Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Interview With Catherine Mann

Congratulations to "Patti F", the winner of Catherine's giveaway. Thank you to all who participated.

Today we have USA Today bestselling author, Catherine Mann with us to share a little about herself and to award a copy of her new release, PROTECTOR to one lucky commenter.

     Given the nature of this website, I have to ask...why romantic suspense? What draws you to the genre?

I’ve been a fan of a good mystery since I devoured all the Nancy Drew books as a kid.  As I answer these interview questions, I have Netflix playing a marathon of the show “24” – holy cow, is Jack Bauer a great hero!  I love the edge-of-the-seat situations that bring out the true nature of the character.  The good become better, the bad show their true colors.  There’s no time for the luxury of artifice in a race against time for good to triumph!

     Is it dangerous being a romantic suspense author?

Personally, I’m a wimp – scared of everything from snakes to needles.  Although in some ways, I think that helps me motivate my heroines all the more so they’re not TSTL (too stupid to live).  I think hard about what would push me past my fears and make me take a stand, fight back with no holds barred.  But in answer to your question – is it dangerous?  Perhaps in that it stirs some hefty nightmares for a wimp like me if I work right up to bedtime.

    Have you ever experienced a Deja Vu moment, where you find yourself in a scene from one of your books?

I’m not sure if you would call this Déjà Vu, but my husband (who proofs my books for me) used to tease me about how I would discuss my characters like they’re real people.  Then one day when we were shopping, he pointed to someone and said, “Hey, look.  There’s the hero from that book you just wrote.”  Then my hubby stopped and grinned, realizing what he’d done.  He conceded that yes, the characters do become real to us after all.

    Do you recall any book bloopers? Edits that slipped past you and made you say, OMG!

I’m from the south and so it’s common to say, “I’m going ‘up” to…” because most places are north.  Even if you are going south, it’s not uncommon to say “I’m going up the road to….”  It’s an idiomatic thing.  In an early book I wrote, I noted that the hero was flying “up to” a certain place, when actually the place was south of where they were located.  A reader quickly noted my error – especially frustrating because I there was nothing I could do to fix it.

    What is one stereotype about authors that is completely wrong?

There was an early stereotype of romance writers living a luxurious life of travel and bon bons, wearing a boa and carting a fluffy lap dog.  Since the internet made writers much more accessible to readers, I believe – hope - that stereotype is fading.  Facebook and Twitter reveal how romance authors have much in common with everyone else as we live our lives and care for our families.  Sharon Sala’s Facebook postings come to mind right away.  She’s very open in sharing her daily struggle caring for her elderly mother (who suffers from dementia).  Sharon’s relatable – as are her characters.  Being “real” as an author, as a person, helps us bring our characters to life as well so that when readers are walking through the store, they elbow the person next to them and say, “Hey, there’s the hero of the book I just read!”

USA Today Catherine Mann writes military romantic suspense for Sourcebooks and Berkley, as well as steamy romances for Harlequin Desire. A RITA Award winner, she has over forty books on the shelves, in more than twenty languages. She has a packed release schedule this spring with PROTECTOR (March), HONORABLE INTENTIONS (April), UNDER FIRE (May), and "Dog Tags" in LOVE BITES (June). FMI on her upcoming books, she is very accessible online at:

QUESTION:  Speaking of being accessible online, are you a Facebook or Twitter addict?  Or a blog-a-holic?  One commenter will be chosen at random to win a copy of PROTECTOR, Berkley Sensation, March 2012.

Giveaway ends 9pm EST March 13th. Please supply your email in the post. You may use spaces or full text for security. (ex. jsmith at gmail dot com) If you do not wish to supply your email, or have trouble posting, please email justromanticsuspense @ gmail.com with a subject title of JRS GIVEAWAY to be entered in the current giveaway. 


  1. We have an email entry from "Aretha" who says she experiences deja-vu moments when she meets her boyfriend at the carousel.

  2. Love Military Romance, it is nice to see people that put it all out there they can find happiness along the way. Thanks for all the good reads and I would love to win. lsscarchuk at att dot net

  3. Hi

    I am a twitter addict. It is so fun to interact on twitter with others who share the same interests. I follow many authors and love to find out about new books and new authors.

    Great interview and I am looking forward to reading this book. I love reading about military men and the women they love.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  4. Good morning, everyone! Sorry to chime in late - my college son's car broke down on the way back to school (2nd breakdown in 2 days - argh) so I was up late!

    Looooooove the Aretha comment! So glad you shared that Maureen!

    Thank you, LS! So glad to hear you enjoy military romance novels - I enjoy reading them as much as writing them.

    Pam, I was already addicted to Facebook, and now I'm getting super addicted to Twitter too. :)

    Thanks for the comments and goodluck to all who entered the contest!

  5. OMG. I am on facebook so many times a day. And the blogs!! I must follow over a dozen. I was always worried that if I quit work i would become addicted to the Soaps like my mother .. nope .. I'm on the internet at my laptop or my Droid. Which is actually WORSE than my mother ..

    Love romantic suspense books .. I need the action and hanging on the edge. Military romances seem to have the best alpha heros.

    Would love to win a copy of your latest.

  6. Hi Catherine, I absolutley Love Love Love your books!! You are definitely a must by for me. My favorite is the Wingman series - sooo good!! I am new to Twitter, Facebook and Blogging so right now I am totally addicted -- my hubby just shakes his head at me. lol
    Mariann from bellesbookbag.blogspot.com
    Thanks for the chance to win!! P.S. sorry about the car trouble.

  7. I have a Twitter account, but never use it. I'm on FB at least every day and have several author blogs that I try to visit every day. Would love to win, I adore your stories!

  8. Hello Cathy, hope the day is going well for you so far. I am an everything...Fber, tweeter, blog hopper, and most recently blogger. I haven't touched Pinterest though...I think it will be the death of me to add something more to my plate.

    Cathy, you are right in that the easy accessibility of authors via the Internet is making some changes in the way people think about romance writers. Just getting to know them on a more "personal" level enables me to share my experiences with others. I get to open their eyes to the fact that your lives are not glamourous, and it gives me the opportunity to change the way they view romance as a genre as well. I have changed a couple of minds because I know a lot of people who still say "you read those books". I must say that sometimes they see the cover of "those" books and their minds change...lol!

  9. Yes, yes and yes! I am addicted to Twitter, FB and blogs. I would love a copy of Protector! Your books are the best. Email: mickicakes73 at yahoo dot com.

  10. I have to laugh for my kids tease me about always being on facebook, for they call me bookworm and kinda boring...i'm not boring, addicted to facebook especially since I've found so many of my authors on line and old friends...reconnected with an friends who ride rodeo.I have a twitter account but don't use it...sorry about your son's truck breaking down again, my son has an old truck that he uses for mud boggin...he's always fixing it up...and working on his truck that he uses everyday...hope that I win this book for I love reading about your special Op guys..and the stories are so good!carolefiore@yahoo.com

  11. I am a definite Facebook addict. I get grief from my husband, but I still can't pull myself from the computer. I like to write and I tell myself I am at the computer to write, but I might as well face it - I am obsessed with Facebook! :) Here's my email: landjk8@windstream.net - Hope I win!!!!!!!

  12. I am definitely a Facebook addict. When my hubby & I vacationed for a week in Scotland last summer the first thing I did at the hotel after we checked in was head to the computers to access Facebook. I had to keep my friends updated on the assignment they gave me - something about what the guys wear under their kilts. LOL This book most definitely sounds like one I will just HAVE to read.



  13. I have Facebook so I can easily stay in touch with friends & family who don't live near me. I try to check it at least once a day but have been known to go over a week in between visits. I don't use Twitter at all. I am a Catherine Mann fan, through and through. The Protector was next on my 'to buy' list, and just tickled to see there's a lot to look forward to in the next few months. I love romantic suspense and I love the military - why did you choose the military for your heroes? Thanks for the chance!

  14. Great interview! The book sounds very good.


  15. Until I discovered blogs almost a year ago, when I was interested in learning more about an author or their books I visited their website. Later on I found blogs and that opened up a whole new world to me about authors and sometimes insight into their personal life. It's fun and I've found many books and authors I wouldn't have otherwise. Congratulations on your latest release :)


  16. Yes, I am addicted to FB and Twitter. I think I am worse then the kids. I would love to win a copy of Protector. Love all of Catherines book's. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!!

    Patti F

  17. I visit a number of blogs each day. It's a great way to learn more about authors, works in progress and the release of both new and older books.

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

  18. I mostly check my favorite book blogs to see what books they are talking about.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  19. Hey there, y'all!! So, so, so happy to know I'm not the only one addicted to facebook, twitter and blogs.... and okay, Pinterest too. :)

    Many thanks to all of you for coming over to visit and post! You've been a bright spot in my zany day used car hunting for my son.

    See you online!!!

  20. Hi, my name is Cari and I am a Facebook (and Twitter) addict.

    Seriously, I follow a number of my fav authors and Cathy is definitely one of them. Cathy, you are definitely relatable. I' admire your family's service to our country and the animal fostering that you do. Again, relatable.

    By the way Chuck Tanaka's story in "The Protector" rocks! Read it and enjoy!

  21. Hi There,
    My name is Allie and I have become quite a follower of all the wonderful blogs/sites about authors and new books. I read everyday and am so grateful to have this an an outlet to relax from my busy, hectic, blessed life as a mother, wife, and active member of the community. These books look amazing! Thank you and Best of luck to everyone

  22. I have had the pleasure to connect with numerous other authors as well as readers online and think it's pretty funny how far off that luxurious stereotype is!

  23. I am more a blog addict than anything else! Catherine, I say going up to all the time! (I'm from Miss.!) I've read the first 2 books in this series and loved them. I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  24. I am a facebook junkie


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