Thursday, January 12, 2012

Guest Blog Featuring Rebecca York

Joining us today is the lovely and talented New York Times Bestselling author,  Rebecca York.

I love writing romantic suspense series where there’s a unifying element that runs through all the books but each story stands alone so readers can pick up the series at any point.
That’s true of my 43 Light Street books for Harlequin Intrigue and my werewolf Moon novels for Berkley.
It also means I don’t have to let go of characters I love.  They can come back to play strong secondary roles in subsequent stories, and readers can find out how their lives are going.
My new indie series, DECORAH SECURITY, available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, revolves around a detective agency run by a crusty old Navy Seal named Frank Decorah.  He looks for agents who have paranormal talents and also takes on cases with paranormal elements.
I set up DECORAH SECURITY to give myself a wide range of plot possibilities.
First up is a short story called AMBUSHED, in which hero Jordan Stone has a sixth sense for danger.  He’s going to need it to save the life of federal witness Elizabeth Bannerman. But he’s not only fighting a group of terrorists determined to kill her.  He’s also fighting his notion of right and wrong, which could prevent him from giving in to his attraction for Elizabeth.
Then comes a novella called CHAINED.  Originally I was thinking I’d make the hero a very sexy ghost.  But how do you have a happy-ever-after with a phantom?  You could transfer his consciousness to some other guy.  In CHAINED, I think I came up with a much more interesting idea, which I’m not going to give away.
Last, but not least, is DARK MOON, where I get to write another one of my alpha male werewolves.  He’s Cole Marshall, sent undercover with Emma Richards to rescue the daughter of a millionaire being held captive on an ocean liner whose owner has turned the ship into a palace for kinky pleasure.
It’s a losing battle when Cole and Emma try to fight their attraction for each other.  But can they complete their mission before the owner of the ship discovers their identities and has them killed?  Will they get caught in the mutiny that’s threatening to send the Windward up in flames.  And what happens when the bad guys capture them naked?
I had a blast writing the first three DECORAH SECURITY stories.  And I’ve already got two more ideas for the series. With two more sexy heroes.  Well, three actually, because the hero of the second one’s got a brother who’s going to play a strong secondary role, then go on to his own story.

Do you like reading series?  If so, what attracts you to them?


  1. I'm so excited to start reading your books. Yes, series books are my favorite for the exact reasons you love writing them. I love the continuing theme and revisiting the characters....especially when the relationships among the main characters and the side characters are strong. You are going to be my next series. Thanks

  2. Wow, those all sound great. I am especially curious about Chained.

  3. I loved writing Chained. For me, there's something very compelling about the idea that you can "bring someone back to life" if the love between you is strong enough.

  4. I discovered your 43 Light Street books not too long ago and after reading the one I first ran across I ended up going back and searching for the rest of them and I loved them. I also will admit I wasn't sure I would like them because at that time I wasn't into reading paranormal. But you changed that for me.
    Now to answer your question....I enjoy reading connected books and finding out what happens to the secondary characters.

  5. I'm glad I showed you the joys of paranormal. I hope you'll check out the Decorah Security novels.

  6. Hi Ruth- Rebecca,

    It is so great to see you here. I love your books and I am so looking forward to your new Harlequin Intrigue series that starts this month.

    I love to read a book series. Then, I really get invested in all the recurring characters and the continuing plot line.

  7. I'm glad to be here Tammy. Yes, I loved writing the little Harlequin Intrigue series--about sexually linked telepaths. There's something about mind to mind communication that really turns me on.

  8. Hi Ruth,
    I do love series, but it's really frustrating when I find one, then realize I've started in the middle of the series.

    Can't wait to read the Decorah Security series. And btw, LOVE the covers!

  9. Mallory, so glad you stopped by. Yes, I love the covers, too. I think Patricia Rosemoor did a fantastic job on them. I almost always write the kind of series where each book stands alone. If you come in "in the middle" you will not know the secondary characters as well, but you'll have no problem jumping into the action.

  10. I love series because I get attached to the characters, and I start subsequent books already submerged in the author's world.

    I can't wait to check out these books!


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