Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Middle Name Is Intrigue

Congratulations to "Kai", the winner in Stephanie's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

I’m thrilled to be your guest, Maureen! I love the intriguing notion of your blog about Just Romantic Suspense. But then, my middle name is INTRIGUE. (not really—figuratively speaking)

Whenever I sit down to write a romance my pen roams toward  suspense and I end up with at least one dead body somewhere, along with sundry other crimes and misdemeanors. But even the edge of suspense doesn’t dull the humor inherent in my voice, thus my novels always include a dash of wit. Let me tell you about my latest “romantic comedy suspense” featuring my new favorite dashing hero--

THE HOT SHOTS, book 2 in the Scotland Yard Exchange Program series, is all about larger than life action, adventure and romance. Can you say “Bond, James Bond”?  If ever there was a character I’ve fantasized about, the iconic James Bond is the one.

With lots of comic comparisons and satiric references to James Bond, my novel was released on November 15th,, appropriately about the same time as the newest James Bond movie,  Skyfall. I had lots of fun with the parallels to the iconic Bond in my story about a British counter terrorism agent who is sent to Boston and ends up on the run with a redheaded spitfire bombshell. Said spitfire absolutely refuses to buy into the Bond girl image she finds herself running up against. My characters, Chauncey and Sophia, don’t fall out of the sky, but they do jump off the USS Constitution into Boston Harbor to escape a terrorist with a grudge. Intrigued?
That’s all I’m saying. You’ll have to read the book to get the rest.

Leave a comment about your favorite Bond movie for a chance to win the new audiobook release of The Throwbacks, book 1 of the Scotland Yard Exchange Program series.

 About the author
Stephanie Queen lives in bucolic New Hampshire where writing happy, snappy romances takes most of her time. However you can also find her watching UConn football and basketball games whenever they’re on TV, and sometimes even in person. Right now, she’s busy writing her next book in the Scotland Yard Exchange Program Series. Visit her website to learn more at or connect with Stephanie Queen on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. My favorite Bond movie is The Spy Who Loved Me. I liked the Voodoo.

  2. Casino royale


  3. Any Bond movie starring Sean Connery - hard to say which one is my favorite.

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

  4. I haven't seen a Bond movie in many years, so it's difficult to choose a favorite. I was a big Roger Moore fan, but I'd have to say that Sean Connery was a better James Bond.

  5. You guys are great! My favorite Bond movie was Live or Let Die, partly because of the great Paul McCartney title song and partly because of the really cool boat chase scene!

    Thanks for reminiscing all about Bond with me!
    Stephanie Queen

  6. Mine would be Goldfinger. I called Sean Connery time frame the classic James Bond. Now Skyfall is definitely the modern James Bond with Daniel Craig. Both are definitely yummy.

    1. Oops forgot my email address:


  7. Sounds like a great series. ~Angi


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