Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Secrets Secrets

Congratulations to "Ann Q", the winner of Elle's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated.

Character baggage is a must-have in a romantic suspense novel, at least in my humble opinion.  There’s nothing more intriguing than a character with secrets, especially when those secrets are so explosive that they can put a life in danger if exposed. 

In Colton’s Deep Cover, my latest Harlequin Romantic Suspense title, the heroine has quite a lot of baggage in her past.  Amelia AKA Chloe is running for her life, but when she winds up in Eden Falls and meets Dr. Derek Colton, she doesn’t want to run anymore.  She wants to stay in town, work as Derek’s nurse, and pretend the past never happened.

But the past refuses to stay buried.  And her handsome boss is no dummy—he knows something is up, and he’s determined to uncover Amelia’s secrets.

Here’s a little teaser…

Discreetly loitering by his receptionist’s desk, Derek watched the exchange happening across the room, wondering why he couldn’t shake the unsettling feeling churning in his gut. 

Amelia had been unusually jumpy today.  Scratch that—she was always jumpy, which was probably why he constantly found himself second-guessing his decision to hire her. 

He couldn’t deny her skill, though.  The woman was damn good at her job, possessing a gentle bedside manner and the kind of swift efficiency he couldn’t help but admire.  She’d displayed courage and grace under pressure when she’d helped him treat Violet Chastain, despite having been thrust into the task right in the middle of her job interview.  She’d impressed the hell out of him then, and she continued to impress him now.

But...something about the woman didn’t sit right with him.  He got the feeling there was a lot more to Amelia Phillips than met the eye, but he’d yet to figure out if she was secretive by nature, or just keeping secrets.

As you can see, Derek is fascinated and suspicious of Amelia right off the bat.  But that doesn’t mean he’s not equally attracted.  Besides, Derek has some baggage of his own…

I hope Derek and Chloe’s story has sparked your interest.  This is the third book in HRS’s new Coltons of Eden Falls miniseries, which offers a fabulous lineup of authors:

Book #1 Colton Destiny by Justine Davis (Out now!)
Book #2 Colton’s Ranch Refuge by Beth Cornelison (Out now!)
Book #3 Colton’s Deep Cover by Elle Kennedy (November 2012)
Book #4 Colton Showdown by Marie Ferrarella (December 2012)

Today I’ll be giving away a copy of Colton’s Deep Cover so make sure to leave a comment/enter the draw for a chance to win!  Or order your copy from Amazon!


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  1. I love the suspense with the romance, would love to win this, thanks

  2. What a great teaser! Nothing like a little suspense in the romance to spice things up. Even with secrets, love finds a way. I've not started reading this series but you have convinced me. Smile. Thanks for sharing with your readers.
    grandmabkr at yahoo dot com

  3. Romantic Suspense is one of my favorite reads! Thanks for the chance to win! Have a great day Elle!


  4. Sounds like another winner to me!

  5. Sounds like another winner to me!

  6. I just finished Midnight Rescue. WOW!! I love romantic suspense and that book had everything!! I am ordering the first 2 in the Colton series. Put my name in the hat to win a copy of Colton's Deep Cover. Thanks for the giveaway!! trishleroy49 at gmail dot com

  7. Some romantic suspense to grab our interest is always welcome!!!

    diane dot sadler at gmail dot com

  8. Can't wait! I love all your books!

  9. Definitely a great teaser! I am obsessed with romantic suspense, and I am always excited to discover an author that I feel a connection to. Writing style is very important when I lose myself in a book. I love it!


  10. I love romantic books that always have heros in them debra

  11. Hi

    I have read several of your books and love romantic suspense stories.

    Thanks for the chance

  12. Oooh I am liking the sound of this book... I have not gotten into this series yet, but will definitely make note of it. Love Harlequin and its authors! Thanks for sharing today! :)

  13. A past full of secrets sounds pretty good!


  14. I like your idea of "secrets" Elle. I would like to read one of your books to see how you do this.
    Please enter me in your draw.


  15. This book sounds really good! I hope I win :)

  16. This sounds good.


  17. I LOVE Elle Kennedy! I also love romantic suspense. This book looks really good too! Can't wait to read it. Thanks for this giveaway!

    ninaXreader at gmail dot com

  18. thanks for the great post and giveaway! Congrats to Elle on the new release! Sounds fantastic!

  19. I love reading Elle Kennedy's romantic suspense books. I can hardly wait for the book to come out.


  20. Love romantic suspense!! Great cover. Book sounds awesome!

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  21. In order to produce the intrigue, one or both of the characters have to have a messy past. My favorite genre.

  22. Congrats on this, Elle! It sounds like a fun series to be a part of!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  23. Big fan of Elle's heat series. This book looks great. I think her romantic suspence writing will be great. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Christinebails at yahoo dot com


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