Thursday, July 19, 2012

Featuring Andrea Kane

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Andrea Kane knows that disappearances can be deceiving.

The man she loved is gone forever.
The child she lives for could be next.

Each day is a struggle for Amanda Gleason's newborn son as he battles a rare immune deficiency. Justin's best chance for a cure lies with his father, who was brutally murdered before Amanda even realized she carried his child.

Or was he?

One emailed photo changes everything, planting a seed of doubt that Amanda latches onto for dear life: a recent photo of a man who looks exactly like Paul. Could Justin's father be alive? The mother in her is desperate to find out. But tracking down a ghost when every second counts is not for amateurs.

Forensic Instincts is the one team up for the challenge.

A behaviorist. A former Navy SEAL. A techno-wizard. An intuitive. A retired FBI agent. A human scent evidence dog. Together, they achieve the impossible, pushing ethical and legal boundaries whenever the ends justify the means.

The manhunt is on for the elusive father. Yet the further the team digs into Paul's past, the more questions are raised about whether the man Amanda fell in love with ever really existed at all.

Dark secrets. Carefully crafted lies. From the Congressional halls of Washington D.C. to exclusive Hamptons manors, there are ruthless people who would stop at nothing to make Forensic Instincts forget about the man Amanda desperately needs to find.

Little do they realize that once Forensic Instincts takes the case, nothing will stop them from uncovering the shocking truth that transcends The Line Between Here and Gone.


Just the usual crap from the usual sources—store sales, promotions, photojournalist magazine sites. Nothing personal. Everyone knew better than to bother her with anything short of a dire emergency.


There was one personal message...


Amanda Gleason's desperation is so intense that it reaches across the barrier of the book and latches around your heart to the point that you want to fly to Washington DC and find Paul Everett yourself.  I have not read THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE, so this was my first experience with the Forensic Instincts team. If you need someone found as desperately as Amanda does, this is the team to hire. Most fascinating to me was the character of Claire, the psychic of the group. Perhaps because she was the intuitive, her feelings came across  the strongest to me. And the glimpse into the potential romance between her and Ryan, the techno-master, piques the interest of the romantic in me. I don't believe that I am digressing by not giving Amanda her just review. In my opinion, this book is as much about the members of FI as it is Amanda Gleason. That diversity is what makes the story so engrossing. There is never a moment in the book where you can sit back and go, "okay, I can relax now." 

It also does the heart good to see the extent people will go to for a baby in distress. If your child was gravely ill, would you not seek out options that seemed phantom at best? The father of Amanda's baby is the only viable donor to save little Justin. But Paul Everett is dead. Or is he? Even with a hint of a chance that he is alive, Amanda must hold on to that hope because it is all she has....that, and a group with special talents and a reputation for solving cases that no one else can.

I recommend THE LINE BETWEEN HERE AND GONE to anyone looking for that can't put down type of book.


Andrea Kane's psychological thriller, THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED TWICE, became an instant New York Times bestseller, continuing her long string of smash hits.

It debuted Forensic Instincts, an eclectic team of maverick investigators, each with different talents and personalities, all with one common bond—a blatant disregard for authority. THE LINE BETWEEN HERE and GONE is the encore novel in the Forensic Instincts series. Armed with skills and talents honed by years in the FBI, Special Forces, and training in behavioral and forensic psychology, the Forensic Instincts team solves seemingly impossible cases while walking a fine line between assisting and enraging law enforcement.

With a worldwide following and novels translated into more than twenty languages, Kane is also the author of eight additional psychological thrillers and fourteen historical romances. She lives in New Jersey with her family, where she is conspiring with Forensic Instincts on new ways to disrupt the status quo.

Be sure to enjoy this fun ride with Andrea on the LINE BETWEEN HERE AND GONE blog tour.

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  1. Your cover drew me in. Congratulations on your book(s)Andrea. What a great idea
    to have a woman on the run...Since I am writing
    a psychological suspense I want to read them!
    This one is on my list.
    Oh, & your blog tour looks well planned. I look forward to it.



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