Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gorgeous Guardians

Congratulations to Bn100, the winner of Shannon's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

I confess. Guarding Jess was just a way for me to shamelessly indulge my bodyguard fantasies. 

Come on, we all have them, right? Forced to spend time in close proximity with a hunky man who will risk his own life to protect yours, who can handle himself - and you - in any tough situation, with loads of personal contact, and who struggles to remain detached, aloof, professional, only to give in to temptation – and you – by steaming up the sheets…

Er… or is it just me?

I love a bodyguard story, and I loved writing my second book, Guarding Jess. I confess – again (!) –I’m really drawn to my heroes. When I wrote my first book, Viper’s Kiss, I really admired the camaraderie that my MSA operatives enjoyed, and Noah kept haunting my dreams, pleading, no, make that demanding, in his gruff way for his own story, so he seemed perfect for my bodyguard novel. And the only way I could get any sleep.

One of my favourite bodyguard novels was a Harlequin Intrigue novel  (Argh! The title of which escapes me at the moment!). This was a little bit of a flip on the usual stereotype - the heroine is the bodyguard, and has to handcuff the sleeping hero to his bed in order to keep him safe. Okay, so it has bodyguards and handcuffs, of course I’m going to enjoy it (if anyone can tell me the name of this book, I’ll send you something special in the mail!). Another fave bodyguard book for me is Kill Me Twice, by Roxanne St. Clair (Bullet Catchers #1), with a sassy twin sister hunting down her missing sister, and a smoking-hot bodyguard intent on keeping her out of trouble.

But my fascination with bodyguards seems to cross all media - I loved the movies Someone to Watch Over Me, with Mimi Rodgers and Tom Berenger, and of course, The Bodyguard, with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner – no matter how many times I see it, I still go through tissues, and then do my best to sing along at the top of my lungs.
NB: I do not sound like Whitney Houston.

But what is it about bodyguards that get us all (or again, is it just me?) dreamy? I think it’s the strong, protective instinct that does it for me. The willingness to risk it all to save….little old moi.  And yet, in my fantasies, I’m not the swooning heroine that leaves it up to the bodyguard to make everything all right.  I guess that’s why my very ladylike heroine from Guarding Jess, Jessica Pennington, is more than capable of standing up to my hero, Noah. She’s so diplomatic, polite, restrained… all the things Noah is not. They clash on so many levels that it was exciting to write, just to see where the sparks would fly next.

Here is an excerpt from Guarding Jess:

Something clicked loudly in the brown parcel Jessica was holding, and all three of them looked at it. Jessica froze, a chill spreading over her shoulders and down her arms.
Ollie froze. “Was that—?”
“Yes,” Jessica whispered.
The man standing in front of her moved with a speed that left her stunned. He grabbed the parcel from her arms and ran to the office corridor. He pulled open the garbage chute and tossed the package in. He turned and raced straight for her.
“Take cover,” he yelled.
Jessica’s mouth dropped open in horror as screams filled the office. Before her brain could register the danger, a hard body hit hers, tackling her to the ground and rolling her along the carpeted floor. An explosion splintered the glass doors to reception. The floor they lay upon trembled. Jessica managed a terrified peek over a broad shoulder before it obscured her view, and the hard body covered hers protectively.
Smoke filled the reception area, and foul-smelling embers floated to the floor.
She turned wide eyes from the falling ash to the man lying on top of her, his chocolate-brown gaze eyeing her with a calm intensity.
Ollie’s pale face popped into her peripheral vision.
“He isn’t the client, Jess,” she said shakily. “He’s your bodyguard.”

Tell me about your favourite bodyguard, and enter into the draw to win a copy of Viper’s Kiss, the book that started the McCormack Security Agency Series!

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  1. Love bodyguard stories! Kind of wish I had one, haha.
    Favourite bodyguard has definitely got to be Frank Farmer, aka Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard :)


    1. Thanks for that, CMD! I think Frank Farmer does it for a lot of us!

  2. I agree, bodyguards ARE so Yummy. I inhaled Roxanne's bullet catcher series. loved your excerpt. Put my name in the hat for the drawing. Sounds like my kind of book. Thanks for the giveaway. gator_trish at msn dot com.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Trish. Yes, Ms St. Clair's stories are fantastic. Swoon.
      You're in the hat!

  3. i loved the body gaurd movie cant wait to read this one thanks for the chance keep up the good reads tammy

  4. I can't wait to read this series! I too have a thing for bodyguards. Sadly, my sister's best friend was raped by a serial rapist when I was a teenager. She was assigned a detective to protect her as a 'bodyguard' until the guy was caught. In the mean time, the friend fell in love with the body guard that protected her and they have their happily ever after together. Something beautiful came out of her tragedy and that has fueled an admiration for bodyguards in my heart. Can't resist a good romantic suspense with a bodyguard hero!

    Big fan of Roxanne St. Claire too. Excited to start this series. :)

    Heather E.

    1. forgot my email- :)

    2. Wow, Heather, that's a really powerful story. So dark, and yet - so wonderful! Thanks for sharing such a meaningful story.

  5. I love bodyguard stories and loved The Bodyguard movie too. I pretty much have to agree that Roxanne St. Claire's books are great (Bullet Catchers) and also love the books by Cindy Gerard in her Bodyguards series. Thanks for the giveaway.

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  6. Oooh I would love to have a bodyguard of my own! ;) I have read a few that were really great... 2 or 3 of them did have the heroine as the bodyguard... I believe I read the one you mentioned above with her handcuffing the guy... Love love love that cover for Viper's Kiss... Have not read anything from you before... will look forward to changing that! Thanks for the chance to win!

    1. Thanks for the comment - yes, the Viper's Kiss cover is a tad sexy, isn't it?! So, what have we learned - we like men with muscles and handcuffs. I can live with that!

  7. I agree, Maria - Cindy Gerard's stories are fantastic, and she's a lovely woman to boot!I really liked her Take No Prisoners book, and trying to set aside time for reading more. But isn't that the story of our lives, setting aside time to read???!!
    Thanks for the comment.

  8. I read Guarding Jess. I really liked it. Good strong heroine. I didn't know this was a series. I'm anxious to read Viper's Kiss. Thanks!

  9. Thanks, Shelley! So happy you liked Guarding Jess. Who knows, you could win the draw for Viper's Kiss!

  10. I enjoyed the excerpt. The book sounds good. I like Lori Foster's bodyguard books.


  11. Oooh, Lori Foster! I've read a few of hers - and thoroughly enjoyed them, but not bodyguard ones - thanks for the recommendation!

  12. I don't know that I have a favorite bodyguard. I am easy to please so any hunky, protective alpha male will do really. I always like it when their tough outer shell tends to crack when they fall for a woman. It was great meeting you and your books sound great! I am going to go check out your website! Thanks for the post.

  13. Constantine Xenakis in the Bullet Catchers series by Roxanne St Claire is my favorite bodyguard. He's a thief and yet he is a bodyguard. He's a bad boy who is trying to who trying to reform but his past keep coming back to bit him.


  14. Hi Shannon
    Loved the excerpt! I haven't read many body guard stories, but Tom Berenger makes me swoon in Someone to Watch Over Me. He does that silent suffering torn between desire and duty thing soooo sexily! I'm going to start seeking out a few body guard stories, starting with Guarding Jess.
    Thanks, Natalie


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