Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SPOTLIGHT on Entangled Publishing

Congratulations to "Jemi F" the winner of Entangled Publishing's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

ENTANGLED PUBLISHING ventured into the Romantic Suspense genre with their Dead Sexy line, and perhaps we're biased, but boy is JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE happy they did!

One of the Dead Sexy launch novels is from an author that resides here on JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE. The lovely and talented, Mallory Kane brings us NO HERO.

New Orleans detective Dev Gautier is no hero, but he has vowed to protect the at-risk teens he mentors. When kids start turning up dead, he’s determined to track their killer, even if it means trusting the one woman who betrayed him.

TV reporter Reghan Conner nearly destroyed Dev Gautier’s life, exposing secrets and revealing his troubled past to the world. But now she holds a vital clue in Dev’s current investigation, and if he has any hope of preventing another murder, she must work with him before another child dies.

Dead Sexy's launch includes some extremely talented authors. Let's start with Melissa Bourbon Ramirez, who guest-blogged recently on JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE.

Texas rancher, Vic Vargas, finds himself facing more than his stubbornly silent son when the chupacabra, a supposedly mythical blood-sucking beast, starts killing his livestock—and stalking Delaney West, the town’s newly returned veterinary assistant, the sensual woman who ran from the altar and broke his heart twelve years earlier.
Reluctantly, he seeks her help to get to the bottom of the disturbing animal mutilations, only to have her break through to his sullen son…and rekindle the love he’d thought was lost forever. But her refusal to share a terrible secret sends her running straight into the lair of the chupacabra, plunging her back into her worst nightmare, and forcing them both to confront the wrongs of the past—in order to stay alive for the future they desperately want.

Anna DeStefano weaves a blend of suspense and romance with HER FORGOTTEN BETRAYAL.

Shaw Cassidy’s nightmares are shredding her sanity. Her global empire, her freedom from federal prosecution for espionage, and her life are all on the line. Long-ago secrets of love and betrayal swirl like living fire through her dreams until she doesn’t know whom she can trust, or who is out to hurt her.

Federal Marshal Cole Marino has one mission: infiltrate his former lover’s mountain retreat and force her to remember the shooting that triggered her amnesia. But when Shaw questions Cole’s motives, and his lies are revealed, will the connection they’ve begun to forge be torn apart, or will the soul-deep bond they once had save them both and crash through Shaw’s amnesia, once and for all?

And Cynthia Cooke rounds out the group with her riveting DEADLY SECRETS, LOVING LIES.

Family secrets must be kept, and painful wounds must be ignored.
After an all-out assault by a vicious terrorist bent on destroying her entire family, a former government agent must break the strict rules she has always lived by when she emerges from hiding to reluctantly accept the help of her all-too-sexy ex-lover. Running a deadly race against time, they rush to rescue her kidnapped sister, find her missing father, and bring the notorious villain to justice. But nothing ever goes as planned. Bullets fly, danger abounds, and their passion reignites even faster than the lies are flowing. But their stubbornly held secrets just might spell the end of their rekindled love and hopes for the future…as well as their very lives. 

In addition to the four novels we have featured here today, check out the entire Dead Sexy lineup!

ENTANGLED will be awarding a FREE copy of one of the books featured here today to one lucky person leaving a comment!

Are you a romantic suspense fan? You will definitely want to stop by ENTANGLED PUBLISHING because they are giving away a Nook Simple Touch to celebrate the launch of Dead Sexy Books!

Are you a Romantic Suspense author?
DEAD SEXY: The Nina Bruhns Collection is Entangled Publishing’s dynamic new line of 60-70K word, branded category-style romantic suspense/mystery/thriller novels. Our DEAD SEXY editors are looking for bold voices and compelling stories that will pull our readers into a page-turning world of thrills, sizzles, chills, and intrigue. Whether you write sweet or steamy, cops, para-ops, or special ops, cozy village sleuths, or mile-a-minute adventures, if your mystery, suspense, or thriller includes a romance with a happy, committed ending, we want to see it!
Make us gasp. Make us cry. Make us think. Make our hearts pound. Make us feel the rush of adrenaline and the zing of DEAD SEXY attraction. And do it all in less than 70K words. Submission Guidelines

Giveaway ends 11:59pm EST July 11th. Please supply your email in the post. You may use spaces or full text for security. (ex. jsmith at gmail dot com) If you do not wish to supply your email, or have trouble posting, please email with a subject title of JRS GIVEAWAY to be entered in the current giveaway.


  1. I can vouch that the Dead Sexy series is good. I actually won a copy of Deadly Secrets, Loving Lies by Ms. cooke. It was fantastic and I am eager to read the rest of the series. I would love to win a copy of one of the books. Thanks for the giveaway. Gator_trish at man dot com.

  2. Romantic suspense is a favorite of mine!

  3. I'm not very familiar with entangled publishing but I've read some Mallory Kane's books (which was great). I would love to read another author from this publishing. Definitely intrigued by Cynthia Cook's book review.


  5. Count me in! They all sound great and I know anything Cynthia Cooke writes is on my list!! Thanks - D

  6. I have read DEADLY SECRETS, LOVING LIES by Cynthia Cooke and look forward to reading more.

  7. They all sound really great! I'm not familiar with the authors or series but I'm sure I could easily be hooked. I definitely want to win this one!

  8. Wow what fantastic reads. I'd love to read any of these books. They sound like draw you in and not let you go books. Any of them would make my day.

  9. I've recently become addicted to romantic suspense and can't add them fast enough to my TBR pile. The authors mention here are all new to me, so I'm looking forward to discovering some new authors.


  10. See, this is exactly why I love these websites with blogs! My TBR list grows and grows and grows! Thanks for introducing me to this new publisher and series.

    Heather E

  11. What a wonderful looking group of books... some authors I know and some new names for me! Looks good... thanks for sharing! :)

  12. I like this genre. All these books sound good.


  13. Those all sound awesome! I love all kinds of romantic suspense. The re-united lover theme echoed in some of these books is always a good one! :)


  14. More books for my TBR list!

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

  15. All of the books in the Dead Sexy line have great book covers. They really capture my attention.


  16. I am interested in reading one of these. Please enter me in your draw.


  17. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway! I love romantic suspense and I've been lusting after all these books!!!


  18. The Dead Sexy Lineup is impressive. So many great authors & titles to choose from.


  19. Thanks so much! I'm thrilled to have won - can't wait to read :)


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