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Military Romantic Suspense With Kaylea Cross

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Thanks so much for having me here today!

So, what’s your favorite subgenre of romantic suspense? I know I’m biased, but mine is military romantic suspense. Stories featuring strong military heroes (and sometimes military heroines) with the military action/intrigue forming the backbone of the suspense plot. In particular, I love Special Ops heroes, and one of my favorite things about writing this kind of hero is researching them. Yes, I’m a geek, and proud of it.

I have great respect for our military personnel and their families, and I hope it shines through in my work. The newest series I’m working on is Bagram Special Ops, and the first book is Deadly Descent. It features both a military hero (Air Force Pararescue Jumper), and a medevac helicopter pilot heroine, both stationed at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. I hope I’ve done our men and women in uniform proud with this book.

Blurb: Devon Crawford is an officer; Pararescueman Cam Munro is enlisted. Dev flies medical evacuations; Cam jumps into danger zones to save lives. Dev wants to return home from Afghanistan with her heart untouched; Cam will do anything to win the woman he loves.
 Reaching for happiness in a war zone is the last thing Captain Devon Crawford plans, but she can’t ignore the feelings she’s hidden for so long. Cam’s sexy charm and wicked kisses weaken her resistance, but she’s too afraid of losing him to give in.
 When Dev’s helicopter and crew are shot down and set up as bait by notorious warlord, Cam risks it all to save the team. What he doesn’t know is that the trap is set for him…

She kept firing, heartened that some SEALs remained out front. It wasn’t like they’d deserted her.

Her gun clicked when she squeezed the trigger. Empty.

Shit, out of ammo again. She reloaded. Her gaze swept past the SEALs toward the Chinook. She cried out in relief when she saw Cam running flat out toward her. He moved like a blur, weapon firing.

He came barreling into the rock shelter and skidded to his knees beside her. “Come on,” he yelled over the noise.

Still holding her weapon, she grabbed a fistful of his uniform as he levered her onto his shoulders. Amidst the whine and ping of the rounds landing around them, he ran for the Chinook. She kept firing in bursts toward the enemy, and stopped only when she felt the heavy rotor wash beating at her back. A howl of agony ripped from her throat as Cam flipped her off his shoulder and all but tossed her into the cabin.

Someone grabbed her under the armpits and hauled her backward away from the ramp as Cam jumped inside. Black spots swam before her eyes.

“Talk to me, Spike.”

She turned her head at Ryan’s voice. “I’m okay!”

He moved away toward the cockpit. The inside of the bird was so crowded with bodies she couldn’t tell who was who. The pitch of the big engines changed, rising to a shrill scream as the bird struggled to take off. Fighting back the pain, she found Cam at last near the ramp and met his stare. The gunners were still firing from their positions. The bird shuddered and strained under the burden of all its passengers.

Oh God. They were overweight. The engines were already maxed out.

Cam exchanged a long look with Jackson, then pushed his way over to her. She grabbed his upper arms and leaned forward to shout. “They need to throw some ammo and equipment out, or—”

“Listen to me.” His eyes were the most intense she’d ever seen them. She stilled.

He surrounded her with his arms for a second before kissing her hard and pulling back. He shook her once, staring down intently at her. “I love you.”

Her heart stopped beating.

He wouldn’t. She read the intent in his eyes. “No, don’t—”

“Hang on to this for me,” he shouted. He yanked out the chain she’d given him and put it in her stiff hand. Then he turned and disappeared down the tail ramp.

She threw out a hand to grab him. Stop him. But her fingers only grabbed air. “Cam!” He didn’t stop. Didn’t so much as hesitate as he jumped off the tail ramp and joined the SEALs still on the ground around the Chinook.

“Cam, no!” Heedless of the pain in her leg, she pulled herself toward the closing ramp. Desperate to get to him before it was too late.

She tripped on someone’s leg and went down, crying out in agony as her wounded knee smashed into the steel floor. Hard hands gripped her waist. Yanked her up and back. She fought them.

“Dev, don’t.”

Ryan. Mindless, she ripped at his restraining hands. “Let me go! He’s going to get killed!”
Ryan hauled her up and into his arms, holding her tight as the Chinook lifted off the ground. She fought him with all her strength. “Is he on the Hawk?”


“Is he on one of the Hawks!”

“I…I don’t know.” He held her tighter. Cutting off her breath. She weakened and stopped fighting.

Her body was stiff with denial. She was sobbing now, hysterical. “W-we have to g-get him.”

“He’ll get out, Dev. I promise you.”

The pain was suffocating. She couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t ease the splitting sensation in her chest. The tears flowed fast and hot down her cheeks. They soaked the front of Ryan’s fatigues as the bird rose into the dark sky and left the man she loved behind.

I hope I keep you on the edge of your seat with this one! Please share the titles of your favorite romantic suspense books with me for a chance to win a digital copy of Deadly Descent.

Happy reading!

Please note, Kaylea is out of town engaged in exotic research. She thanks you for stopping by, and she will be commenting as soon as she returns!

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  1. I love a military hero. They put themselves on the line for us all .. the thought of all that intense alpha male focused on me .. erm the heroine .. just WOW. I would love to win a copy of your book, sounds like my kind of book.

  2. Kaylea, spending a few days in San Diego and headed to Coronado this morning. Been thinking of you and the research you do, hope your exotic research is going well.

  3. Hi Kaylea! Just wanted you to know that a hero comes in many fashions. We have those who put their lives on the line everyday whom I absolutely adore. Then we have those who write stories about them. Thank YOU for your passion and love for these heroes. I love that you're a geek too. Hope your exotic travels inspire more ways in bringing these people into the homes and hearts of those they protect.

  4. Hi Kaylea,
    I enjoy the romantic suspense of Susan May Warren "Point of No Return". She includes the Dark Moment that I find fascinating.
    Also, the anthology "Guns & Roses" is a good read.
    Your book sounds great.

  5. The book looks great. I just got done reading some of Jordan Dane's book- they are good also!!!! Thanks for the chance.

  6. Thanks everyone, for dropping by!

    Karen, that is such a sweet compliment, thank you :)

    I'm in Kauai right now, so I'll try to pop back in and say hello from time to time. I've seen sea turtles and a few humpback whales, but no Navy SEALs yet, lol. There's still time, though!

  7. Loved Cover of Darkness and No Turning Back.. How many of ya'll know she also writes under the name Callie Croix. Her first book under that pen name Deacon's Touch was smoking :)

  8. Romantic suspense is such a fast-paced and exciting genre. It's one of the genres I can count on to meet heroes who really stand out. If a story can keep me guessing and build the tension and add some romance to the mix, then I'm interested. I pretty much enjoy all of Carla Neggers's and Karen Robards's romantic suspense stories, especially Night's Landing and Sleepwalker. Cover of Night by Linda Howard also stands out in mind.

  9. Just finished Out Of Her League, now reading Cover Of Darkness - love the books!

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

  10. Cindy, thanks for outing me! Lol :) I'm glad you liked my naughty alter ego as well.

    Na, I was just asking someone the other day about Karen Robards, as I hadn't heard much about her recently. I love her work. My all time favorite Linda Howard book is All the Queen's Men. Have you read that one? So awesome.

    Mary, thanks very much! The 4th and 5th books of that series (Relentless and Absolution) are my favorites. Absolution just won the EPIC Award for best romantic suspense of last year. I was very tickled because I have an unhealthy crush on Luke. (I'm allowed, right?)

  11. OMG! That just might be the best excerpt I've ever read! Thanks for sharing it, Kaylea.

    I know you're having a wonderful time. I had another friend who went to Maui and Kauai a couple of weeks ago.. I'm starting to get really jealous. ;)

  12. I just finished Fever by Joan Swann. It was very good. I would like to read this book. I enjoy reading books with military heroes. Thank you!

  13. I enjoyed your post and excerpt. The book sounds very good.


  14. Great excerpt! I love to read romantic suspense especially with a strong military hero in it! I read your other romantic suspense series and just loved those books! Can't wait to read this one!

    katydid2363 at gmail dot com

  15. I am a sucker for a good military hero (even though I am know nothing about any of it - no close family members in the military or anything). I haven't read any of your books but plan to start (hopefully with this one). :)

    amy at remus dot net

  16. Love romantic suspense with military & police heroes. Sometimes we just all want to be rescued! :)

  17. Military romance is one of my favorite genres to read!! I'd love a chance to win this one.

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  18. I also love Military RS, but also love law enforcment also, FBI, detectives...would love to win this

  19. Sounds like a great read.Have a wonderful weekend

  20. Love military romance suspense. Great excerpt! Kaylea Cross is a new author and would love to read it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. Hi again, everyone. Thanks for all the comments!

    I think my favorite thing about military heroes is their alpha male, cool under pressure and decisive natures.

  22. This sounds like a great story! The only military rom susp I've read so far is Suzanne Brockmann (amazing stuff!). I'd love to read another author's style in this genre!

    jemifraser @ gmail . com

  23. I loved Suzanne Brockmann's Tall, Dark and Dangerous series and her Troubleshooters series. I have read every book.

    I love romantic suspense books

  24. I just started getting into the military romance side of reading but I really enjoy reading Catherine Mann and her books.Love how the men can go from tough strong and fierce to sesitive and caring with just a look from the lady they have their eye on. Have not found a bad one yet. From you excerpt of your I can tell it looks fantastic!

  25. Thanks for the fantastic post and excerpt!

    I really like any of the books by Suzanne Brockmann. She was the reason I started reading military suspense and I love 'em :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  26. I love Suzanne Brockmann's heroes! She writes such great characters.

    Have not read any of Catherine Mann's books yet but I've got Cover Me on my Kindle and lined up for the flight home.

    Another series I've gotten into is Mary Margaret Daughtridge SEALed series. The romances aren't all that hot, but the characters and story arcs are great. Her gorgeous description reminds me a lot of Luanne Rice, who I love but can't read her books anymore because it kills me when there's no happy ending at the end of a book.

  27. Cindy Gerard's Last Man Standing is good. Her other books are also good. I love Laura Griffin's "Tracers" series and Kylie Brant's "Mindhunters" series. These books grabbed you by the edge of your seats.

    Allison Brennan is another good romantic suspense. I love her characters the FBI Agent, Lucy Kincaid and her P.I. boyfriend Sean Rogan. I love reading about these two characters' relationship development.

    Of course, no one can resist Eve Dallas and Roake in J.D. Robb's (aka Nora Roberts) "In Death" series. It may be futuristic but the romance and suspense are still there in the "In Death" series.

  28. Kai, thanks for the recommendations! I've only read one of the "In Death" series, but maybe I should try a few more.

  29. Awesome except, Kaylea. You never disappoint.


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