Saturday, March 23, 2013

What If...???

Congratulations to "Jessica H", the winner in Connie's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

I love that question. For me—and for many of the writers I know—those two little words are the starting place for any story. They open a portal into another world and set the stage for an adventure.

What if…??

That’s how Angel Falls, my new romantic suspense, started. My father was born in Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil, and on a trip there, I learned about the street children. For years, swarms of orphaned and abandoned children roamed the downtown area. I was horrified and started wondering…what if your father dropped you off as a six-year-old and left you there? What would you do? How would you survive? And who would you grow up to be?

Those questions became Regina, my fiercely protective, switchblade-toting orphanage director and heroine of Angel Falls.

A heroine like that needed a very special hero, so I looked to our military, people I hold in the highest esteem. Former Army Ranger Books Anderson is the hero Regina needs—but certainly not one she wants.

Regina needs help protecting her best friend’s baby, but Brooks never wants to protect anyone again. Ever. Not after the failure of his last mission.

Then came more what-if questions. What if they were chased across Brazil?

Part of my trip included a visit to Iguacu Falls—one of the largest waterfalls in the world. The falls straddle the border between Brazil and Argentina and make Niagara Falls look tiny by comparison. On the Argentine side, there are old-fashioned catwalks suspended directly above the falls. The spray soaked us to the skin as we looked down at the rushing water disappearing under our feet. We slipped and slid along the catwalks, the concrete slabs shifting with every step, and I knew this had to be the climax scene of a story. How could it not?

So, what if…?

After all the questions were asked, here is a quick blurb about Angel Falls.

Two pasts collide in a deadly race to save an orphaned baby…

She’ll do whatever it takes to protect her best friend’s baby. He won’t protect anyone ever again. The last time he tried, they died. But when bullets fly, Brazilian orphanage director Regina da Silva and burned-out Army Ranger Brooks Anderson dive headlong into danger to protect one defenseless child. As the danger closes in, they’ll have to trust each other to stay alive. Will that be enough to save their little angel—and themselves—from certain death?

I’m very excited that Angel Falls is now available from Abingdon Press in both print and eBook. It received a Four-Star review from RT Book Reviews and bestselling author Debbie Macomber called it, “Non-stop action, heart-pounding excitement!”

If you leave a comment about this post, you’ll have a chance to win a copy of Angel Falls (print copy, US only).

Thanks for the chance to visit with you! I’d love to hear what you think of Brooks and Regina’s story.

Connie Mann loves stories of suspense, adventure and second chances. She offers encouragement to busy women on her blog: and is an active member of Romance Writers of America and American Christian Fiction Writers. She’s also a USCG-licensed boat captain, so when she’s not writing, she’s usually on Central Florida’s waterways with local school children or her fabulous family.

If you’re interested in more of the what-ifs behind Angel Falls, please check out the book trailer:

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  1. I really like the sound of this book. I haven't read anything by Connie Mann before but I will definitely be giving her books a try.

  2. Ooooh, sounds like a legend read! Being foreign myself, I always love reading books set in foreign settings-- and I've yet to go to Brazil!


  3. This site rocks for introducing me to new authors. Connie, your what if's look like a thrilling read.

  4. WOW..can't wait to read Angel Falls. janet at jsnell dot org

  5. It sounds like two very interesting characters have a great story to share... thanks for introducing your book! :)

  6. Thanks so much, everyone! So nice to "meet" you here! I do hope you'll let me know what you think of Brooks and Regina's story...:) Good luck on the drawing

  7. I love the what if game. I actually play a version of this with my grandkids. I love those non stop romantic suspense books. I have been known to miss sleep to finish a good book. thanks for the giveaway. trishleroy49 at gmail dot com

  8. Nice blurb


  9. I loved TRAPPED! - so excited to read about your latest release. Looking forward to reading ANGEL FALLS!

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

  10. Angel Falls now tops the TBR list; it sounds like a dynamite read. Love how you described Regina!

  11. It looks like an exciting story with a tough heroine, my favorite kind.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  12. Romantic suspense is my very favorite!! This one sounds really good and I'd love to be entered. Thanks for the chance.

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  13. This sounds exciting! Thanks for sharing and congrats on the new release! Definitely sounds original too :)


  14. The book cover looks like the Devil's Fall in South America. I can never pronounce that name in Spanish. I love the book cover and the story concept. Thanks for the giveaway.


  15. This sounds like an interesting book. I am always looking for new books and authors to try. Thank you for this giveaway!

    Shelleybp (at) live (dot) com

  16. Glad to find another author to follow. Have to keep feedng the reading addiction! What if.....

  17. I'm so excited to read BOTH of your books! My sister turned me onto you. :-) Ruelf (at) bellsouth (dot) net


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