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Ten Things You'll Learn from Reading SEDUCTION UNDER FIRE

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Melissa Cutler here, and I'm so excited to be at Just Romantic Suspense today talking about my Harlequin Romantic Suspense debut, SEDUCTION UNDER FIRE, which is in stores now. I love enemies-to-lovers stories, and let me tell you, Aaron Montgomery and Camille Fisher hate each other's guts when this book starts. So how do you get two people who fight like cats in a bag to realize they're actually in love? Simple! Put them on the run in Mexico where they're forced to work together to stay alive while rescuing a lost little girl.

Camille is a tough-as-nails cop and one of my favorite characters I've written. She's like a female MacGyver, improvising weaponry and hatching plan after brilliant plan to keep her and Aaron from biting the dust. The one thing that trips her up? The way she feels every time Aaron looks at her with those striking blue eyes like she's his own personal all-you-can-eat buffet.

Throughout the story, Camille learns a lot about herself and about falling in love, but you know what? There's a lot that we ladies can learn from her too. I'm sharing ten of them with you here…

What You'll Learn from Kickass Cop Camille in SEDUCTION UNDER FIRE:

When it comes to guns, size matters.

A perfectly reasonable way to celebrate escaping your kidnappers is to chop all your pesky hair off.

Yes, you can improvise a screwdriver using your bra.

There's a huge difference between fondling and cuddling.

Building a bomb might take longer than you think, especially if the only workspace available was the site of your last (*ahem*) indiscretion.

Sometimes, you have to get lost in Mexico in order to find yourself.

Zip tie bindings are no match for the right shoelaces.

Not every owner of a flashy sports car is compensating for his…er… shortcomings.

It's definitely possible, though ill-advised, to skydive in a business suit.

If you're stuck in Mexico on your birthday, the best present you can give yourself is unwrapping the hot guy you're trapped with—but be careful because you might just lose your heart to him in the process.

Don't believe me about the bra screwdriver? Trust me, it works! Here's the scene straight from SEDUCTION UNDER FIRE:

Aaron’s heart pounded so loudly, he was surprised Camille couldn’t hear it. Without weapons to defend themselves, they were as good as dead.
“Camille, I’m running out of ideas.” He glanced in her direction. What he saw was so at odds with what he expected that words died in his throat. Trying to ignore the taut points of her nipples beneath her thin white camisole, he watched her bite a hole in the beige bra she held.
“You got a weapon stashed in there or something?”
She ignored him and pulled a long, thin wire from inside the bra cup, then snapped it in half. “Bet you didn’t know underwire is flat like a screwdriver.”
“No, can’t say I’ve thought much about bras except how to get them off as quickly as possible.”
Rolling her eyes, she turned away and put her bra on. Once she’d righted her clothes, she knelt before the door that led outside. Using the blunt end of the underwire, she loosened the doorknob’s screws.
"Throwing a doorknob at them is better than nothing, but hardly game changing, MacGyver.”
She glanced sideways at him. “You’re a dense man. We’ve been over this already. I hate nicknames. Take off one of your socks so we can put the doorknob in it. We can do serious damage to someone’s head that way.”
Aaron grinned, genuinely impressed. Even so, he couldn’t stem the urge to tease her. “I didn’t think a chick would be so handy to have around.”
She jumped to her feet and rushed him. With fiery eyes, she poked him hard in the chest and waved the underwire beneath his nose. “You ought to show more respect to the person who’s saving your life.” She poked him again. “I’m not one of those helpless cupcakes you waste your time with. I graduated head of my class at the police academy and was the first female Special Forces Officer in San Diego. Those sons of bitches have no idea what a mistake they made messing with me.”
Aaron held up his hands in surrender. The gesture lost significance by the fact that he was chuckling. For some sick and twisted reason he didn’t care to analyze, he liked her when she was all riled up this way.

SEDUCTION UNDER FIRE is in stores now:

Giveaway: I'm giving away a copy (print or digital) of SEDUCTION UNDER FIRE to one commenter, so tell me…what's the most "MacGyver-ish" thing you've ever done?

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  1. I am not too MacGyver-ish but we did have to improvise after we didn't have electricity for a few days after the storm and you can cook eggs on your cast iron skillet and heat water on your grill I now know.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  2. Being a single mom of 2 boys I put together and repaired more things. Desks and entertainment centers and beds and repairing large holes in the wall. But I will never forget my "fail" When my youngest was 2 I bought a little metal tricycle for him and it was all in pieces and had to be put together. Took me forever but I did it - YEAH right. Well he went out to ride it and not long after the older kids in the neighborhood brought it back in pieces :) After that I only bought bikes that were already put together :)
    cynthia0o at hotmail dot com

  3. LOL...duct tape can fix a multitude of problems. I'm all for "doing what you can with what you have". Last year my 3 grandsons couldn't find the "keyblade" they wanted for Halloween so we took cardboard and different colored duct tape to make them. Success! Just don't leave them out in the rain.

  4. wow it sounds like a awesome book i can't wait to learn those ten things,I love getting on just romance suspense cause I find all these new authors that I haven't read and i love suspense books thank you for putting your book up here.Debra Stolhand(

  5. My thanks to Just Romantic Suspense for hosting me today. I definitely agree with Maureen, Cindy, and Brenda that I'm most motivated to be MacGyver-ish when it's something for my family. Kids especially. What was so fun about writing Camille was I kept writing her into impossible situations, then having to come up with a way to get her out. It was like solving a really fun puzzle. And, yes, I did do the underwire screwdriver maneuver with every single door knob in our house, just to make sure it worked.:)

  6. MacGyver-ish eh? You mean you actually *watched* what he did instead of watching him???

    Can I lie and make something up? :D

    A really fab excerpt - what a hook! Best wishes for your release . . willa (at) talktalk (dot) net.

  7. Hi Melissa,

    Your books sounds so good. I suppose the most MacGyver thing I have every done, was breaking in to my own house after I locked myslf out, by crawling in through a window I opened from outside.

    yenastone at aol dot com

  8. It looks like tons of interesting and fun things I'll find in this book! I would say the most MacGyver-ish thing I've done is make a makeshift cover for my vacuum. Dust kept blowing out of my tunnel so I had to do something.


  9. I haven't done anything super cool and MacGyverish that I can remember, but I'm always fixing things around the house using whatever I have handy. Throw in an explosion and I'm in!

    By the way, I loved SEDUCTION UNDER FIRE! I own the paper version and I have it in my Kindle (phone app)!

    1. I remember seeing some of MacGyver when I was young... the things he could do... for myself, I am pretty decent on fixing things and tend to be creative, but I really do not recall doing anything MacGyverish. Unless you count losing the knob for the portable fan and using a penny in the slot to be able to turn it on & off MacGyverish... LOL!

    2. That'll count, Colleen! lol
      We do what we have to, in a pinch.

      Willa, I'm so glad you enjoyed the excerpt. I love the way Aaron and Camille interact! There's always some degree of reluctant affection underneath the conflict.

      Na, that vaccuum cover sounds pretty nifty. Definitely qualifies.

      Thanks everyone for stopping by and reading the blog!

      FYI: one of the secondary characters in the book gets his own story this coming June, titled TEMPTED INTO DANGER. See if you can figure out who while you're reading it!


  10. Nice excerpt. Haven't done anything like Macguyer.


  11. I haven't done anything as cool as MacGyver. I do minor repairs around the house and assembly toys around the holidays. It's amazing how many decals go on some of those models.

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

  12. It's amazing how useful a shoelace can be. I've used them to stake up plants, hold things together in bundles & as a child's tie belt when in a rush.


  13. The closest McGwyerish thing I did was improvising the Bride and Groom figurine on the wedding cake by decorating with real sweet peas flowers just before the wedding cake was going to be cut by the bride and groom (the bride is my sister). My sister would have been so bridezella that her perfect wedding banquet has been ruined.


  14. Mary, you're so right about shoelaces!

    My deep gratitude to Just Romantic Suspense for hosting me today. The giveaway is open for another day, so keep those comments coming.

  15. This is the kind of book that I absolutely love. I have always been the fixer upper in this house, car, appliances ,things around the house, kids, husband.Nothing way out there though, no guns, knives,or dealing with baddies thank

  16. Eep! Tough one! ;D I did once pick a lock with my hairpin. Honestly, also never managed to repeat the deed again. ;)

    elvenspirit at gmail dot com

  17. Great post. The book sounds really good. I don't know that I have done many things like Macgyver but my colleague does. She is amazing with paper clips! Thanks for the fun post!

    Amy at Remus dot net

    1. Paper clips are a great MacGyver-ish tool! In one of my romantic suspense books that's coming out next year, SECRET AGENT SECRETARY, the heroine does some pretty nifty things to the bad guys using paper clips.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog, Amy!

  18. I loved to watch Macgyver as a kid! I thought he was so cool coming up with all of those idea. Me on the other, I am not that creative. The most creative thing I have come up with lately is for my preschool students to use a pencil eraser to put spots on their dog. The creative one is my husband! The book sounds really interesting!

    1. That pencil eraser trick sounds great. I bet my kids would love to do art like that. Might have to try...

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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