Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What A Nightmare

Congratulations to "Taurus", the winner of Toni's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated.

I’m not someone who has wildly exciting dreams. They usually involve being chased by Tyrannosaurus rex, or gorillas, or trying to go through ever increasingly smaller doorways. I’m sure there’s a very interesting psychology behind these dreams but they’ve never sparked an idea for a story (although I suspect Michael Creighton shared the T-rex one as a young man :)).

About eighteen months ago I awoke from a nightmare with the sweat pouring off my skin and my heart literally pounding. I’d had an incredibly vivid dream where I was pushing a stroller along this country lane. My daughter (as a toddler) was balancing on fallen logs and running through dead leaves at the side of the lane. Then she disappeared from sight but it’s like she disappeared off the face of the earth because the whole world went silent—even the birds in the trees and the rustle of leaves.  The baby is in the stroller and he starts to fuss. And then this man walks out of the trees and holds up my daughter’s coat. The man is wearing a black mask and I can’t see his face. I’m paralyzed. I don’t have time to get the baby out and run and even if I did, I can’t leave my daughter. I wake up just as the man is coming toward me and I’m just standing there like the proverbial deer in headlights.

Ugh, I can’t even tell you how awful that dream was.

But then I connected the dream to a story idea I’d been playing with, a Romantic Suspense set in a remote community on Vancouver Island, and suddenly I had everything I needed to start the new story. An old mystery intertwining with a new one, and a hot romance :). That story is DANGEROUS WATERS and releases today!

Known as the Graveyard of the Pacific, Barkley Sound is notorious for surging swells with the power to pull helpless victims into its merciless abyss…

Sergeant Holly Rudd arrives in the coastal community of Bamfield after local divers discover a body with a knife jutting from its chest in the waters of Barkley Sound. As she investigates the crime, Holly soon realizes the sleepy town is rife with secrets. But what unsettles her most is the residents’ insistence that she bears a striking resemblance to the victim of a murder from three decades earlier. She shrugs off the uncanny likeness as a coincidence. But her simmering attraction to Finn Carver, one of the divers who discovered the corpse, isn’t so easy to ignore.

Finn, a former Special Forces soldier, knows it’s best to keep his distance from Holly. Yet it isn’t long before they both give in to the consuming desire they share. And as the danger escalates, Finn and Holly must rely on each other to thwart the plans of a cold-blooded killer who’s intent on keeping the past buried.

So—what do you dream about?

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  1. Happy Release Day, Toni. I usually don't remember my dreams. I do remember some of them having to do with me back in school.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  2. I feel like I am missing something!! My hubby wakes up with these vivid dreams. Ieam epic stories. I remember nothing!! I must be a log when I sleep. I cant wait to reD your newest book. Really sounds good. Trishleroy49 at gmail dot com

  3. Ooh, sounds slightly reminiscent of the TV show Haven! I'll have to check out the book. Very creepy dream, had to be horrifying, but good results :)

    I'm jealous of those whose dreams don't invade their sleep. My vivid, epic dreams leave me exhausted. :) I just woke up from one that combined last night's Castle with my website development. It was HTML with guns!

  4. I seldom remember my dreams, too busy sleeping...when I do remember they are usually bizare...lsscarchuk@att.net

  5. I gave JRS the wrong link for my newsletter http://eepurl.com/rpTMD
    Sorry, about that.

  6. Thanks, Jane. I have a few missed exam dreams but nothing about school LOL. Although, looking back it was a bit of a nightmare...

  7. Trish, thanks--and I'd take the good night's sleep any day :)

  8. Nat--thanks. LOL at the Castle dream. I love that show but last night's episode was kind of odd. And HTML is not my friend :)

  9. LS--I don't remember many dreams either, I think that's why I was so freaked by the nightmare.

  10. The Newsletter link has been updated. :)

  11. Yeah, I'm never looking at Vancouver Island the same way again... and I'm definitely never diving there! :)

    I rarely remember my dreams (which is normal!) and don't have any vivid recollections of epic nightmares, so I guess I haven't had a really awful one! They'd probably involve my bacteria coming to get me, haha [I'm a microbiology doctoral student]

    Happy release day!


  12. LOL Cris--thanks :) If I did micro I'd have more nightmares ;) Know people who work with Ebola and Marburgs. Eek!!!

  13. Maureen--thanks. I signed up to Mail Chimp. I like it better so far. You rock, BTW.

  14. Congrats on your release! :)
    Dreams... I do not tend to remember them much... just once in a while I will remember one when it is extremely dramatic or real like.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Your dream is very interesting Toni,
    & what I like the way you made a connection from the dream to an
    actual story in the "real world". I just wrote your name on my 'to read' list.
    Congratulations on your book!


  17. Wow... I can't believe the people who don't remember their dreams. I wish I couldn't! I have the general "run from the killer" to end of the world nightmares. One of the worst was an atomic bomb went off and the only survivors were my younger brother and I. I found a cave and scavenged food to take care of us. I had to beat back "melting" people and deformed(limbless)beings. It was terrifying when I realized one was a family member.

    The scariest was I was asleep with a hallway light on so my young sons could find their way to the bathroom in the night. I woke up and saw a man with a knife standing in my bedroom doorway. Luckily the phone woke me up.... only to realize the man was still standing there. I flew out of bed trying to come up with a plan to save my sons...terrified I might be too late. The phone rang and this time really woke me up. I remember crying for a long time and sitting & watching my sons sleep.

    I'm so interested in your book! Look forward to reading it! Thanks for stopping in!


    1. Jo--wow, they are dramatic dreams! A dream within a dream--terrifying!

  18. After the college footfall upset this past weekend, I dreamed of the Rose Bowl Football Game. I left my car parked at the Rose Bowl and came home. In the dream, there was no indication that how I got home. One moment, I was at the Rose Bowl and the next moment I was home with no car.

    I panicked because I need my car the next day to get to work. No one in the family was giving me a ride to the Rose Bowl to get my car. The next thing was I woke up and all I could think of was I need to go to the Rose Bowl to pick up my car. It took me several seconds to realize, it was all a dream.


    1. I know nothing about football!!
      LOL at the car dream, but it isn't funny when you are in it.

  19. Congratulations on your new release, Toni!

    Every so often I dream about one or both parents - I believe the dreams are triggered by issues family members are dealing with.

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

  20. Sounds fantastic :) I'm so boring... I usually dream about work.


  21. Usually crazy stuff at work that makes no sense at all!!! Thanks for the chance.

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  22. I won a copy of SEA OF SUSPICION, and really enjoyed it.If you do not win it, buy it. you will not regret it. I am looking forward to reading Dangerous Waters. annpa@gmail.com

  23. Hi,

    I tend to dream about the last thing I thought of before falling asleep. So what I read often dictates my dreams. Nothing too scary thank goodness.


  24. Don't remember



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