Saturday, September 15, 2012

For His Eyes Only

Congratulations to email entrant, "Sandra G.", the winner of T.C.'s giveaway. Thank you to all who participated! 

When we decided to write For His Eyes Only, we took cues from Ian Fleming, Alfred Hitchcock, and from that old, but great movie staring Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, Charade. No one is who they seem to be, and our heroine Jesse Evans can’t be sure she can trust the one man who can help her clear her name. The challenge of writing a thriller meant we had to sustain the action for eighty thousand words. So we threw Jesse right into the thick of things and put her on the run from the Columbian guerillas who shot her informant. Once she loses them, she races three kilometers through treacherous Columbian jungle in an effort to save the team who, only hours ago, got the ok from her to go in to rescue an American girl. It was a set-up from the word go.


Jesse Evans is the most wanted woman in the world. She must prove she didn’t sell out the elite Special Ops team she sent into a Columbian village to rescue a little girl, her sister dies. There’s only one man who can save them both. Only that man isn’t who Jesse thinks he is. 


Forty minutes later, the nearby staccato rat-a-tat-tat of machine gun fire sounded in rapid succession.

The village.

Jesse pumped her legs faster, thrashing and clawing through thick foliage. Another volley echoed.

“Come on, Green Team,” she urged. “Kick some drug runners’ ass.”

Muscles burned with the final effort to reach the summit overlooking the village. Branches whipped and tore at her face as she flew through the foliage and burst into the open above the village. She fell to her knees, fumbled the compact binoculars from a thigh pocket, and forced her shaky hands steady enough to scan the village as she dropped to her belly. Armed mercenaries danced in drunken celebration in the village center. Relief tightened her chest at sight of two men wearing U.S. fatigues, hands tied behind their backs and kneeling within the circle of mercenaries.

Green Team.

But Green Team was comprised of six men. Where were the other four? Her heart surged. They had to be hidden in the jungle, preparing to rescue their teammates. If she could find them—several mercenaries near the two men swung their rifles heavenward and fired bursts.

Stay calm, Jesse mentally urged the two Americans.

She scanned the village perimeter. No eyes, glint of metal, or shadow out of place. Dammit, until Green Team wanted to be seen she wouldn’t detect so much as a leaf flutter. She swung the binoculars back to the village center and counted forty-two armed men crowding the small square. Between herself and the four remaining Green Team members, they could—one of the men who had fired his rifle into the air swung the weapon downward. Jesse realized his intent and pushed to her knees as she yanked the 9mm Beretta from her thigh holster. The rifle barrel halted an inch from the nearest Green Team member’s temple. He lunged for the mercenary. The second Green Team member shoved to his feet.

Jesse fired in unison with the boom of the mercenary’s rifle. Blood gushed from the hole blown in the first Green Team member’s head.

We’re going to give away one digital copy of For His Eyes Only to one commenter.

Author Bio--
T. C. Archer is comprised of award winning authors Evan Trevane and Shawn M. Casey.
They live in the Northeast. Evan has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, and Shawn is a
small business owner. Their collaboration began on a lark with the post WWII film noir
story The Pickle My Little Friend, and has evolved into nearly a dozen works, which
includes their new series The Phenom League, and the Daphne Du Maurier winner,
romantic thriller For His Eyes Only.

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  1. ... and my already epic TBR queue grows by one more. I really have to stop visiting this blog :P


  2. Amazing excerpt.. Can't wait to read this!

  3. ROFL. Cris, funny how that TBR pile just keeps getting bigger, isn't it?

  4. I was immediately caught up in this one!

  5. You've got me hooked. Can't wait to read this.
    grandmabkr at yahoo dot com

  6. Great excerpt. Sounds like a great book

  7. Awesome excerpt. Can't wait to read it now.

  8. I love these co-opt stories. Somebody on the team is a traitor and the wrong person has been accused. Looking forward to reading the book.


  9. Sounds like my kind of story, loved the excerpt. And the cover was really awesome. Put my name in for the drawing. Trishleroy49 at gmail dot com

  10. Very nice excerpt.


  11. Wow. I'm hooked. Great except. Like Cris, I've added to my to be read stack(s).....

  12. Wow heroine sounds kickass! Just my type of book.

  13. This is exactly the kind of book that I really enjoy reading.Great to get inspiration from the old classics and give it a modern day spin.

  14. I love books where nothing is as it seems.

    lag110 at mchsi dot com

  15. I like the way to took cues from some of the greats. Please enter me in your draw.


  16. Ohhhh... sounds fantastic! thanks for a fun post and giveaway!


  17. Sounds like an edge of your seat type book! Hitchcock always freaked me out, but given that I don't see myself in the Columbian jungle anytime soon, I suppose I can handle the suspense in this one (I am a wimp when it comes to realistic suspense sometimes - like a stalker or something). :)

    amy at remus dot net

  18. Good luck, everyone! We're pleased the book piqued your interest.

    Amy R--ROFL. Hitchcock was the master, wasn't he?

  19. I love the how it grabs your attention, it leaves you waiting for more! Thanks for the contest.


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