Sunday, March 18, 2012

When I grow up I want to be…Eve Dallas?

Congratulations to "Annie Q", the winner of Toni's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated!

Hi, and thanks for having me! I’m Toni LoTempio and  I like to write romantic suspense, usually with a paranormal bent.  This might be due to the fact I got hooked on horror movies at a VERY young age. My dad used to take me to them all the time. (Black Sunday starring Barbara Steele was the first) and, of course, I was a HUGE Dark Shadows fan growing up – I even ran a fan club for it in High School.  I can’t wait for the Johnny Depp remake!

But when it comes to romantic suspense, for me, no one can top JD Robb! People who know me know how ardent a fan I am of JD Robb and her “In Death” series, starring futuristic cop Eve Dallas and her super sexy husband, Roarke.  The two are the epitome of opposite: Roarke likes fine wine and filet mignon, Eve salivates over Pepsi and pizza (the main reason she became attracted to Roarke was the first gift he sent her: freshly ground coffee) She wears an immense diamond pendant he gave her under her clothing at all times because touching it reminds her of him: he keeps a button that fell off an ill-fitting grey suit of hers in his pocket for the same reason.  Sappy? At times yes, but these two are incredibly romantic and sexy – part of what makes them a “super-couple”.  Not that it’s all moonlight and roses – the couple have their differences.  But it is apparent throughout the series, that here is a couple, who, against all odds, is truly meant to be together – in every sense.

Eve Dallas works as a homicide detective for the NYPSD (stands for New York Police and Security Dept) and murder is her specialty.  In the first book, NAKED IN DEATH, Eve falls for a prime suspect in her murder case, the handsome, sexy and enigmatic Roarke and even though it puts her career and the investigation at risk, they fall in love.  Although becoming dependant on Roarke for emotional support is a foreign emotion to the heretofore loner Eve, she finds herself opening up to Roarke, as they both have similar skeletons in their closets.  By the end of the third book, IMMORTAL IN DEATH, they are man and wife.

Thus begins one of the greatest husband/wife detective pairings since THE THIN MAN, IMHO.
Eve and Roarke are both tormented by their childhoods – she was abused and molested by her father, a seasoned criminal; Roarke grew up in Ireland, abused by his father, a petty thief who taught Roarke everything he knows.

Eve suffered from nightmares about her past before she married Roarke; afterward, with his help, she manages to come to grips with her past and finally realizes that she stabbed her father to death while  he was raping her.  Roarke’ s unconditional love and trust helps Eve quell her demons, and, conversely, it works the same for him.  While still involved in somewhat shady dealings in the first book, by book three Roarke has given it up to trod the straight and narrow, all in the name of love, as Eve, an honest cop, will brook no such nonsense from her mate.

Each adventure is finely crafted…the pacing is suberb, the plot is well thought out.  My heart races each and every time I start one of her adventures!  Suspense with a dash of humor and a dollop of mystery – who could ask for anything more?

Honest…when I grow up I want to be JD Robb…no, wait. Eve Dallas! Hey, that way I’d get Roarke, right?

***Toni will be offering a digital copy of RAVEN'S QUEST to one lucky commenter!***

Toni is the author of several paperback and e-books of romantic and paranormal suspense – check out her website at and her cat’s blog!   Check out her YA fantasy, MY SUPERHERO SISTER and her paranormal romances,  NO REST FOR THE WICCA  and RAVEN’S KISS, as well as new releases DEMONS AND FIRE and RAVEN’S QUEST. She is also featured in the paranormal romance anthology, KISS ME KILL ME, available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as Every Witch Way but Wicked, sales of which benefit the charity Kids need to Read.

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  1. If I don't win it, I will buy it. I purchased several of you eBooks last year and really enjoyed them. Can't wait to read this one.

  2. Hi Toni,
    I am so right with you on the Eve Dallas thing. I've been a fan of the In Death series from the very first book. You'll have to fight me for Roark though. :0)

    Looking forward to reading your books they sound fantastic! Good luck with all your future endeavors.
    Kelly Abell

  3. The In Death series has a very special place in my heart as Naked In Death was the first book that really grabbed me, pulled me in and didn't let go.
    Before this book if I was tbh I wasn't really a book fan, I'd read the odd book (for school purposes) but not for pleasure, every-time I purchased a book in the series, my recommendations from Amazon would introduce me to more authors and from there my love of RS genre began :0) 
    Most fans would like to be Eve, Peabody or even Mavis but For me when I grow up.....I wanna be Baxter's love interest ;-) lol 

    Would love to be a winner but if not thank you for sharing your love of Eve, Roarke & Co 


  4. Thank you guys so much! Glad you all share my love of Eve Dallas! and if you'e a Dark Shadows fan, we've got a giveaway on ROCCO's blog today and an interview with Charlaine Harris Tuesday!

  5. I recently started the In Death series and Eve and Roarke are characters I can root for. I was missing out but the good thing is that I have many many more stories to look forward to in this series.


  6. Toni, I do have to agree with you. Who wouldn't want to be Eve Dallas. She is a no nonsense cop who has the smart, always catches the bad guys and still gets her man (Roarke).


  7. Couldn't agree more! The In Death series is my favourite series too - fabulous characters. I love that the characters keep growing and the series never becomes old or tired. I'm always waiting for the latest book!

  8. Love the in death series too. And the Thin Man series was perfect .. mystery, romance and snappy dialog. We own the whole set .. first VHS, then DVD, now looking for blue ray. My grandkids love them too .. even if the don't have color. Love to read your book. Gator_trish(at)msn dot com

    1. Hey Trish!

      I love the Thin Man series too! I've got 'em on VHS and DVD! perfect blend of mystery and comedy!

      Johnny Depp is suposed to remake the Thin Man next year. Will be interesting to see what he does with that.

      Sometimes one should jsut leave the classics alone. :)

  9. Love Eve Dallas, Roarke and the rest of the gang! Just finished the latest one, Celebrity In Death.

    My sister was addicted to Dark Shadows. Whenever she was unable to watch an episode, she would make another family member watch it
    and tell her what happened.

    jtcgc ay yahoo dot com

    1. Ha, me too! I used to make my mother watch it if i had Glee Club after school and she actually wrote down everything that happened! What a Mom!

  10. Very nice post. Congratulations on your new releases! The books sound very good.


  11. Very nice post! The In Death series is one of my favorite. Eve and Roarke have to be the most romantic couple in fiction! Your book sounds intriguing and interesting!
    Annie Q.

  12. Thanks for such a fun post! I'm totally w/ you on the In Death series love. I got into it around book 12? I was so excited cuz I loved the 1st book and had 11 more to read. I've been a release day buyer ever since :)

    Congrats on your release!!! Your books sound awesome and I'm definitely on my way over to check them out :)


  13. Great post. SO agree about Eve and Roarke. They're great together, even when things in their relationship aren't perfect. And writing a settled relationship, especially over so many books, isn't an easy thing to do, so huge kudos to La Nora for keeping things exciting yet realistic!

    Congrats on your release. Sounds fun!

  14. congratulations..I love the In Death series..J.D Robb is on my list of authors that I would love to meet! Authors to me are the real celebrities :)

  15. Always nice to meet a new to me author. Love love love Eve and Roark. I've read the series twice and now listening to the series via audio book in the car. Absolutely amazing in audio. :) Look forward to reading your books.


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