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Congratulations to "bn100", the winner of Dale's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

Authenticity is important when I write. I want the readers to feel and see what I see in my mind. And my mind is a wild and wacky place to describe!

The only problem with authenticity is when I write paranormal stories – such as my Psychic Vision series, or my Vampire Series. It's not like I can cross over to the ethers and give you all an accurate description of life on the other side [Or can I? ;)] But one way or another, I have to make the reader believe that the characters can. That can be challenging.

In my Family Blood Ties, there is a whole paranormal world building to consider. It's a dystopian story where vampires and humans co-exist peacefully – at least on the surface. But in the Psychic Visions series, these characters live in our contemporary world. As this is fiction, I can invent some stuff, but I can also draw on the many different paranormal studies that have been done, and are continuing to be done around the world.

And some of that material is fascinating. Consider some of the great psychics in history like Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, Lydia Clar, Elizabeth Baron and of course John Edward. These are just a few of many – some well known and some that prefer to say hidden.

The issue isn't whether you believe these people can do what they say they can do, but that they raise that wonderful question – can they do these things?

Because it's that question that is so important to my fiction.

I don't need my readers to believe in the paranormal, but they need to be willing to suspend their beliefs and take a journey into the paranormal through my books.

There are so many different paranormal or psychic abilities to work with. A few examples include:

1.       Clairaudience: is the ability to hear things that are normally inaudible to others. 
2.       Clairempathy: is the ability to feel emotions from beyond natural realms.
3.       Divine Intervention: Spontaneous spiritual visions that can guide and direct the seer.
4.       Empath: A psychic empath - or sensitive - takes on other people's feelings of pain or pleasure, actually feeling the emotions of others. 
5.       Energetic Healing: A psychic ability to clear, repair and balance the body's energy systems by seeing and manipulating the aura.
6.       Lucid Dreaming: The ability to wake up inside a dream and experience an alternate reality.
7.       Medium: A psychic who connects with spirits of people who have died and sometimes with entities such as angels.

Part of the fascination readers have with my series is that eternal – What if...?
I doubt I'll run out of ideas for this series any time soon, because like my readers...this field is fascinating. And what a writer can do with a little bit of fact is...well...amazing! :)

Do you believe in the paranormal? I am giving away a digital copy of Garden of Sorrow – book 4 in the Psychic Vision series. Book 1 – Tuesday's Child is free!

Garden of Sorrow 
Her world is in chaos. His world is in order. She wants to help the innocent. He wants to catch the guilty. But someone is trying to make sure that neither gets what they want.

Alexis Gordon has spent the last year trying to get over the loss of her sister. Then she goes to work on a normal day...and reality as she knows it...disappears.

Detective Kevin Sutherland, armed with his own psychic abilities, recognizes her gift and calls in his friend Stefan Kronos, a psychic artist and law enforcement consultant, to help her develop her skills. 

But Kevin has never seen anything like this case - a killer with a personal vendetta to stop Alexis from finding out more about him...and his long dead victims.

The killer can be stopped. He must be stopped. But he's planning on surviving...even after death.

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  1. I read Hide 'n Go Seek last year and really enjoyed it!!

  2. Hi Amy,

    I'm delighted to hear that! That is one of my favorites. I'm shipping book 5 off to the editor today! :)

  3. No, not really

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Hi Bn100
      Nice to see you here! Thanks for stopping by and good luck with the draw.


  4. Paranormal... I believe that people have gifts and that there are unknowns out there... thanks for sharing today Dale!

    1. Hi Colleen,

      Thanks for stopping by! There is a lot we don't know in this area! I'd love for more research to be done myself. :)

  5. I'm not sure that I do believe, but I will not just dismiss the possibility out of hand.


    1. Hi Mary,

      Keeping an open mind is so important! :)

  6. Thanks for the fun post and congrats on the newest release! I actually just picked up Tuesday's Child and I can't wait to start reading :) I don't believe in the paranormal in real life, but I do love to read about it!

    1. Hi Erin,

      How nice that you have Tuesday's Child! There are 4 books in that series and I just shipped off the 5th to my editor. :)

      I'm glad you love to read about it - that's good news for me!

  7. I do. Looking forward to reading your new book.

    1. Hi donnas,

      Thanks! Book 5 in this series is set for a summer release! :)


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