Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Drive Me To Distraction

Congratulations to "Trish J.", the winner of Caitlyn's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

Hi, I’m Cait Nicholas, and I’m thrilled to be here today talking about my latest release, DRIVE ME TO DISTRACTION

Alex is not a girly-girl, she spends her days racing Formula 1 cars, fulfilling her father’s dreams and making waves in the English F1 circuit. Alex faces an endless battle to be taken seriously in a man’s world.  Just when it seems she’s going to have to give up everything she’s worked so hard for, Rob Dryden, reluctant owner of an F1 team announces he’s looking for a female driver.

Hamish MacCameron does not like Rob Dryden, in fact he’ll do anything in his power to destroy him.  If revenge on the Drydens includes blackmailing the lovely Alex into his bed, so much the better.

When MacCameron ends up dead, Rob and Alex are top suspects on the list. All the secrets and lies come out and Alex ends up as the star of a viral You Tube video, and not in a good way.

Drive Me To Distraction by Caitlyn Nicholas

Sometimes life or death decisions are easy. Alex Radford has a choice – borrow the money to treat her mother’s rare and aggressive cancer from sleazy moneylender Hamish MacCameron. Or do nothing and watch her die.

MacCameron has an agenda. He wants Alex in his bed, and he wants her to help him exact revenge on his sworn enemy, Robert Dryden. He is only too happy to lend her what she needs, but the strings attached form a tangled web from which Alex has little hope of escape.

It’s not all bad. Since she was a girl Alex has had one dream: to become a Formula 1 driver and show the boys how to drive a race car. MacCameron’s money gives her a shot at fame, and in a move that scandalizes the F1 racing fraternity she becomes the new driver for Rob Dryden’s struggling F1 team, Prometheus.

Alex tries to keep her distance from Rob, knowing that one day she will need to betray one of the few people who ever had faith in her. But things begin to unravel when Hamish MacCameron is murdered and she and Rob are the top suspects on the list …

Drive Me To Distraction is my third full-length novel, and is available from 1 November 2012 in e-book format. I will be giving away a digital copy of Drive Me To Distraction to one lucky reader leaving a comment.

You can find it here, with a sample chapter if you’d like to read more: http://momentumbooks.com.au/books/drive-me-to-distraction/

I also have a Geek Girl saves the world novella, Dark Moon Rising, being published in late December 2012 (check my website / blog for the details about that one – I don’t have them yet!)

You can find me online at: http://www.caitlynnicholas.com

Giveaway ends 11:59pm EST Nov. 7th. Please supply your email in the post. You may use spaces or full text for security. (ex. jsmith at gmail dot com) If you do not wish to supply your email, or have trouble posting, please email maureen@justromanticsuspense.com with a subject title of JRS GIVEAWAY to be entered in the current giveaway.


  1. I have never read any of your books, looking forward to it, I love finding new authors...lsscarchuk@att.net

    1. Thanks LS, I hope you enjoy my book! Let me know what you think :)

  2. I can honestly say I have never read a book both a Formula 1 race car driver as the heroine. Sounds interesting. Thanks for the giveaway. Trishleroy49 at gmail dot com

  3. It is totally fun to read about a Protagonist like this Caitlyn.
    I bet it was fun to write too!


    1. Alex was huge fun to write! Thanks Janet :)

  4. Enjoy watching NASCAR racing... never actually got into Formula 1... your book sounds very interesting... I like that the heroine is a racer... thank you for sharing a bit about it with us today! :)

  5. A woman breaking into a man's world: Racing. Poor Alex. She is stuck between a rock and a hard place. I would love to find out what happens to Alex.


  6. Formula 1 is not a world I know anything about. Good thing I like to learn. There is certainly a lot of excitement in DRIVE ME TO DISTRACTION. Women can do everything!!


    1. I completely agree, they CAN do everything :) Thanks Mary!

  7. I saw the link to this blog on Twitter and and so glad I took a peek. Not only do I love romantic-suspense, but strong, self-reliant heroines are my favourite. I ride a motorbike, so am sure I'll connect well with rev-head Alex. Best of luck with book sales Caitlyn!
    msogrady at bigpond dot com

  8. I am totally not a girly-girl either. I'd rather watch football than bake, and drive a car fast than be a silent passenger. I think I'll love this one! But my 4 year old daughter is all about the frilly stuff, especially if it's pink :)

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Heather E

  9. I would imagine that there are a number of people who hated Hamish.
    It will be interesting to see who did him in.

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com


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