesn't turn Cherry over to her president.

As connection after connection unravels, Cooper and Cherry's days--and lust-fueled nights--become a race against time. Will she and her hot, sexy bartender choose love and trust over duty and image--or will murder, corruption, and lies turn Cherry and the best night of her life into nothing more than a memory?

Where to Buy
Amazon exclusive until May 29, 2013

About Nichole Severn
As a thriller and romance writer, Nichole Severn fills her stories with edge-of-your-seat-suspense, psychological trauma and bad guys readers love to hate. She graduated with a degree in psychology from Utah Valley University, which stemmed from her obsession with serial killers, and is currently seeking her bachelors in English Literature. The obsession has toned down…a little.

She resides with her very supportive, albeit patient, husband in Las Vegas, NV, where she enjoys running, rock climbing, snowboarding, and action movies.

Nichole can be contacted through her website at, email at, Twitter at @nicholesevern or Facebook.


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