Thursday, May 2, 2013

Memory Lane

Congratulations to "Mary P." and "Judy L", the winners of Debra's giveaway. Thank you to everyone who participated!

I love storytelling. I have for as far back as I can remember. I have stories I wrote dating back to when I was only nine years old. Really, it’s true. I grew up on a farm in small town Alabama and we weren’t exactly “dirt” poor but we were close. It was feast or famine in our family. When the crops came in we had a little money for stocking the bare cupboards and buying school clothes. Unlike kids these days, I got shoes and clothes once a year and that was it. We had fresh beef and pork in the freezer and the smokehouse and we had home canned and frozen vegetables from the one-acre garden my family planted each spring. When that was gone, it was slim pickin’s around our house.

I suppose that’s why I spent so much time creating stories and spinning fantasies for the characters who lived in my head. There were no video games and we only had three channels on the one television set. There was just one telephone—a landline—and many of my friends couldn’t afford a phone at all. No cell phones, no computers. I handwrote my stories and later, when I was about twelve, my mother bartered for a second-hand, manual typewriter for me to use. 

Earlier this week my sister and I drove out to where we grew up. The old farmhouse has fallen into desperate disrepair and it’s no longer the vibrant pink my mother had it painted when we were kids. But if you look at the photo you’ll notice the second story window on front. That window was part of an alcove that I adored. I would take pen and paper to that cozy space and dream up stories. I could look out over the yard and the road beyond and imagine what the future held.
As I grew older, no matter where I lived or what I was doing in life, I always had my stories—even when I didn’t have time to write them down. The characters lived happily in my head (notice I didn’t say quietly). Eventually I found a place in my life where I could actually write with the idea of starting a publishing career. I’ve been writing since. I love my job. I cannot imagine doing anything else and I feel so very blessed.

I am particularly proud of my Faces of Evil series. This, too, was a part of my past I revisited. I wanted to write this series for a very long time and having that dream come to fruition has been such a joy. Sometimes it pays to travel down memory lane and ponder the places and ideas stored in your heart.

The first three books, OBSESSION, IMPULSE and POWER came out in paperback last month. Now RAGE, book four, is on the shelves! I hope you’ll grab a copy this weekend! 

Disturbing echoes of a Charles Manson massacre disrupt a quiet Birmingham suburb...a missing child is the only witness. Deputy Chief Jess Harris puts everything on the line when her key suspect is one of Birmingham's finest. With a killer now focused on her, she must find the missing witness and the truth before it's too late for them both.

“…With a penchant for action, and a keenly sharp intelligence, heroine Jess is charmingly vulnerable under her tough-cop exterior, as she tries to settle into a new job and a new relationship, even as she is haunted by a manipulative serial killer from her past.” 4 ½ stars, RT Book Club Reviews

Debra will be giving away a copy of RAGE to 2 lucky commentors!

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  1. Hello Debra,
    You started writing so very young.
    And, the picture of where you grew up gives a view of you up in the alcove writing.

    I have been awaiting your new book.

  2. That's why I try to take as many pictures as I can with family and friends. You can always look back and remember.

    Your book sounds like a great read and can't wait to read it.

  3. Love how you shared the story of your youth. Congratulations on another great book.
    carriemak at aol dot com

    1. Thanks, Carolyn! When I lived in that old house it was pink!

  4. I love your books and have read them all..Would love to win Rage! Reading it no matter what though! Next on my list!!


    1. Wow! Thanks! Drop by and become a person of interest!

    2. I already am I do believe.... Remember I am the one who met you because of that wonderful last name!! LOL

  5. I already have my copy....I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your stories!


  6. Wonderful memories. I did not live on a farm but a small rual town where Daddy was a social worker. Not much money either. We always got our new shoes at the start of the school year.

    Now, the important part of your current story, The Faces of Ecil series and, especially, your new book, Rage.

    The Faces of Evil series is excellent. If you like spectacular Romantic Suspense, this series is for you.

    One of the reasons that the series works so well is that you have managed to combine an action-packed plot with a character driven plot, not an easy feat.

    Jess and Dan are the main characters in all of the books. Given their past history, each book allows them to cautiously come to terms with their feelings for each other in a second chance at love while at the same time that they are dealing with murder and mayhem, including a serial killer.

    Jess is a kick-ass, independent heroine whose continual determination to do things her own way, even if they are outside Police protocol, drives Dan crazy. He is very protective of her and always has her back which is not easy since he is the Chief of Police.
    Another great aspect of the series is that you allow the reader to see the flaws of Jess and Dan as well as those other recurring characters. You feel invested in the characters with respect to their personal and professional lives.

    Each book in the series is a fast read because you become so caught up in it. The first three books are Obsession, Impulse, and Power.

    There is a good reason that RT Magazine gave Rage, the fourth book in the series, 4 1/2 stars.
    Rage was released yesterday and I cannot wait to receive and read it! You have posted the first three chapters of Rage on website. If you read them, you will be hooked.

    I highly recommend Rage and the other books in the series. I guarantee that if you read Rage first, you will go back and read the earlier books.

    Marijane Diodati

  7. Debra,
    Having grown up on a farm I can agree that it is a great place to grow up and not having a lot helps you learn to appreciate what you do have. Don't you think that the lack of a computer and pletora of television channels helped spark and keep your creative mind?
    If life will cooperate I will read Rage this weekend. I cannot wait to see where have taken this story and where Jess and Dan take their relationship.
    This series just keeps getting better and better as it goes along!

    1. Thanks, Linda! You are correct. I firmly believe that my country upbringing helped fuel my twisted mind!

  8. My Dad has dementia and memories are going away. It's a bad thing not to have the one thing you have in your older age. But yes, memories are a wonderful thing!!!

    1. Oh, Vicki, I'm so sorry. My husband's mother spent her final years that way. Hugs to you!

  9. Nice title for the series

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  10. Love you and your sister got to go back. Reading was one of those special times for me as a child and still is.

    Can't wait to dive into Rage. The first three volumes just kept me reading and reading till I reached the end. Thank goodness for Kindle as I could read late while dear husband slept away. :-)

    1. Thanks, Sanat! Yes, my sister and I had a great time!

  11. The series sounds so intense.

    Looking back can often be a good thing.


  12. I don't write but I started reading really young to escape into other worlds where kids had happy childhoods. Now as an adult I read to travel and experience fun and romance, especially after two failed marriages. I have severe RA so I can't do to much traveling and the books I read give me the opportunity to go places that I'll never see in person. You are one of my favorite authors and I can't wait to read this series.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  13. The Faces of Evil series is just a roller coaster of intense thrill and suspense. I just love the storyline in each of the books. First I just need to get through Rage and then the next book when it comes out. Thanks for the adventures and suspense.


  14. I have been wanting these books!! They sound just awesome. Can't wait to read them. Thanks for the chance to win.

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  15. thanks for the fun post! Congrats on the new release and the success of your series! I am woefully behind... but I love that I have the first two books on my kindle waiting for a free moment :) Just gotta go lock myself away!


    1. Enjoy, Erin! I hope you'll enjoy the entire series!

  16. Congrats finally on the release of Rage. Been looking forward to reading it.


  17. Wow haven't heard of your books yet!! Thank you for being apart of this blog!! I have a new book to add to my tbr!!


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