Sunday, January 8, 2012

Guest Blog Featuring Kylie Brant



  1. I am in the process of researching my grandparents, who lived in Ukraine and suffered under Polish rule, then Russian rule, then were taken by Germans, and then they escaped the Russians once more! I’m hearing the weirdest things about those years. I even know some people who took on German names because they thought they’d escape the gas chambers if they didn’t have Slavic names.

    It was an insane time period!

    I just reorganised my paperbacks last night, and discovered I own four copies of some of your Silhouette books! I must be a fangirl or something!

  2. LOL, Sonya, fangirls are most welcome :) What a fascinating and sad time you're researching. The plot possibilities are endless :) One wonders how successful taking a new name was. Did they need forged papers? And to move where no one knew them? It sounds like an intriguing and valuable bit of history to share with your family!

  3. Kylie,

    My family has learned not to ask me what I'm working on at the dinner table. *bg

    The internet does make research very interesting these days. lol. Are you on the writers crime scene loop? I love that loop. lol The headers are so much fun. "I need to blow up a house." "I need to get rid of a body." Or my favorite- "I need to kill someone without leaving evidence behind, ideas?"

    I wonder what would happen if a wanna-be killer was soaking up all the information passed around on this research loop. Hmmmm- lol

    My favorite research has been lurking on a "closed" SEAL board and listening to the way they talk, what they say, the euphemisms they use. It's been an eye-opener!

    Love your books!

  4. Thanks, Trish. Ooh, how do you get on a closed SEAL board? When boards are closed all I've been able to do is submit a question to the moderator to post and then have answers forwarded to me. Spill! Yep I'm on crimescene writer's loop. LOTS of interesting topics there!

  5. Kylie! I was just about to sign off for the night. So glad I didn't.

    Gosh, I think I have a few of your books on my bookshelves too! ;)

    As for the most interesting thing I've researched -- the list is long, but perhaps that luminol is expensive and that LEO don't spray it on everything like water, or the vice sergeant who said he enters a hotel room and because he's so afraid of meth, he carries spray starch. If the wall turns black when he sprays it, he demands his money back and leaves the hotel.

    Great post!!!

  6. Donnell, INTERESTING!!!! But it does make me wonder about the quality of the hotels the guy stays at!

  7. Kylie, love your topic. I always sigh when people say write what you know. I write Dark Fantasy and romantic suspense. Needless to say I'm not likely to be in the position to know a whole heck of lot about my subject matter. That's where the old imagination come in, and the research (which you obviously do in spades). Thanks for the interesting look into your life. Keep it up, I'm sure the kids absolutely adore you and as one of your readers, we love your books.


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